FOX News Channel Beats all of the Broadcast/Cable Networks in Viewership for Vice Presidential Debate Coverage

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October 12th, 2012

FNC secured over 10 million viewers from 9:00-10:30PM ET, surpassing CNN and MSNBC combined in total viewers (10.02 million vs. 4.15 million for CNN and 4.38 million for MSNBC).  FNC also beat ABC, CBS and NBC in viewership, according to the broadcast fast national data.  Below are the early viewership numbers


9:00-10:30PM (actual debate)


FNC: 10,019,827 in total viewers (3,057,099 in 25-54)

MSNBC: 4,378,671 in total viewers (1,619,542 in 25-54)

CNN: 4,145,951 in total viewers (1,523,882 in 25-54)


Broadcast Fast Nationals 9-10:30PM:


CBS: 8,308,421 in P2+ (3,400,620)

ABC: 8,287,610 in P2+ (2,995,352)

NBC: 7,851,757 in P2+ (3,560,307)



  • Doug Z

    Posted October 12, 2012 at 12:44 PM

    40 Million Americans tuned into Liberal News Stations vs 10 Million nutjobs who tuned into Fox News.

    With 40 million watching liberal slated new and only 10 million watching Fox it is hard for a Republican to win.

  • Rick

    I love how liberals always come off saying they are the intelligent voters and that they are the ones who are more open and don’t do name calling, etc. They are definitely the ones who say they are not judgemental of others. Yet they are always the ones on message boards calling folks nutjobs, etc.

    I am an independent voter — have been for several years now — don’t identify myself with either party anymore as both are so far away from what I believe anymore.

    As far as the news channels I don’t watch any of them anymore. If one of you even thinks the channel you watch or support isn’t biased then you need to get a dose of reality. There are no unbiased reporters anymore whether it be they lean to the right or to the left. Gone are the days of reporting the facts and letting the reader decide what it means. I don’t watch any of them because I am not going to be influenced by a reporter who is trying to get me to believe what he wants or get me to believe what he is being paid to make me believe.

    As far as what side is the nutjob side and what side is not — people like Mark2 sincerely make me think the nutjobs are probably the side he stands with. Anyone who tries to paint the other side is the nutjobs makes me think he is just trying to cover up for the side he stands with. Besides all the name calling just makes me lose any respect for that side.

    All I know is after the debate last night and Joe Biden’s performance I am leaning more toward voting Romney but will most likely not vote for either and vote for the independent again. Yes I will be throwing my vote away, but at least I am not giving my support to the 2 parties who are doing nothing but destroying the Country with their pettiness and name calling.

  • Chris

    What about the FOX BROADCAST network? Might those numbers may not have been published due to FOX being preempted in Nashville for Thursday Night Football?

  • betty

    JOE SCHMOE BIDEN….showing the end-result of Bad Store-bought Teeth….
    Ayyyyynnnnnddddd Bad Hair Plugs.

  • Mark2

    Paul Ryan looked like a lost little puppy, while Biden was more of a Bulldog who took control and command of the night.

  • Pete S.

    Posted October 12, 2012 at 12:13 PM
    Ralph enjoys talking to himself now. He literally comments to himself.


    ….says Joe, speaking to himself.

  • Doug Z

    Posted October 12, 2012 at 2:12 PM

    Paul Ryan looked like a lost little puppy, while Biden was more of a Bulldog who took control and command of the night.

    Where do you come from. It did not change the minds of any if few voters. How can you see it that way in real time.

  • James

    Biden owned the debate

  • Robert

    Form letters to the family of a dead soldier? 2000 of them have died in servie of their country in the last four years, and Obama sends a prefab letter? On an average, 10 of them die a week and he can’t take five minutes to write their families a letter (would take about an hour of his time) yet he can go on the view and Letterman? Sad…just sad…

  • Mary Cook

    @ James
    Biden would have been DQ’d in a high school debate

  • RealityChick

    Posted October 12, 2012 at 2:08 PM

    JOE SCHMOE BIDEN….showing the end-result of Bad Store-bought Teeth….
    Ayyyyynnnnnddddd Bad Hair Plugs.

    OMG Betty that was great I laughed so hard out loud I scared my family.
    Biden reminds of a that guy who still would still wear a blue polyester suite with bell bottoms and wide lapels with the ruffled shirt in his closet and a bad cigar to boot if he didn’t have money. How does some one like him get elected over and over again. So sad for the people of Delaware…but then again, have you been to Rehobeth Beach?

  • Rick

    According to some he owned the debate, while others say Ryan did. Depends on who you talked to.

    The only thing I have heard more from middle of the road voters like myself is that Biden’s attitude turned them off more than anything. I never have been impressed by Biden but I have never been turned off by him. Last night he accomplished that. Even when he was making some points the way he did it made me tune out.

    I have read and heard the same comments made by many. Needless to say I was undecided going into the debate and afterward I am still undecided with a slight lean toward voting for Romney/Ryan just because I found Biden to be disgusting.

  • Doug Z


  • RealityChick

    I understand Rick completely. I voted for Obama/Biden. I was so sick of Bush and two wars and would have voted for Mickey Mouse before I would have pulled the lever for the Hockey Barbie and McCain just doesn’t have the ideas. I bought into the hope/change crap. There was no single nail for me for these guys it was a whole wrecking ball why I won’t vote. Everyday more and more misery, jobs, wars, illegals, violence, breakdown of the very moral fabric of our society. How can we as a nation actually watch TV programs like Teen mom? Come on…do you really think promoting 16 years getting pregnant is ok? It’s time for a change. AND if Romney/Ryan don’t work out either, throw those bums out, too. We can’t go on for another four years.

  • Rick in MT

    CNN has been doing better than MSNBC when there are special political programing on that night. I wonder why they didn’t draw their usual crowd that only watches during this type of event. VP debate just didn’t interest that crowd?

    As with the Presidential Debate I turned it off once the debate was over. I left it at what was my impression of the debate not listen to what all the usual pundits thought about the debate. I don’t want to listen to all the spin until I have time to digest what was said in the debate.

    I think that the debate was basicly a draw. It did not change anybody’s minds and it did not shift many people’s opinion that were undecided.

    We just learned a little about their character.

  • Doug Z

    this is what Democrats do. Because they are for the little people.

    ATF Whistleblower Fired in Denny’s Parking Lot For Exposing Corruption

    Special Agent Vince Cefalu has worked for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms for more than 25 years. On top of successfully placing dozens of hard criminals behind bars throughout his career, Cefalu has received promotions and consistently positive evaluations. When he started raising his voice about ATF corruption and illegal wiretapping in 2005, things changed. Tuesday evening, Cefalu was asked to meet Special Agent in Charge of the San Francisco Field Division Joseph Riehl at a Denny’s Restaurant near Lake Tahoe. When he arrived, he was served termination papers in the parking lot. Classy move. The exchange was secretly recorded by a confidential source. David Codrea has more:

  • Doug Z

    The video, shaky at times from being handheld, and with color imbalance streaking happening inadvertently in the uploading to YouTube, was recorded by a confidential source and shows Cefalu approached by two ATF management representatives including Joseph M. Riehl, Special Agent in Charge of the San Francisco Field Division, which encompasses Northern California and Nevada field offices.

  • Doug Z

    this is what Democrats do. Because they are for the little people.

    But the bottom line is, an employee with over 25 years of service who has been a leading spokesman for whistleblowers was unceremoniously canned in a public parking lot by senior division management

  • Doug Z

    Here is the video of BHO and the Democrats firing him

  • Rick in MT

    Rick – I will agree with you Biden conduct was a turn off. I do not like it when people are constantly interupting a conversation. That is one of the things that I would correct my children for doing. So I think that Biden was acting childish and craving attention.

    I am also an Independant and usually vote heavily toward Liberatains. I firmly believe that both of these Political Parties will destroy this country so that they can claim to control the government.

    Neither Party plans to ballance the budget. When you can spend $1 Trillion of borrowed money and leave it for someone to figure out how to pay for it, it is probably a lot easier to be popular. So the winners will always spend more than they should because the other guy will do it when they get the chance.

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