FOX News Channel Beats all of the Broadcast/Cable Networks in Viewership for Vice Presidential Debate Coverage

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October 12th, 2012

FNC secured over 10 million viewers from 9:00-10:30PM ET, surpassing CNN and MSNBC combined in total viewers (10.02 million vs. 4.15 million for CNN and 4.38 million for MSNBC).  FNC also beat ABC, CBS and NBC in viewership, according to the broadcast fast national data.  Below are the early viewership numbers


9:00-10:30PM (actual debate)


FNC: 10,019,827 in total viewers (3,057,099 in 25-54)

MSNBC: 4,378,671 in total viewers (1,619,542 in 25-54)

CNN: 4,145,951 in total viewers (1,523,882 in 25-54)


Broadcast Fast Nationals 9-10:30PM:


CBS: 8,308,421 in P2+ (3,400,620)

ABC: 8,287,610 in P2+ (2,995,352)

NBC: 7,851,757 in P2+ (3,560,307)



  • Mark2

    It was so funny seeing Ryan squirm when he had to admit to the world and his loyal die-hard conservative followers that he wrote 2 letters asking for Stimulus funds after railing against them for so long. Again, Republicans are such hypocrites.

  • AppleStinx


    A person can surely be against it when his parents propose to give the family fortune away and then ask for some of it when the decision is final. The situation is similar. There is no hypocrisy in it.

  • Mr Mumble

    @Mark2, it’s not hypocrisy. If you were mugged for $100 and the thief threw $40 back at you I wouldn’t consider you to be a hypocrite if you picked that money back up.

  • Skylar

    10 million idiots tuning into Faux News, what a shocker…

  • george

    I am a moderate…and watch all channels. My opinion – you are a buffoon if you watch all the clowns from MSNBC. It is so hate filled and partisan I can take only 5 mins of it at the most. Fox and CNN are biased too …but reasonable. CNN tilts left and FOX leans right. which is fine since I want both views. MSNBC leans FAR, FAR, FAR LEFT and is putrid and Toxic. Shame to think people can watch that channel.

  • mary

    Fox wins because you get both republican and democratic opinion. You also get something important NEWS. The only thing you get from MSDNC is 24/7 bashing Romney and Ryan and polls that are maniplated to convince the viewr that Obaoma is winning…. Every minute every day constantly They don’t cover important news that everyone needs to be aware of. I belive that despite all the campaining MSDNC is doing for Oboma he is stil going to loose

  • KarlQuick

    Interesting fact: Fox actually had 4 parallel sets of moderators… One set on the Fox News channel, one set on the Fox channel, one set on the Fox Business channel and another on Fox Live, an internet only feed. I know Bret headed up the FNC team, Cavuto headed up the FBC team, Shepard Smith was on Fox broadcast channel and I believe Ms Harris Flanker was on Live.
    I assume the Fox number is the sum of all these.
    There is a Spanish language Fox channel but I don’t know what they did.

  • KarlQuick

    Correction: Faulkner, not Flanker.

  • AppleStinx

    KarlQuick wrote: “…I assume the Fox number is the sum of all these [FNC, Fox, FBC, Fox Live].”

    The 10,019,827 number is for Fox News channel alone. Preliminary average for Fox broadcast channel was 5,345 million; I didn’t see the final number.

  • a p garcia

    I think Megan Kelly should be moderator of a presidential or vice presidental debate ASAP

  • Aftermath

    It never occured to me to waatch anything besides Fox news, however, I would love to see a rerun of Chris Matthews review of the debate. He always makes me laugh. Maybe he needs to take his show on the road.

  • AppleStinx

    Aftermath wrote: “…Maybe he [Chris Matthews] needs to take his show on the road.”

    That would be fun – “The Traveling Exploding Head Show”, complete with sharp knife throwers, assorted guest freaks and a ferret’s thrill ride (his version of ferris wheel). :grin:

  • marspolarlander

    Cavuto has much better coverage on Fox Business – he gets reactions from Real business people, not just political pundits, apologies to Charles Krauthammer, but Neal’s discussions reflect proposed policy issues on Real life – like jobs and the possibility that you may or may not have one, depending on the election results.

  • cas127

    And the broadcasters have access to approx 15 million households/33 million viewers that pay cable networks don’t…those homes that don’t subscribe to cable/satellite.

    And Fox still crushed ’em.

  • MaryB

    The reason Fox News came out on top is because they do balanced reporting. Yes, it’s true that they are well known for being the channel of the conservative pundits, but they make a concerted effort to have plenty of liberals espousing their views as well. The debates that ensue get quite heated, so the viewer gets both perspectives on the issues. During the day, it is a hardcore news station and they cover ALL the news in an unbiased fashion. The broadcast networks, and especially cable channels like MSNBC are in Obama’s back pocket. The liberal media run interference for him and their sole goal is to help him get re-elected, even to the point of not covering crucial news so as to mislead the public and protect Obama. Basically, they will do whatever it takes to make sure that the liberals look good. It’s disgusting. The public deserves better.

  • Eric Fenton

    How many watched the debate via the internet like I did? I watched it on C-Span as I will the last two presidential debates.

  • Mary

    I find MSNBC difficult to watch with the bullying.

  • JlY

    Conservatives watch Fox News because they are “fair and balanced”. When the playing field isn’t slanted it is going to appear to be in favor of Conservatism, because Conservatism and Conservative thought is more favorable. If every voting American actually knew what they were voting for, understood what the consequences of what liberalism was and voted with intelligent thought rather than Socialist pipe dreams of some perceived “fair utopia”, there would never again be a liberal in office. Elections would be about which person would be the better leader rather than between the Conservative philosophies of reality and the Socialist philosophies of all for one and the one being the government.

  • 1966

    your a moron.

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