FOX Sports Brings Fans Closer to MLB Postseason Action

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October 12th, 2012

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Exciting New Cameras & Graphics Offer Unique Perspective

During 2012 NLCS & World Series Coverage


New York, NY – FOX Sports continuously strives to bring viewers closer to the action and athletes of the sports it covers and this MLB postseason is no different. Through technical, graphic and audio innovations, the network has set the standard in what viewers have come to expect when watching championship events.


Below are some of the production enhancements being developed for this year’s coverage. FOX Sports’ 17th MLB Postseason begins with National League Championship Series Game 1 on Sunday, Oct. 14 at 8:00 PM ET.


·         FOX “X-MO” Cameras: With two positioned in the middle of both the first and third baselines and a third camerafrom tight center, these exceptional cameras shoot at an astonishing 300 frames per second.


·         SUPER FOX “X-MO” Camera: This unique perspective is used at low first and third base angles. The innovative hyper-motion camera is capable showing a replay in up to 20,000 frames per second allowing viewers to see such precise detail as the bend of the bat and the compression of the ball as it makes contact. It’s expected to be used during World Series coverage and has never before been used in MLB.


·         Player Pointer Graphic: Used in conjunction with the high home camera angles, the player pointer graphic help identify players in the field and on base in special shifts and unique configurations. Additional information, such as statistics, can also be inserted into the pointer.


·         Home Run Tracker: Used in replays, the FOX Home Run Tracker represents the distance and trajectory of how far the ball travels.


·         Diamond Cam: The wider high-definition cameras create striking images with wireless, radio frequency transmission. Positioned in the ground near home plate, the camera and its long-life lithium ion battery are set up below ground at the edge of the infield grass. All that appears above ground is a tiny, specially crafted prism no larger than grains of infield soil.

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