NBC Cancels Mid-Season Comedy 'Next Caller' Before It Airs

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October 12th, 2012

Deadline reports that NBC has decided to call it quits on Next Caller after four episodes (out of the six ordered) were filmed.  Apparently NBC didn't like the creative direction of the comedy starring Dane Cook.  According to the report, production has been shut down and the filmed episodes will not air.

  • Danak

    It was already getting savaged by the critics (I believe they saw the pilot episode? I’m not sure) so it’s probably a good thing.

  • Jeremiah

    Really disappointed. I love Dane Cook.

  • AHS

    In a surprise twist, Dane Cook wins 2nd cancellation! Who would have thought…

  • Brittney

    I feel like everybody wins here, Dane Cook is insufferable, he was funny in 2005 if you were an obnoxious bro type.

  • MattM

    Looked better than Save Me. Just saying. Still peeved they didn’t pick up Susan 313.

  • Brandon

    Rest in peace. Except not.

  • Dan

    Surprised it made it THIS far. Dane Cook has never been funny.

  • Brandon Rowe

    Too bad. I like Dane Cook, but I can’t stand his boss on this show (can’t remember his name).

  • NBC is awesome

    I thought they ordered 7 episodes, not 6.

  • James

    NBC is a joke of a network with this move. Ugh. Had to be better than Whitney.

  • Dr. Britt

    When I read it wasn’t a multi-cam I immediately gave up on it.

  • Carl

    Anything that keeps Dane Cook off the air is a good thing.

  • Honey Badger

    I agree with
    “NBC is a joke of a network with this move.”

  • AppleStinx

    ‘Next Caller’ rudely hang up. Not even made it to the list of “second broadcast show to be canceled?”, I suppose.

  • brutony

    I thought this smelled like a dog, until I saw “Starring Dane Cook”-now I KNOW it was a dog…with fleas!

  • Don Juan


  • Don Juan

    but we are going to be forced to endure save me?

  • were123

    WOW, that Futurama joke about cancelling shows before they airs have become true!

  • Honey Badger

    And yet NBC refuses to cancel Animal Practice and that darn monkey that annoys me.
    And they Mockingbird Lane’ series downgraded to NBC Halloween Special, I was looking forward to this series.

    I say the Cancellation Bear should replace all the NBC executives.

  • Ram510

    So this means more Guys With Kids, right? If so I’m happy!

    But I am curious to see how bad was this show? And why does everybody hate Dane Cook? I don’t understand

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