NBC Cancels Mid-Season Comedy 'Next Caller' Before It Airs

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October 12th, 2012

Deadline reports that NBC has decided to call it quits on Next Caller after four episodes (out of the six ordered) were filmed.  Apparently NBC didn't like the creative direction of the comedy starring Dane Cook.  According to the report, production has been shut down and the filmed episodes will not air.

  • NCJeff

    Maybe they realized Dane Cook isn’t funny.

    It’s sort of like the Cancellation Bear went to the back of the chicken coop and got a young scrawny chicken instead of feasting on one of the full-grown animals. So much for weeding out the sick and the lame.

  • Ouch

    They should have aired one episode and cancelled it, just so it could live in infamy.

  • The Yipster

    Considering Dane Cook made a joke (in very bad taste) in reference to a tragic incident about 10 days after it happened…I see this cancellation as a slap to the wrist. I was never a fan of Dane Cook, but ever since he made that joke, I’ve hated him ever since and I will never forgive him.

  • Anthony

    They should have aired one episode and cancelled it, just so it could live in infamy.

    You mean like all the other shows that have been cancelled after one episode over the years?

  • s0303

    could this really have gotten much lower ratings than up all night and animal practice? not that i really care…wasn’t going to watch it anyway.

  • Keith Viverette

    Looks like a smart move.

  • Craig

    Could they have possibly cancelled it so that they could make room for Community? I didn’t say Whitney because I honestly think they are going to put it with GWK at 8:00 since they are so alike and GWK’s ratings are not as bad as AP’s.

  • Mike

    they should have cut save me and animal practice not that… even though they were going to treat it like last seasons series bent which was actually a rally good show

  • LRz

    YAY! We are saved from that idiot Dane Cook! What a great day.

  • Networkman

    NBC is confusing me. I thought they ordered all of these comedies to see what will stick with viewers. They are aware that many of there older comedies are ending and they need replacements. 30 Rock and The Office are ending. Up All Night and Animal Practice is failing. Parks & Rec most likely won’t hold up after The Office is gone. Go On is lead in dependent. Now the only comedies waiting in the wings are Save Me and 1600 Penn. I really don’t have that much hope in Save Me. Anne Heche is not that big of a draw. At least Next Caller would be more compatible with Go On. Dane Cook has some fans that the show maybe could of done better than how New Normal is performing. Even though critics may not like it, why not at least try it?

  • Rob D.

    I’m not a Dane Cook fan……..but I want any show with Jeffrey Tambor in it to have a shot. Seriously, if you put it in place of Animal Practice or Guys With Kids……you never know- a 1.5 would be a big improvement.

  • Ashley

    @Honey Badger Please tell me you’re joking about Jerry O’Connell. He is NOT a good actor. Bad casting decision there.

  • richard

    @were123 from page one

    i cant name it, but i think there were instances of this happening before futurama was created.

  • Cyrax86

    This is so weird. Anyway, previous season it seemed it was a stupid decision to renew Up All Night & Whitney, but due to this and two established comedies ending, I’m sure there will be other pity renewals, probably a 3rd season for Whitney or 2nd for The New Normal…

  • spycomics

    DANE COOK SUCKS. He’s tied with Carlos Mencia for the lamest, not funny comedian of all time. Seinfeld’s Kenny Bania is funnier. Thank God it’s cancelled. I would’ve never watched the show, and now i won’t have to see all the promo for it either. It’s a great day. Too bad for Jeffery Tambor, but he’ll turn up on another show soon. And, Arrested Development is on the horizon.

  • KevinY

    Disappointed because I really like Collette Wolfe, this was her first regular role on a series. Some of you probably have seen her in Cougar Town (Travis ex girlfriend). I’m not surprised a Dane Cook show has failed so soon. Louis CK did him a favor last year but that didn’t help here. As for Tambor, the dude deserves a hit show! I’d love to see Tambor join the cast of an existing hit show like Big Bang Theory or New Girl, both shows could use one “older” character.

  • EatMorePez

    As Jack Donaghy said, “NBC has more failed pilots than the French Air Force.”

  • ivan

    that show did not had any future so its good for it. its better this way becouse i give it not more 3 episodes it looked very boring so…

  • Flare

    If i were NBC
    I would:
    Cancel Animal Practice immediately and bring back Betty White in November as a lead in to Guys With Kids,
    Continue with Launch of Whitney/Community Friday as planned
    Turn Wednesday 8 PM into a reality or drama hour
    Thursday will become 8: Parks and Recreation 8 30: Save Me 9: The Office 9:30 1600 Penn

  • omabin

    You guys are forgetting that here is also Off their Rockers in the wings. This is how I think it will go:


    1600 Penn
    Go On

    Guys with Kids
    SVU or Chicago Fire

    The Apprentice
    The Office
    Save Me

    Parks and Recreation

    The Biggest Looser
    The New Normal
    Off Their Rockers
    Do No Harm

    I know there are quite some changes here, but I think NBC would wise to try to move things around in terms of their Wednesday/Thursdays/Sundays, which when footbal end are just as bad. The Biggest Looser could probably anchor Sundays and give new normal somethign resembling a lead-in, without sending it to die, whereas tuesdays become available to launch mid-season most promising comedy. The other new comedy is launched after the office, which should do kay as a lead-in in the last episodes of the final season. Just give up on the Thursdays 8pm hour, give big bang the win, and put a filler there.

    My schedule is overlooking Fashion Star though, which means there is an extra comedy block around. Therefore, two out of Community, Whitney and Guys with Kids are not likely to be around come mid-season. I pray that Community is the one that stays (it would fit better) but I don’t see NBC canceling the two multi-cams, so I don’t know how that is going to go. Maybe they try Whitney/Guys with Kids there for November sweeps and finish them both in january, with community returning only later and being paired up with parks on that wednesday slot, leaving the friday slot for fashion star. Also, Chicago Fire is very likely to be canceled, because NBC has a very big number of dramas to premier, so there just isn’t room on the schedule. I still think that if the ratings are similar they would be better of canceling SVU instead, since I cannot imagine the cost that show currently has and even accounting the syndication money for additional episodes, I doubt they have much of a margin there.

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