NBC Cancels Mid-Season Comedy 'Next Caller' Before It Airs

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October 12th, 2012

Deadline reports that NBC has decided to call it quits on Next Caller after four episodes (out of the six ordered) were filmed.  Apparently NBC didn't like the creative direction of the comedy starring Dane Cook.  According to the report, production has been shut down and the filmed episodes will not air.

  • Petar Ivanov

    NBC clean their hous.

    2 hours TBL in wednesdays – cheap and sure good demo – around 2.0 and all other sitcoms in thurdsay and low rated in friday.

  • Petar Ivanov


    TBL is 2 hours. Also is cheaper and with better demo than almost all NBC sitcoms.(without go on) Fashion star is at 8 pm in sunday. After that was some medical drama and after reality…… think TA.

  • JRG

    Got to love this site. People complaining about a show being dropped that they have not even seen yet. Of course, if it was shown, half those people would be complaining that they even put it on the air. Though the funniest is the people complaining about NBC execs, considering that they are the only station up in ratings this year.

  • joel

    Yay. This looked like it would be a worse executed poor man’s version of Go On.

  • Oliver

    Moving Parks & Recreation to 8pm Thursday would kill the show dead (see: 30 Rock) and any new show launching at 8:30 would be DOA (remember Perfect Couples and The Paul Reiser Show?).

    Here’s what I think NBC should do at mid-season:
    Keep Go On at 9pm Tuesday, followed by Save Me.
    Move Parks to 8pm Wednesday, followed by 1600 Penn.
    Put TBL on at 8pm Thursday, and at 9pm put The Office followed by The New Normal.
    Try Whitney/GWK on Friday in Fall, see if it gets respectable ratings. If they don’t, pull them.

    Give Community a five-episode back-order. Show the first half of the season during Fall on Wednesday, then use the rest as schedule spackle (in case 1600 Penn/Save Me flop). Use Betty White’s Off Their Rockers as spackle (since it’s cheap filler, can always show it during summer).

  • John A

    I find it funny that there is over 60 comments about a series axed that never aired 1 episode.

  • John A

    My favourite show on HBO life and times of Tim was axed and barly got 20 comments.

  • Chris Etrata

    Here’s what this conversation looked like.

    New employee: what’s next callers?
    Nbc executve: It’s this new show with bane cook.
    New employee: It’s dane cook.

  • Justin121

    NBC Comedy roster

    GO ON
    New Normal

    Animal Practice (Whitney)
    Guys With Kids

    30 Rock (1600 Penn)
    Up All Night (Community)
    The Office
    Parks & Rec.

    Save Me is this year’s Bent.

  • omabin


    Off their Rockers is missing there.

    @Peter Ivanov,

    I know that’s how things are as of now, but they could move it around. I think they definitely shoudl go with cheap reality on the Thursdays at 8 timeslot and should try biggest looser and comedies on sunday.

  • ToXiX

    Damn. I was looking at the NBC midseason shows and was looking forward to Next Caller the most. I’m not a Dane Cook fan though.

  • Flarikker

    Knowing what comedies NBC has on the schedule now, this must have been REALLY bad. Even worse than Whitney?

  • Ray

    Impressive, given how bad some of the shows are that actually make it on the air.

  • Jared

    This show would have been cancelled whether they aired it or not. NBC doesn’t have much luck with there 6 episode midseason comedies.

  • NBC is awesome

    What I think NBC’s midseason schedule should be:

    8-The Voice
    10Revolution/Infamous around March

    Cut Revolution’s order down to 18 or 16. People will get bored and stop watching before all 22 air.

    9GO, 930 TNN
    10 Parenthood/Smash when P-hood’s 155 run out

    8Whitney, 830 GWK
    9The Biggest Loser

    Their worst night is Wednesdays, because all the other network have such powerful lineups. They need to just get some viewers over. They need to attract those “middle americans”, and the best want to do that; multi cams and reality shows

    8Betty White
    830 1600penn
    9The Office
    930Parks and Recreation

    SVU can take Sacandal, but even with Elementary, I don’t think it will go lower that it was

    830 Animal Practice
    9 Grimm
    10 Dateline/hannibal

  • tahina

    Looked like a remake of WKRP Cincinnati, and I loved that show long time ago.

  • colt13

    Never heard of it, but I think I would have liked it.

    Weird is looking at the pic, I see Jeffrey Tambor from Bent, which lasted 6 episodes on NBC, and Colette Wolfe from 100 Questions, which also lasted 6 episodes on NBC.

  • Anon

    There cannot be much nourishment for the Cancellation Bear from a show that has never even aired one episode.

  • Jared

    I’m really looking forward to Infamous with Meagan Good. I hope NBC gives it The Voice lead in Monday or Tuesday so it atleast has a chance to succeed.

  • Kurt

    This is a good thing. Nothing Dane Cook has ever done has been remotely amusing. Excellent call NBC.

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