NBC Cancels Mid-Season Comedy 'Next Caller' Before It Airs

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October 12th, 2012

Deadline reports that NBC has decided to call it quits on Next Caller after four episodes (out of the six ordered) were filmed.  Apparently NBC didn't like the creative direction of the comedy starring Dane Cook.  According to the report, production has been shut down and the filmed episodes will not air.

  • Josh

    Maybe Chuck will be brought back for a few 2-hour specials to fill the space in the schedule?

  • a p garcia

    I heard that Mockingbird Lane has been canceled by NBC because of creative differences. Its probaly a good thing b/c I don’t think I can stomach The Munsters as a drama!

  • Oliver

    Mockingbird Lane hasn’t been ordered to series, it’s only a pilot. They’re airing the pilot as a special on Friday October 26.

    The promo:

  • NBC is awesome

    There is still a possibility of NBC ordering Mockingbird Lane to series!!! they are showing the pilot as a Halloween special because its a good way to introduce people to the series! they did it with Betty White’s show last year too. NBC is allowing Bryan Fuller to work on Hannibal before making choose between projects. they haven’t canceled it!!!

  • Joseph

    Will “Next Caller” get bumped-off to and finally get bropadcast on one of NBC/Universal’s cable networks (like E, USA or Bravo)??

    Will it ever be put out on DVD??

    Will it be broadcast on “Not Brilliant, And Deserved To Be Cancelled!”??

    Or will our own Cancellation Bear begin his own show to showcase this any any other series canceled before they even get on the air??

  • The End


    I’m pretty sure this show will appear eventually on another network, likely sold alongside another show when a lower network comes asking for an old show to air on their network.

    Sort of like a buy 1 show, get this crappy show free. :)

  • Esaul

    Despite SVU’s age it still pulls decent ratings for the veteran show. I read something somewhere about how much money the network makes off the SVU repeats. I know I’m one of the many who watches SVU on USA during the marathons. SVU won’t get cancelled because of the ratings. I don’t think they’ll cancel SVU either in order to keep Chicago Fire either. SVU has a more loyal fanbase than Chicago Fire. Plus there’s more of a chance that SVU can rebound versus Chicago Fire. There’s a chance it could get cancelled, it wouldn’t surprise me, but I think SVU can pull another couple of years if people agree to cuts.

  • Michael

    Honestly, this is just sad. Calling a show before it even airs. HA!!

  • Michael

    Honestly, this is just sad. Cancelling a show before it even airs. HA!!

  • Carl

    @John A:

    “I find it funny that there is over 60 comments about a series axed that never aired 1 episode.”

    The reason is NBC is this websites favorite broadcast punching bag, and a lot of people hate Dane Cook with a passion. Combine those two things and you get tons of comments!

  • Noname_Rex

    Had NBC actually decided to air the series and it got the atrocious ratings that it most like would’ve, you all would’ve been ripping NBC to shreds for airing and calling for its cancellation immediately.

    Instead, *NBC* didn’t like where it was going, got horrible review from critics, and they decided to cancel the show even after four of their six episodes had been recorded.

    Ssooooo…please…tell me why you’re mad/so rude again?

  • LetGoMyStones89

    I wouldn’t have watched this show but it’s a bit stupid to cancel it before it airs. When there’s an audience for garbage like Guys With Kids there’s just no way to know what will and won’t work.

  • USAmerica1st

    If it was that bad, how did NBC let it get this close to airing?

  • CharlieSheen

    This show wasn’t going to work anyways so probably more than likely a good move by NBC but a waste of a pickup because this pickup is probably what block NBC from picking up Roseanne’s Downwardly Mobile and Lady Friends. These two comedies seem to still be haunting the network this season.

    NBC’s comedy roster is still a mess in general although the network has improved everywhere else. I think Betty White and Whitney definitely need to comeback by November to go with Guys with Kids which is the only comedy with good momentum since Go On and New Normal are too lead-in dependent. I would even bring in Community back to Thursdays. I’m still not sure what their plans are for Fridays but NBC should keep that going to see if there’s anything there.

  • william

    these days I really don’t trust network executives idea of what they think is good so I at least want to see the pilot. I not a big fan of dane cook, but I don’t hate him. I not even sure if I’ve ever seen any thing with him in it. I just checked the trailer on youtube, and I want to see the pilot.

  • ManiacalZebra

    It must have been REALLY bad for them to have preemptively canceled it. I’m not a Dane Cook fan, so I wouldn’t have watched it regardless.

  • Ipokesmot

    Since when do the networks know what “creative direction” is? All that’s on these days are garbage “reality” shows. Which is why I hardly, if ever turn on the TV. If I want to see something I’ll just download it.

  • Nick

    @NBC is awesome

    There is still a possibility of NBC ordering Mockingbird Lane to series!!! they are showing the pilot as a Halloween special because its a good way to introduce people to the series! they did it with Betty White’s show last year too.

    No, they did not do it with Betty White’s show. NBC scheduled the pilot of Off Their Rockers to air a few months before it came onto the schedule. It was so buzz could accumulate for the show’s run. The point is that OTR had a preview episode after NBC ordered all 12 episodes. NBC has chosen not to order additional episodes for Mockingbird Lane, despite the pilot being filmed and edited. They just decided they didn’t want to waste the $10,000,000 it took to produce the pilot by showing it in a schedule hole they had. Of course if it gets monster ratings, they might consider picking it up. But it would have to do great, unlikely for a show on Friday at 8 that will likely get no promotion.

  • Patrick Gillease

    I think NBC should just start ordering remakes of the best series from their heyday with fresh, new casts. “Cheers,” “Friends,” “Golden Girls,” or “Family Ties” redux, anyone? They would HAVE to be better than the crap “comedies” NBC has been airing for the past decade! Maybe then I could return to the Big N for some laughs. Aside from “Revolution” and “Smash,” the Peacock is nothing more than roadkill these days!! :D

  • NE1

    NBC is really having a good year, they don’t need any gambles.

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