OWN Original Series 'Married to the Army: Alaska' Premieres Sunday, November 18

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October 12th, 2012

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First-of-its-Kind Series Offers Unprecedented Look Into the Real Lives of Military Wives

Mrs. Yolanda Goins and Brigade Commander, Col. Morris Goins

Photo Courtesy of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network 


Los Angeles - OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network will give viewers unprecedented access into the complex challenges, personal sacrifices and extraordinary lives of military families through the eyes of seven Army wives living in Alaska whose husbands deployed to Afghanistan in the new docu-series “Married to the Army: Alaska” premiering Sunday, November 18 from 10-11 p.m. ET/PT before moving to its regular timeslot on Mondays from 10-11 p.m. ET/PT beginning on November 19.


For the first time, the Pentagon has granted unparalleled access to embed cameras in the real lives of Army wives, whose husbands are stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, at Fort Richardson, Alaska.  The powerful new series presents their raw and unflinching story as the wives confront their deepest fears about their husbands’ deployments and the struggle to raise their families alone.


In the premiere episode viewers are introduced to Yolanda, Sara, Traci, Blair, Salina, Lindsey and Rynn.  Whether facing the emotional rollercoaster of multiple deployments and homecomings, coping with depression and isolation, or co-parenting children over Skype, it’s the unique bond of sisterhood and the shared experience that keeps the women strong even in the most challenging times.


During the season, the wives of the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25thInfantry Division anxiously await word of their husbands’ survival after a deadly attack in Afghanistan forces the wives to wrestle with whether or not they can truly handle the possibility of losing their loved ones to war.  Meanwhile, Salina faces giving birth and raising a newborn alone, Traci battles serious medical issues jeopardizing her stay in Alaska, and the Brigade Commander’s wife Yolanda grapples with the thought of sending her only child off to war.


About “Married to the Army: Alaska”

Alaska is home to more than 10,000 active-duty soldiers, about 7,000 of whom were deployed to Afghanistan over the past two years.  The war in Iraq may be over, but it continues in Afghanistan and for those families whose loved ones are still gone, life during deployment is challenging, especially in Alaska, an assignment the militaryconsiders as demanding as an overseas post.  For the men and women whose spouses serve in the U.S. Army, deployment is not just an abstract word heard on the evening news.  It's real, it’s tough and it turns their world upside down.  Military wives find themselves in a unique sisterhood.  The tightest of bonds are formed over fears of deployment, realities of Army life and the emotional roller coaster of homecomings – all set against the backdrop of the rugged, demanding and extreme conditions of Alaska.  Produced by 44 Blue Productions.  The executive producer is Stephanie Noonan Drachkovitch.


  • Tony JJ

    interesting. With having an Army brother/wife. This will be interesting to watch. Hope it’s good.

  • Adrienne

    Interesting. I watch those real houswive shows and though about 4 years ago that they need to do a real houswives of the military show. This is sort of like that.

  • JennE

    How about women who are in the military?? I know a couple…the wife is deployed and after she gets back the husband will go. What about how all spouses deal with this type of thing not just how the wife is doing?

  • Leslie

    As a career military wife of nearly 25 years, the child of a military officer and mother to three military sons now serving, I am worried this show will do nothing but make military wives look weak and incapable of coping. The advertisement is already worrisome to me. While I have no doubt it will show military life in its most unvarnished form, there is more -much, much more- to being a military wife than tears and fear. We are strong and capable of so very much. I am certain the triumphs these women will achieve will take a back seat (or simply be ignored) to the more diffcult moments that will be highlighted for dramatic effect alone. These women should know they will be just be used as fodder. To me, this is beneath a military family. Military families, through the pain and, yes… sometimes the tragedies, are strong and dignified. My husband, a career Marine and children, two Air Force, one Army, would be ashamed if I were to allow myself to be manipulated in such a manner.

  • Patrice

    am looking forward to viewing this…hopefully it will be an informative and realistic viewing…as if it’s not, OPRAH will receive many emails from people sharing their opinion !! I think it’s a good thing to learn what changes a military spouse and family go thru..they also serve their country and should receive their kudos also…They are gutsie people who pick up and move to create a home for their military spouse…making great personal sacrifices at times…:)

  • joe

    this is so fake. officier wives. where are the back bone of the army. the nco. NOT THE VERY FEW WIVES THAT LIKE THE OFFICIER WIFE.

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