Live+3: 'Revolution' Delivers Biggest Time-Shifting Gains; 'Grimm' Scores Biggest Percentage Increase in 18-49

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October 12th, 2012

via press release:

NBC "Live Plus 3" Results for Week 2:

"Revolution's" gain of 1.64 rating points in adults 18-49 going from
L+SD (3.17) to L+3 (4.81) is the #1 rating gain during Week 2 on ABC,
CBS, NBC and Fox.

"Grimm's" gain of 59% in adult 18-49 rating going from L+SD (1.64) to
L+3 (2.62) is the #1 percentage gain during Week 2 on ABC, CBS, NBC or

"Revolution's" gain of 3.4 million viewers going from L+SD (8.3
million) to L+3 (11.7 million) is the #1 viewer gain during Week 2 on
ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

"Revolution" is the #5 primetime series of the week on ABC, CBS, NBC
and Fox in 18-49 in L+3 (excludes sports pre- and post-game shows).

In "live plus 3" adult 18-49 results among primetime series on ABC,
CBS, NBC and Fox, NBC's week-two schedule included:
*	The #1 series of the week, "Sunday Night Football" (7.23).
*	The #1 reality series and #3 series overall, Monday's "The
Voice" (5.25).
*	The #1 new series, #2 drama and #5 series overall, "Revolution"
*	The #1 new comedy, "Go On" (2.69).
*	The #1 Friday series, "Grimm" (2.62).
Rankings exclude sports pre- and post-game shows.

Biggest Week 2 Gains in 18-49 Rating Point
L+SD to L+3
 	 	18-49	18-49	Pt Inc	
Net	Program Name	LS Rtg	L3 Rtg	L3 v LS	
NBC	REVOLUTION	3.17	4.81	1.64	
ABC	GREY'S ANATOMY	3.82	5.14	1.31	
CBS	BIG BANG THEORY, THE	4.89	6.20	1.31	
FOX	GLEE	2.58	3.88	1.30	
ABC	ONCE UPON A TIME	3.41	4.48	1.07	
ABC	REVENGE	2.56	3.56	1.00	
FOX	NEW GIRL	2.77	3.76	1.00	
NBC	GRIMM	1.64	2.62	0.97	
NBC	OFFICE	2.19	3.13	0.94	
CBS	ELEMENTARY	2.55	3.46	0.91	

Biggest Week 2 Gains in 18-49 Percentage
L+SD to L+3
 	 	18-49	18-49	Pct Inc	
Net	Program Name	LS Rtg	L3 Rtg	L3 v LS	
NBC	GRIMM	1.64	2.62	59%	
FOX	FRINGE	0.98	1.51	54%	
NBC	REVOLUTION	3.17	4.81	52%	
FOX	GLEE	2.58	3.88	50%	
CW	SUPERNATURAL	0.83	1.22	47%	
ABC	666 PARK AVE	1.66	2.44	47%	
NBC	PARENTHOOD	1.62	2.35	45%	
CBS	MENTALIST, THE	1.56	2.25	44%	
NBC	OFFICE	2.19	3.13	43%	

Biggest Week 2 Gains in Total Viewers
L+SD to L+3
 	 	P2+	P2+	Pt Inc	
Net	Program Name	LS Imp	L3 Imp	L3 v LS	
NBC	REVOLUTION	8,317	11,692	3375	
CBS	BIG BANG THEORY, THE	15,175	18,074	2899	
CBS	ELEMENTARY	11,128	14,020	2892	
ABC	GREY'S ANATOMY	10,838	13,578	2740	
FOX	GLEE	6,073	8,758	2685	
CBS	BLUE BLOODS	9,770	12,406	2636	
ABC	CASTLE	10,348	12,967	2619	
CBS	NCIS	18,867	21,428	2561	
CBS	HAWAII FIVE-0	7,948	10,438	2490	
CBS	MENTALIST, THE	9,022	11,446	2424	

Charts are also included the Word attachment.
  • Meanie

    You know I wonder if The Walking Dead was never created if we would have shows like Revolution && Falling Skies

    I mean these kinda shows are good but I fear every network && cable channel going to try to duplicate these formula

  • CarShark

    So one-third of Revolution’s audience watches form Tuesday-Thursday. Is that a good thing? Bad thing? Just a thing?

  • CarShark


  • Moe

    Love seeing Supernatural up there!!

  • DryedMangoez

    Great for Revolution and Grimm. Just wish more people will watch live eh?

  • The Original J

    Was that press release written on a typewriter?

  • Brett Heitkam

    Yay for Revolution and Grimm. Within a couple of years, I think NBC will be beating out CBS in the hour-long drama department. CSI is getting so tired and NCIS has got to be on its last legs too. They have very few solid hour long dramas once those stalwarts are off the schedule.

  • Rob

    @CarShark, I think it just has to do with what is on tv on that given night. There is heavy competition at 10 on all 3 networks, plus Monday Night Football. With all of that, if people are still recording Revolution and watching it later, I’m fine with that. It still means the show is being watched.

  • Chris

    So not only has Revolution drawn strong numbers in live viewing, it also is heavily time-shifted. Fantastic for Revolution whatever way you look at it. My only concern is that there really ends up being a worldwide blackout on December 21 (that’s the day the Mayans say the world ends). Ain’t gonna happen.

  • j

    Yay Grimm! It’s been extra good this year.

  • Leoben Conoy


    @You know I wonder if The Walking Dead was never created if we would have shows like Revolution && Falling Skies

    Revolution IS The Walking Dead without zombies.

  • CrimTV

    @Leoben Conoy

    How can Revolution be The Walking Dead without zombies when The Walking Dead is about zombies, hence the name….

  • CarShark

    @Brett Heitkam:

    They’d still have NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds and possibly Person of Interest and Elementary. I don’t understand why you think they’ll go away, though. NCIS gets higher ratings than all of NBC’s dramas.

  • battye

    Pretty decent Live+3 numbers for The Office. Considering the state of NBC Thursday’s it probably had another year left in it.

  • j

    NBC would need a miraculous year like ABC’s in 2005-2006: ABC was I believe at the bottom of the barrel with only football & Bachelor doing well, then one year they poured in tons of money on development/promotion, and in one season came up with 3 hour-long shows that raked in tons of viewers & accolades, 3 very different shows – Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, & Lost. Grey is still T3 or so in dramas.

    Though Fox’s drama department is arguably even worse than NBC’s.

  • June

    I miss the top 25 lists, I would love for the Live+3 press releases to show us more from all the shows performances for the week.

  • mort

    the messed up the mentalist by moving it to sunday at 1030. one of the highest rating shows is not so high now!

  • Galactica Actual

    Leoben Conoy? Hey propps to a fellow Battlestar Galactica fan!!

    Gods I miss that show LOL

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