Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Big Bang Theory' and 'Two and a Half Men' Adjusted Up; 'Up All Night', 'Beauty and the Beast' and '30 Rock' Adjusted Down; No Adjustment for 'The Vampire Diaries'

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October 12th, 2012

The Big Bang Theory was adjusted up three tenths, Two and a Half Men was adjusted up a single tenth, and 30 Rock, Up All Night and Beauty and the Beast were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Note: We do not have final numbers for the VP debate coverage, but do have final numbers for each network's "analysis" segment which aired at 10:30PM

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, October 11, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 4.5 13 14.23
FOX The X Factor 2.9 8 8.43
ABC Last Resort 1.6 4 6.89
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.6 5 3.18
NBC 30 Rock 1.3 4 3.4
8:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men 3.5 10 11.35
NBC Up All Night 1.1 3 2.88
9:00PM CW Beauty and the Beast -P 1.2 3 2.78
10:30 PM NBC Decision '12 VP Analysis 2.0 5 6.7
CBS Campaign '12 VP Debate 1.6 4 5.93
ABC Vote 2012 Analysis 1.4 4 6.06

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  • Ram510

    @ Mark Wood

    Yeah Nikita dropped from its premiere but about 99% of shows do. The fact that Nikita even at a .8 (which happened in the middle of December, it returned in January with a 1.1) was still one of CW top rated shows for CW. That’s not terrible especially when TVD was getting about a 1.2-1.3 at the time.

    Plus Nikita clearly had it own unique audience which didn’t follow the typical CW 18-34 demo but was still able to garner decent 18-49 demo numbers. Plus it does very well in international markets

    Any how I think Nikita did fine in its first season and wish CW would move it back to a Monday-Thursday time slot cause it did well on Thursday, why ruin a good thing? And why is there so much Nikita hate on this site anyways?

  • Ram510

    @ Berit

    I would definitely say Vampire Diaries is worth checking out and this is coming from someone who before the 1st season premiered was totally against it and bitter due to Reaper being cancelled.

    Honestly the fist few episodes are kind of slow and the crow thing is a little silly, but by about episode 6 through the second season it’s a great thrill ride however the third season drags at times and doesn’t quite find the magic the previous seasons had. Here’s hoping they bounce back this season!

  • gene

    I just watched Last Resort by chance… my God it’s so good! That is easily the best pilot of the season, if not the year. I can’t believe the show is flying under the radar like it is (yes, naval joke). The writing, the acting, it all holds your attention.

  • MoHasanie

    ” Pha !

    DH is the best show ever you stupid cow ! ”



    DH was a fantastic show. Of course it was much better in the early seasons, but it was still a very entertaining show even in its worst seasons.

    Same for ER. It was a excellent show throughout, despite the later seasons becoming bad when compared to the earlier seasons.

    Still, I have yet to find a replacement that can match the quality of both of those shows. No more good hospital drama’s or comedy soaps left on TV anymore. :(

  • Joachim Inverno

    WOW Vampire Diaries did so well!

  • Networkman

    Jon Cryer was absolutely hilarious in this week’s episode. Him and Courtney have great chemistry together. I saw her in According to Jim, but by being on Two & A Half Men she has shown that she really can be a comedic actress. Jon’s comedic timing is brillant. And I expect to see another Emmy nod.

    Up All Night only garnering under 3 million viewers is embrassing. Maybe this show should be taken off before Animal Practice. NBC should see how Animal Practice would perform after 30 Rock.

  • John A

    Last Resort fans really vanished. When it started people were saying its the best show of the season. Where did all its fans go? There were more comments and interest in that flop charles Angels remake this time last year.

  • Warren

    Probably abandoning ship (Gotta love those navel puns!). When the show started low and sunk (oh!) that was it. People are tired of having shows yanked out from under them by episode 8 and are far more ratings aware these days.

  • Kane

    GO BATB GO. I liked it alot more that Arrow.

    Dude the Arrow is better than that twilight B.S.
    i don’t think that piece-of-crap BATB is going to last long.

  • gio85

    Vampire diaries was just bad yesterday.

    Mediocre acting, plot holes, boring story, just bad!

    Its turned into a teenage Vampire Soap Opera.

    Last Resort was really good but its not getting an audience, too many people without a brain watching tv. Will probbaly get canceled.

    Up all Night is actually a solid sitcom much better than Whitney or half of the otrher dumb comedies we have around, yet its rating is just depressing.

  • drcooper

    Plus 1 on the request for the numbers breakdown. In fact I’d love to see even more detail. The numbers for the CW (as with the others) are live+sd. Advertisers are still hard pressed to care about DVR viewing and the advertises are what really count. So the question is, how large a percentage of the audience watched the entire show live. If most people are using their DVR, fast forwarding commercials and not sticking around until the end of the show then the numbers will be a lot worse in reality than what we see here.

    Vampire Diaries is a staple and usually does well so I’d guess it’s fine since the CW is used to mediocre ratings, but BB…I’m curious as all hell as to what percentage was live.

  • CrimTV


    These numbers only include live+same day viewing!

  • a p garcia

    If a 1.0+ ratings continue, CW will become a real network

  • drcooper

    Live+SD does include a percentage of DVR viewing.

  • Pat W

    Rip last resort
    ily baby

  • June

    the biggest test for BATB is how low the numbers drop next week, I recall Secret Circle lost a million viewers on its second episode and never once picked up over 2 million viewers.

    Lets see if its numbers can stay intact unlike Nikita and Secret Circle.

  • drcooper

    @gio85 I Agree, I initially liked Vampire Diaries but it seems to have gone so far off the rails I can’t even watch it anymore.

    I do like Last Resort as well but it just doesn’t have the feel of a show that will stick.

  • Adien


    Yes he is really the show now!. Really don;t need ashton! Miss the mum and judith, hope we get to see them more in the future

  • thesnowleopard

    I agree that TVD is neither as fabulous nor as terrible as its fans and detractors claim. It has its good points (fast-moving plotting, lots of characters and stories, some surprising character survivals) and its bad points (I soured on it early after I got sick of Damon murdering female supernatural rivals right and left, and completely getting away with it. Lampshaded misogyny in a lead is not my cup of tea. Plus, it’s about as scary as my grandmother’s knitting). But one thing you can’t say about it is that it never found an audience. Obviously, it did and they’re both young and loyal–though it does lose a chunk of viewers from season to season. But it’s still popular right now, which is all the network needs to hear.

    I disagree about Buffy. It, too, was dismissed as just a teen show in the same way when it first came out (partly because it came on the heels of a whole decade of adventure and horror fare that was more adult-oriented). And again, it had its good points (snappy dialogue, strong women, vivid characterization) and its bad points (a loss of direction once the characters graduated from high school in season three, beating up on those strong women in gratuitous and humiliating ways, a rich and privileged atmosphere, an embarrassing amount of fanservice).

    I actually don’t think it’s all that different from TVD, to be honest. In a way, you could look at TVD (which wouldn’t have existed without Supernatural) as the oughts version of Buffy (which wouldn’t have existed without The X-Files).

  • robin

    Great for TVD 1.6 it really skews young but arrow skews way older than I expected 1.3 with over 4.1 million viewers. with 4 million viewers Tvd can probably get over 2.0

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