How Will 'Once Upon a Time' Fare Tonight?

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October 14th, 2012

Once Upon a Time may be losing some steam early, as evidenced by last week's tumble to a 3.4 rating after a 3.9 adults 18-49 premiere rating. Can Once Upon a Time maintain last week's rating with its core audience, or is there still some bleeding yet to come? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments!


  • rob60990

    LMAO ^

  • Robert Seidman

    @iMember: why? because I said so. In this case quite literally: “Amanda & Sara: please do a weekly guess the ratings poll for Once Upon a Time and Revolution until you hear otherwise.”

    So far, I’m thinking “otherwise” is still at least a couple of weeks away.

  • joss

    Good i hope somehow i have this feeling that the last season was kinda better idk ..

  • mary

    OUAT 3.2

    Revenege 2.5

    666 Park 1.7

  • ron

    3.1 to 3.5

  • Tyson

    TVBTN is always seeking more activity. People say they like polls. Last night’s ratings are boring so a poll today is a great idea. I think Once Upon a Time’s will pull a 3.3.

  • iggy

    3.7 for no discernible reason

  • Honey Badger

    @ Amanda Kondolojy, Sara Bibel, Robert Seidman, Bill Gorman

    Please have more polls for more shows. They help make tvbythenumbers the fun fun site it is.

    May I suggest a poll for the ratings of the NBC downgraded pilot ‘Mockingbird Lane’ to a NBC Halloween Special?
    It will be fun to see what $10 million dollars buys. I say it will get a 1.9. I also predict viewers will leave the show in droves as the show airs.

    I have seen the promotion material and trailer for “Mockingbird Lane” airing the pilot as a standalone. The show is awful, terrible, it stinks no wonder NBC did not pick it up as a series.

    ‘Once Upon a Time’ Rate Tonight? 3.2

  • Andy

    OUAT will get a 3.5 I think, but I’m hoping it gets a lot more.

    @Robert Seidman could you do individual polls for Revenge and 666 as well? Well, for as many weeks as you see fit of course.

  • iMember

    @Robert, Ah okay. I was just wondering is all.

    I actually do like polls, but it would be even better if we could make it for more shows too. Like Revenge and even 666 Park Avenue too.

  • Robert Seidman

    Will take “more polls” under advisement. We’re looking for the biggest bang for the buck and there are diminishing returns as more or added. plus everyone won’t be happy unless polls are added for all shows, and that’s definitely not going to be happen.

  • omabin

    I love these polls, so by all means, keep them coming.

    My guess is a 3.5, slighly up from last week.

  • Matt

    OUAT – 3.0 / 9.2M
    Revenge – 2.5 / 7.9M
    666 Park Avenue – 1.5 / 4.4M

    OUAT will probably do over 9M and at least a 3.0 BUT since it always gets adjusted up, probably a 3.1 and 9.6M in the finals.

    Revenge will do about a 2.5 maybe 2.4 with around 7.9M.

    666 will just keep falling to a 1.5 and 4M, get cancelled, replaced by Nashville at Sunday at 10 by Midseason, have Nashville replaced with Red Widow at Wednesday at 10, and have Last Resort cancelled and replaced by Zero Hour at Thursday at 10 by March.

  • Joseph

    I think it may get under 2 in 18-49’s thanks to the double-whammy of baseball (the National League playoffs between San Francisco and St. Louis) and a marquee NFL game (Green Bay and Houston).

    Not just “Once Upon A Time”, but everything else not called Baseball; Playoffs or NFL will get hit by reduced viewing.

  • Skylar

    Revenge is up against The Walking Dead, I’m expecting some damage

  • Debsafan

    I love this show I hope it doesn’t fall at all are ABC will cancel it.

  • joel

    If it had bored you you wouldn’t have responded to it. If baseball is inconsequential then why not be confident enough to predict another 4.0, or even last week’s 3.4?

  • SJ

    Why all these polls for a non-freshman show?

    Once Upon a Time has at least five seasons all but guaranteed. Why would it tumble in its second season all of a sudden? Anyway, my guess is 3.5-3.6. Shows tend to rise in week three of the season; I’m guessing Revenge goes up to a 2.8-2.9 tonight as well.

  • Robert Seidman

    SJ: because our readership data suggest a poll about Once Upon a Time will draw more readers than poll about 666 Park Acenue.

  • Well Done

    OUAT – 3.4
    Revenge – 2.2
    666 Park Avenue – 1.7

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