How Will 'Once Upon a Time' Fare Tonight?

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October 14th, 2012

Once Upon a Time may be losing some steam early, as evidenced by last week's tumble to a 3.4 rating after a 3.9 adults 18-49 premiere rating. Can Once Upon a Time maintain last week's rating with its core audience, or is there still some bleeding yet to come? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments!


  • Alex

    It will do fine. As far as the show goes, I am neither fat nor a chick and I’m enjoying it just fine. Does the poster above actually watch the show? Anyway, it should do fine. I was a little concerned at the decision to make Regina less of a villain, but Week 3 established two very powerful bad guys that make Regina look like Mary Poppins by comparison. My only concern is that they’re splitting the cast up and placing two of them on their own on a quest (which isn’t too dissimilar to the unpopular Hiro’s quest subplot that for many viewers killed Heroes in its second year). Plus any episode in which Gold doesn’t appear tends to be less interesting just on general principle. But seeing Mary-Margret kicking ass and Emma taking her jacket off and showing off her gun(s) (a Sweeps Week-worthy event) has got to be worth a few points.

  • bluejays

    I think it might fall slightly. I tried to get into it but I find it really boring. It just didn’t hold my interest. But I want it to stay up to give Revenge a nice little boost!

  • Lynn

    According to spoiler tv, OUAT rose, Revenge and 666 were steady.

  • kathy

    As a statistician, I think when it comes to programming ratings, sports programming and regular programming should not be used in the same comparison formula. The NFL is the NFL and most assuredly stands as a data outlier and outliers skew data. They are usually left out of the calculations. The NFL shouldn’t be used as a comparison criterion when evaluating programming success or into which programs networks should invest their dollars.

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