'The Walking Dead' is the Most Popular Show on GetGlue

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October 15th, 2012

Though this site stresses that a show's social media popularity  does not always correlate to its Nielsen ratings, this week The Walking Dead dominated both the Nielsens and GetGlue.

  • JV

    I’m so glad people are actually taking metrics of GetGlue now. Sure they’re not entirely accurate, but at least it sheds some light on the younger demo that participates in the service. It also shows which shows people take the time to actually check-in for. That’s saying something deeper than just the numbers.

  • DTravel

    What the bleep is “Get Glue”?

  • ryan

    What was teh rating for the space jump?

  • BxActor

    I believe it…. So many people were discussing TWD during the premiere on get glue it was unbelievable . Usually a good show has about 5,000 -8,000 check ins (once upon a time had 10,000 on Sunday) but the walking dead easily had 18,000 + check ins

  • The End


    All GetGlue measures is which show has the most tech savvy fanbase. Highly unlikely you’l see that many oldies using the service.

  • Rooks

    lol, Getglue doesn’t measure tech savvyness – that’s like saying owning a George Foreman grill makes you a gourmet chef. It does measure herd mentality and the need to jump on any new hipster social networking trend, though, so it’s probably useful for advertisers to find the generally gullible. But overall, the average getglue user isn’t any more tech savvy than your average facebook mouthbreather.

  • Hades

    So basically its a place where people go to yak about their fave shows?

  • Schmoker

    I think The End might be right. It’s just me and some autistic guy in Peoria yakking back and forth during each episode of Harry’s Law and Blue Bloods. And I think he might be a bot anyway.

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