Will This Be the Week 'Revolution' Dips Below 3.0 in Adults 18-49? - Poll

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October 15th, 2012

Revolution is unquestionably the fall's biggest new show, but its ratings have fallen every week. Last week the show was adjusted down to a 3.0 among adults 18-49 in the final ratings. The question is whether the show's ratings have leveled off, or whether they will continue to keep falling, in the tradition of Smash. Monday at 10PM is a volatile time period. Last week Castle rose significantly from the prior week, so in theory anything could happen. Make your predictions below.

  • Melanie

    I say it will be up a tick to a 3.1!

  • John A

    2.8. The voice keeps it high since it drops alot in half hour. Still fine for NBC.

  • Matt

    2.8-2.9 definitely

  • FabioParme

    2.7 I think (and hope). Revolution sucks! Watched till episode 3 and quit.

  • romo

    Yes – peyton manning + baseball.

  • Californiadgd


  • POI

    revolution is improving by each episode so ill watch it till it ends

  • Nope

    I’d rather see Castle and Hawaii Five-O triumph, instead of Revolution


    Another 10% drop would put it <2.8, so theyre's my vote



    so there’s my vote (I even took my meds!)

  • Brian Fleming

    Just not that good of a show…thinks it wants to be LOST, and I really think it could have been. But it keeps getting in the trap of being HUNGER GAMES. It lost me in episode 2.

  • DryedMangoez

    I think it should level off by now. People should’ve decided after the last two episodes whether or not to stick with the show. I could see why on both sides.

  • Ali

    If it drops, the lowest I see it going is 2.9 but I think it will remain steady at 3.0 which is the best rating for a scripted show at 10pm across all networks! Not too shabby for NBC or any other network considering all 10pm drama ratings are bombing at the moment (Yes, Nashville will slide too!)

  • Travis

    I’m predicting a 2.9. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it drop even further. Would be surprised to see it rise above a 3.0.

  • DW


  • victor hugo

    I think this will flat -> 3.0

  • AppleStinx

    My Monday night habit has been ‘The Mob Doctor’ followed by ‘Revolution’. Without the first I’ll probably forget to watch the second. And I forgot what FOX will show in place of ‘The Mob Doctor’. 2.4

  • Hadesa


  • BigFatMouthFilledWithCream83

    No, it won’t dip. You just can’t get rid of this garbage. It’s the new FRINGE.

  • Dennis

    up to 3.1

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