Will This Be the Week 'Revolution' Dips Below 3.0 in Adults 18-49? - Poll

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October 15th, 2012

Revolution is unquestionably the fall's biggest new show, but its ratings have fallen every week. Last week the show was adjusted down to a 3.0 among adults 18-49 in the final ratings. The question is whether the show's ratings have leveled off, or whether they will continue to keep falling, in the tradition of Smash. Monday at 10PM is a volatile time period. Last week Castle rose significantly from the prior week, so in theory anything could happen. Make your predictions below.

  • Michael


  • Leondre


  • were123

    Anything could happen, but I’m going with it having a 3.0, probably going around 2.3-3s range all this season as it has The Voice as a lead in. I think it could go all the way to Once Upon a Time last season (rather erratic rating, but never in real danger) or Smash (falling until it levels off at highs 1, and being renewed because this is N-B-C!)

  • rob60990

    i hope so.

  • RG-X

    3.0 – 3.1 is my prediction – I think it will have at least another “3” !

  • Manda

    I think it’s one of the serialized shows that will steadily keep dropping. I already don’t like the direction it’s taking which is a big hazard with this type of show. It’s feeling like Jericho to me already.

  • Stephen

    2.7-2.8. I love the show, but it has to compete with Football, Baseball, and a whole ton of people won’t necessarily be watching. I do think it will rebound in 2 weeks however back to about the 2.7-2.8 mark, and stay there.

  • Alex

    All of the teams on Monday Night Football and the National League Playoffs are west of the Mississippi & the fan bases are mostly regional.
    I think most of the people like me don’t care about these teams.

    I predict an up tick to 3.1 or 3.2. The +7 is 5.7, So i still see a 3.5 achievable. Week 8 (Oct 28th SF @ AZ) & 10 (Nov 11th KC @ PIT) are the best chances imho. Revolution needs to hope for a quick World Series. But if San Francisco is in the World Series then it won’t matter since they already play MNF.

  • Pepper

    I think it’ll hit 2.9

    I gave up on this show after ep 3 – just couldn’t hold my interest.

  • @scl2

    Down to 2.7

  • Mayorofsmpleton

    Based on NBCs track I expect a dip. Probably 2.8.

  • Dude

    RVN 2.9 (adj. down to 2.8)
    H50 1.9 (adj. up to 2.0)
    Castle 2.0 (no adj.)

  • Hubert R.

    Down, but still strong. At first, I was sorry that so many people watch such an awfull show, but then I realised there aren’t many things to watch on broadcast tv nowadays and viewers basicly have to find something less crappy among trashes (there are exceptions of course, but too smart to steal masses).

  • TVDude

    I expect both The Voice and Revolution to be down this week, but I won’t be surprised either way.

    Has there been a new show that hasn’t fallen each week? On NBC, Go On and TNN both are well below their premieres, Chicago Fire has barely started, but it’s not off to a great start. Revolution’s definitely NBC’s best bet this season. Nothing else has held nearly as well.

  • BigFlop

    Revolution blah blah blah blah, Free Revolution promo here!

  • Greg

    Revolution has to be one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen on tv. Over time it will begin to fail. It has nowhere to go but down. Bad plotline, bad writing, the acting isn’t all that. Unmemorable characters/actors.

    Watching Revolution is like watching twisted versions of Kung Fu, Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza…and those were good shows. This show isn’t. Its lead-in is the only reason why this show has seen high ratings. Without its powerhouse lead-in this show would have already been canceled, and this is the truth.

  • KS

    2.8 – 3.0 – Hopefully!!

  • BigFlop

    @grag I completely agree with you, it’s a very overrated show especially for this site. nobody say anything about the last 30′ of the previous episode: 7.4 million, a BIG FLOP. script is very weak and acting worse. BUT Rev has a big promo here and everywhere.

  • City Kitty

    This is one of the worst shows on the air. It needs to go. The acting is atrocious. Please, writers, kill off the teenage girl character – this person cannot act. None of them can act.

  • Anon


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