Will This Be the Week 'Revolution' Dips Below 3.0 in Adults 18-49? - Poll

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October 15th, 2012

Revolution is unquestionably the fall's biggest new show, but its ratings have fallen every week. Last week the show was adjusted down to a 3.0 among adults 18-49 in the final ratings. The question is whether the show's ratings have leveled off, or whether they will continue to keep falling, in the tradition of Smash. Monday at 10PM is a volatile time period. Last week Castle rose significantly from the prior week, so in theory anything could happen. Make your predictions below.

  • Wright

    >3.2 Great show!!!

  • BigFlop

    according to the audience 2.6
    according to tvbynumbers 3.5
    according to the quality of the show -1.0

  • @TheEmulator23

    It’ll go the way of “The Event” Remember that one? NO? Exactly. Watched 3 horribly acted episodes & was done forever. When you don’t care about any of them dying, it’s time to move on. When you start rooting for them to die, you’re already too late. :)

  • danny94

    I still think that come may the show will be struggling to pull a 2.0

  • MoHasanie

    2.8. I think it will continue to fall slowly.

    Why do we have so many polls now? If there are so many polls every week, than they will lose their charm. You should keep them mainly for special events, and season/ series premiere’s and finales.

  • ManiacalZebra

    I think it will keep falling. I watch Castle, but it seems like the kind of show where you have to be all-in or all-out. I’ll bet more and more opt for all-out before long.

  • ManiacalZebra

    All-in or all out for Revolution, I mean.

  • sawyer

    Why so many haters on this show. No wonder why tv has so many reality shows. The show is entertaining and escape.
    Each week you hope the show fails. I have never watched Castle or H50 not my cup of tea. Pretty much everything that is scripted were inspired by another show. I watched the Event, Falling Skies, Flash Forward and Jericho.
    Falling Skies and the Event lost me on the first episode. People sit here and complain about the actress that plays Charlie don’t watch the show. I am looking forward to the show and can honestly say Charlie acting is getting better.
    I am glad it will get a full season. Man no wonder why so many people watch cable tv shows, they know their show will not get cancelled with 2 or 3 million viewers unless your Fringe. Really it does not matter unless you are a Nielson Viewer on this website. Good Grief if Once upon a time can make it any show can.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I say the fall continues, but slowly – only to 2.8 or so.

    The show isn’t awful but I just don’t see it continuing to hold audience interest as it drags on. It’s just not that good.

  • AniMatsuri

    With new H50, Castle & MLB over runs on Fox how could the ratings not drop?

    However, I don’t see it dropping more than 2.8 as unlike The Event or FlashForward, which obsessed over the central mystery, Revolution is a action/adverture show at heart and why the power went out is treated mostly as background. Smash kept fading because they continued to push gay themes to the point where people got tired of it and started tuning out.

  • nielson

    So this website is running a poll on Revolution’s fall in the ratings, because it has beat H50, Castle, and is up against MNFB and the MBL playoffs
    Why doesn’t this website run a poll on how H50 or Castle will do against all the network competition. We all k.now that H50 and Castle is a really new concept for american television and they have such a stellar class of actors

  • Kelleye

    Personally, I feel promotion was amped for ‘Revolution’, more hype in the promos than what’s really in the episodes.

    I watch Castle or Five-0, depends on the mood.

    As for ‘Revolution’ tonight, under 3.0, over 2.5.

  • DKD

    If you look at the Live + 7 numbers for Week 2, some of the drop in Live + Same Day audience just shifted to Live + 7.

    Between Week 1 and Week 2, the Live + Same Day rating dropped 16%, but the Live + 7 rating only dropped 3%.

    It will be interesting to see what happened to the Live + 7 in Week 3.

    It will also be interesting to see what its C3 is compared to Live + SD.

    All that being said, I think the show’s Live + SD may be settling and the ups and downs week to week may be due to various competitive factors like baseball, how good the football game is, and other things.

  • Bern


  • senor chang

    Not much difference between a 2.9 and a 3.0, other than a bunch of people waxing poetic about how the show is DESTINED to fail if it can’t crack that mythical 3.

    Buuuut I’ll bite and go with 3.0.

  • sarah nz

    2.8 – still living in hope

  • Jason50

    I’ll go 3.0-3.1. A decent show to watch for people who don’t like the crime dramas Castle and H5O. It’s no better than Terra Nova was last year. Looking forward to Alphas and probably catch Revolution after.

  • Kyle

    A 3.0 in the preliminary numbers, and down to a 2.9 at finals. But probably more interesting if 90210 and GG will go lower than last week (to a 0.3) or increasing (to a 0.5 or maybe a 0.6).

  • Nick

    Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars: 2.4
    Castle: 2.2

    How I Met Your Mother: 3.2
    Partners: 1.6
    2 Broke Girls: 3.5
    Mike & Molly: 2.9
    Hawaii 5-0: 1.7

    90210: 0.4
    Gossip Girl: 0.3

    MLB Baseball: 1.6

    The Voice: 4.4
    Revolution: 2.8

    Thanks to Baseball, everything male-skewing (like Revolution or Hawaii 5-0) will probably be down a bit.

    1. NBC: 3.9
    2. CBS: 2.4
    3. ABC: 2.3
    4. Fox: 1.6
    5. The CW: 0.4

  • Hugh

    3.1 Positive

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