Will This Be the Week 'Revolution' Dips Below 3.0 in Adults 18-49? - Poll

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October 15th, 2012

Revolution is unquestionably the fall's biggest new show, but its ratings have fallen every week. Last week the show was adjusted down to a 3.0 among adults 18-49 in the final ratings. The question is whether the show's ratings have leveled off, or whether they will continue to keep falling, in the tradition of Smash. Monday at 10PM is a volatile time period. Last week Castle rose significantly from the prior week, so in theory anything could happen. Make your predictions below.

  • Simon

    Revolution 3.1
    Castle 2.4
    Partners 2.4
    Hawaii 5-0 1.9
    90210 0.5
    Gossip Girl 0.4

    Early 18-49 estimates, subject to change of course. If Revolution can stabilize around the low to mid 3’s, NBC may have something.

  • senor chang

    Just to talk about something other than Revolution, Castle is doing pretty well.

  • CrimTV

    According to SpoilerTV, Revenge got a 3.4!

  • CrimTV


  • Greg

    SURFACE was a ten times better show than this terribly produced and poorly written Revolution. Wish SURFACE would re-surface! Man, that was a great show.

    And the promos that we saw all summer for Revolution were SO LACKLUSTER…all it showed was a couple of characters in attack mode! The promos were the worst promos I’ve ever seen for a show. There was NOTHING to them. And whats up with the crossbows? I can’t get into this show at all. I tried. But its really bad.

  • gene

    Revolution delivered 8.8 million viewers and a 3.4 rating, reversing its gradual downward-ebbing trend. That’s up 13 percent from last week and marks a three-week high for the show.

    LOL! I don’t even watch the show but I love seeing all haters get screwed.

  • Dean

    Remember last season’s Person of Interest? Remember how everyone were screaming it’ll fail, but it got better every episode and ratings kept going up or balancing out? Well, Revolution is this year’s Person of Interest. It gets EVERY DAMN EPISODE! Love this show!

  • Dean

    It gets better EVERY DAMN EPISODE*

  • Brian

    Well, I’ve watched Revolution from the beginning. It’s suppose to be a tragic story about society losing electricity and what happens next. Well, what happens next is we get 3 episodes that primarily focuses on a girl trying to find her brother, and doesn’t really moves the main story line along. I do believe that this show is a goner unless it’s next show really comes up with something new about the loss of electricity (i.e. that is the primary focus of the show). This show reminds me too much of Jericho where societal order was destroyed by nuclear bombs set off in America. That show was better and it was cancelled too. The thing about Revolution that might keep it around is that it doesn’t cost much to shoot! There isn’t any special effects and all you have is people walking through the woods most of the time and then visiting some decaying town! You could probably film this anyplace for a dime!

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