ABC Announces Partnership With Target & Neiman Marcus With First-of-its-Kind Integration on 'Revenge'

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October 16th, 2012


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Target and Neiman Marcus have partnered with ABC for a ground-breaking integration in conjunction with the critically acclaimed series “Revenge.” As part of the highly anticipated reveal of the retailers’ holiday collection, Target and Neiman Marcus will be the exclusive show sponsor in the episode airing Sunday, November 11 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. In lieu of commercials, the retailers are working directly with the creative team of “Revenge” -- a series known for its flair for fashion and high style -- to create original content incorporating the Target+ Neiman Marcus holiday collection.

“This is an unprecedented event on every level,” said

Marla Provencio, chief marketing officer, executive

vice president, ABC Entertainment Group. “It has been

a great experience collaborating with these two iconic

brands, and we are thrilled that they chose ABC’s

‘Revenge’ as the exclusive partner.”


“The scale of our partnership with Neiman Marcus propelled us to go well beyond the traditional approach and develop marketing initiatives that reflect the historic nature of this collaboration,” said Jeff Jones, chief marketing officer and executive vice president, Target. “Working with the team at ABC has been invigorating. We’re confident the November 11 episode of ‘Revenge’ will blow our guests away and, much like our collection with Neiman Marcus, provide an unforgettable element of surprise this holiday season.”

Target® Corp. (NYSE: TGT) and Neiman Marcus unveiled their unprecedented holiday collection featuring 24 of America’s preeminent designers — all members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) — in New York. The collection will be available December 1 at all Target and Neiman Marcus stores, as well as online at and In recognition of the 24 designers who created products for the holiday collection, Target and Neiman Marcus are donating a total of $1 million to the CFDA.

More information about the Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection integration on the November 11 episode of “Revenge” will be available via and


  • ethan

    does this mean the eipsode will have no commercials whatsoever, and will air straight through for the entire hour, like something on hbo or showtime???…and if thats the case is it still subject to FCC rules?…if theres no commercials can do cursing and nudity?

  • Alley Car

    WOW!!!! Could this be the future of advertising????

  • iMember

    This sounds exciting!

  • Max Vrany

    @ethan, the Target promotion will take the place of the commercials. It’s still going to be a ~42 minute episode with 4 or 5 breaks. And no, commercial free doesn’t mean exempt from indecency regulations.

  • Karen

    Not exactly a new concept. The same thing was done on a mini series called “The Days” with Proctor & Gamble. Basically they do product placement within the show.

  • John_M

    I loved the Days – it wasn’t a mini series on purpose – it was just a summer burn off series

  • Jon

    Please don’t have the characters in a Target.

  • nano

    Not that it was the same thing, but when Claire and Haley in Modern Family went to Target in last’s season Christmas episode it made it feel realistic.

  • Joey

    Hampton socialites in a Target… Now that would be hilarious.

  • ronnie

    i love revenge.long live revenge!

  • Riff Rafferty

    I miss the days of singular sponsors and commercial skits with the cast of the show pushing the product. Always fun to pull an old 16mm print from the shelf and see Lucy and Ricky hocking cigarettes.

    Mostly I miss them because they were the days when shows didn’t get yanked off the air after 2 weeks.

  • Catspals

    @Riff Raff…good ol’ days gone forever.

    Remember when it was NEVER good for an actor to do commercials? Sinatra, Bing?, etc….horrible. Then all of a sudden, it was OK. John Wayne, cigarettes?

    Then even more horrible….the actors of the “stage”, lowered themselves to appearing on TV in weekly series, and Specials.

    Boy, most of them do the opposite these days. Famous from TV, then make movies. How the times have changed.

  • Shawn

    Exclusive: Who’s going where:

    Emily Thorne: Nieman Marcus
    Faux Amanda: Tar-zhay
    Ashley and Charlotte: Nieman Marcus
    Jack and Declan: Target
    Victoria wouldn’t be caught dead in either store, and is generally never dead anyway, even when she is.
    Nolan will be protesting the Chick Fil-A
    Conrad: 65-70 December strike bullish call spread on TGT

  • Shelia kemmerling

    We always fastfoward through comercials but we watched yous. Great.

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