ABC's 'Castle' Hits a Season High as Monday's Top Scripted Show in Total Viewers for the 4th Week Running

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October 16th, 2012

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DWTS and Castle boosted ABC to the front of the pack on Monday for the 4th straight week this season, topping each half-hour and outdrawing runner-up NBC by 1.1 million viewers (The Voice/Revolution), CBS by 4.4 million viewers (HIMYM/Partners/2 Broke Girls/Mike & Molly/Hawaii Five-0) and Fox by 7.8 million viewers (2012 MLB National League Championship). In addition among Adults 18-49, ABC paced well ahead of Fox’s post-season baseball coverage on the night.


  • · Gaining week to week, ABC drew its biggest audience on the night since season-premiere Monday (9/24/12).


Growing steadily in each half-hour against strong competition, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars finished as Monday’s most-watched TV series for the 2nd week running and outdrew NBC’s The Voice in head-to-head competition in the time period by 5%. In addition, the ABC unscripted series beat out Fox’s MLB Playoffs in the slot by 62% in Adults 18-49.


Monday’s most-watched scripted TV show for the 4th week in a row, ABC’s Castle topped the 10 o’clock hour by sizeable margins, beating out NBC’s Revolution by 2.1 million viewers and CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 by 2.5 million viewers. In addition, the ABC drama ranked as the #2 series in the hour with Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54.


  • · Building its audience for the 2nd week in a row, Castle scored its most-watched telecast this season.
  • Lynn

    this show is so well written and acted that it should not surprise anyone that it has a tremendous following. A truly loyal audience that is carried along every week by the fabulous cast.It has fun..mystery..and actually a realistic epic love story behind it all.

  • Marlene

    As long as ABC appears to be happy, I’m not complaining.

  • Holly


    ABC will always appear to be happy in press releases.

  • Marlene

    Haha, true that. That’s why I’m not sure if we can take the boasting feast seriously. Prolly not.

  • violet hour

    it was a great episode by the way, castle is a dilf(with all respect due)
    this season has improved a lot script-wise and in tone compared to season 4 !

    i hope ratings stay steady…even if i’m not worried, fanbase is awesome!

  • Margaret Basta

    Brilliant episode last night. And I’m glad the ratings are in keeping with my impression of the show. Certainly this season is far superior to last season.

  • violet hour

    nothing wrong about finding the positive and seeing the glass half – full
    its nice that they officially are showing their support for the show

    plus its early in the season, i expect them to add episodes to their order of this season as they usually do

  • Katarzyna

    @Holly – ABC truly has reasons to be happy about Monday’s numbers. They’re the best of the whole week, if you take a look at another ABC’s shows’ results. “Castle” is ABC’s flagship and goldmine with DVDs, NYT bestselling Nikki Heat novels, Derrick Storm e-books and comic books. With such a huge and profitable franchise and international success, ABC really has reasons to be happy and proud.

  • Holly


    First of all, my point was that press releases are never a good indication of whether a network is happy with a show. Period. ABC’s press release writers are geniuses that can make almost any ratings seem like a success (Seriously, they’re better than some of the show writers).

    Second, while I don’t think ABC is unhappy with Castle’s performance (DWTS is another matter), I would hardly call it a flagship show. Greys and Modern Family fit that description much better, and I’m certain both of those shows have made more money for the network than Castle.

  • Danny

    Castle is cheaper to make than most other top shows and th cast and crew are paid less as well. It doesn’t need as much of a profit as other shows, so it does alright.

  • Ali

    Castle is just the best show on TV, period. Great scripts, great cast, great story. I hope ABC knows what it has!! Has a very DEDICATED following. I’m glad the numbers are good. It deserves it. Andrew Marlowe is genius. If you haven’t watched, I suggest getting the DVDs and starting from the beginning!

  • Danny

    I think ABC is going to start being the only network that on Monday nights will start to ignore the demo numbers simply because Dancing and Castle both have strong viewing numbers but low demo numbers and they know that no other show on the network could they move to the Monday night slot and get that amount of viewership (23 million altogether) and they also know that if they were to cancel both of them or move both from Monday night that not only would they lose viewers but money as well. So I think they’ll keep both shows on Monday night for awhile, and I also think that since its only one day out of the week, that they’ll just adjust the scheduling on all shows to make it more competitive for their competition. Low 2’s on a Monday against current winner Revolution is still good enough, and doesn’t matter what you put up against it at this point. The viewership is still there, so ABC might just consider ignorning the demos on just that one night, its not like its losing money on Mondays…..

  • Danny

    Greys and Modern Family probably have made more money due to Modern Family being advertised every half hour and Grey’s being around 9 seasons now. But they dont’ come out with books and fan fiction and have higher online viewing numbers, not to mention the money made off of Hulu. So that has to be factored in as making money for ABC. All that matters is the money being made to ABC, plus the syndication helps as well. So Modern Family and Grey’s have the edge slightly, but also internationally Castle is super popular as well….The ratings system needs to change to factor in everything. this is 2012…It’ll change within the next four years I’ll imagine.

  • Marta

    I think Castle is the best show on TV….this year especially. I am reading the third Nicky Heat book and find them as good as the Castle show.

  • Ali, Sr.

    CASTLE – our beloved series, like good wine, improves with time. From the first season there was something very special about the coming together of the cast & crew. Chemisttry, talent, youth, & not so “youth”. Appeal for every age group. The main characters – CASTLE & BECKETT- worked so well together that they started gravitating towards each other…YES/NO…THE CURSE…SHOULD THEY/SHOULD THEY NOT…& then…ONCE UPON A TIME we witnessed THE BIG BANG THEORY between the two, & CASKETT became official…& here we are today. Excellence pays off. Season 5 has been an amazing ride & a world wide family of viewers rejoices. THANK YOU ABC – great choice – Mondays willl never be the same again…seriously ;) DOUBLE RAINBOWS & MAGIC :)

  • Laarnie

    Seriously. This is great news!Castle is definitely a profitable show for ABC.It has books,comics and DVD’s.This will likely be renewed and have a full number of episodes for the next season.This is probably the most profitable show of the network.I mean,yeah,Grey’s is profitable but what do you expect? It’s been on air for nine seasons. Castle is great!

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