'America's Next Top Model' Renewed by the CW for 20th Cycle

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October 16th, 2012

update: The CW has issued a press release.

via press release:


For the First Time, Male Models Will Also Compete for the Title of “America’s Next Top Model”

October 16, 2012 (Burbank, California) — The CW Network has ordered Cycle 20 of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, it was announced today by Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW. As part of The CW’s on-going strategy to increase the amount of original summer programming on the network, Cycle 20 will debut in summer 2013 with a specific premiere date to be announced at a later time.


In Cycle 20, for the first time, male models will be added to the group of contestants competing for the title of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, and will move into the models’ house alongside the women. Also in Cycle 20, viewers will continue to have a direct impact on the competition by voting for their favorite models though social media, helping decide who gets eliminated and who stays in the running to becoming AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.


“America’s Next Top Model” is produced by 10 by 10 Entertainment in association with The Tyra Banks Company. The executive producers are Ken Mok (“Making the Band”), Tyra Banks and Laura Fuest Silva. The series was created by Tyra Banks and developed by Mok and Kenya Barris. Tyra Banks also hosts the series, which is currently airing its 19th cycle in the United States. Currently, “America’s Next Top Model” is under license in over 100 markets around the world and has 20 international versions in production. “America’s Next Top Model” and the “America’s Next Top Model” format are licensed internationally by CBS Studios International.




America's Next Top Model, the CW's longest running series, has been renewed for a 20th cycle, which will air next summer. The show originally launched in the summer of 2003, on the CW's predecessor, UPN. More details can be found on Deadline.

  • Michael

    Do the models ever make it? The winners ever successful, outside of the show? Lol.

  • Brandy

    Cws already said Cult will be only 1_ episodes.So happy about Top Model renewal.

  • Brandy

    Cult will be only 13 episodes ,CWs been clear about that,saying Ringer shouldve been only 13 episodes and wanting cable length season for a few of thier shows.

  • Hadesa

    I assumed they meant Cult to be 13 episodes a season not just 13 and done, my bad. Either way I dont expect it to do well.

  • Alan

    Not sure about it, but it will be interesting to see a male cycle! A lot of fans have been wanting that to happen.

  • ZmaX

    Good move, the summer season can use a strong show.

    and about Cult, right now Fridays @ 8 seem like the main time-slot, but if B&tB does tank, then i can definitely see the CW moving it to Fridays to be with Nikita (who knows, maybe the two can work well together, a Cop/Spy show) and premiere Cult on Thursdays after TVD. The lead is Matt Davis (w/3 seasons of TVD under his belt and he is gonna guest star in Season 4), so that could be a great way to draw in viewers.

    Best of luck to the CW.

  • Ram510

    They need to bring bak Nigel, both J’s and Janice or Paulina and make this the final season

  • Kavyn

    So if ANTM is being aired in the summer does this imply that BTB and Arrow are guaranteed full season orders? I mean Arrow seemed likely already, but BTB has an easy spiral downwards coming up that could make it’s ratings plummet.

  • Kavyn

    @ZMax BTB and Nikita aren’t a good match, but it’s a better match then ANTM. I’d rather see Cult and Nikita paired since they decided to pair Arrow with SPN.

  • Ale

    I think cycle 20 is the end. Hope they make a plus size or a male cycle……

    ps. Also can’t wait for Cult!

  • ZmaX

    lol yeah that’s true, better than ANTM.

    Cult’s conspiracy plot would work better w/ Nikita, however I just don’t feel great about the CW premiering a new show on Friday nights. Hopefully it could actually do well…fingers crossed.

  • alexjones

    FFS! just end this show already!

  • Nick

    Fanatsy schedule time!


    8: 90210
    9: The Carrie Diaries

    8: HoD
    9: Emily Owens

    8: Arrow
    9: Supernatural

    8: TVD
    9: Cult

    8: Beauty & The Beast
    9: Nikita


    8: The L.A. Complex
    9: The Carrie Diaries (R)

    8: America’s Next Top Model
    9: new reality

    8: Oh, Sit!
    9: Breaking Pointe

    8: The Vampire Diaries (R)
    9: Supernatural (R)

    8: Arrow (R)
    9: Nikita (R)

  • buddhaboi

    that fantasy schedule is perfect. vd and supernatural repeats together.

  • Kaylie

    Its about time they bring guys.

  • Nick


    Thank you, but really I just slapped TVD and Supernatural together because they’re the most likely to come back for another season, and thus the most likely to be repeated.

  • pete5125

    outside of life unexpected I cant think of a single series CW has done in the last 5 years or life of the channle that started in the fall and didn’t get a full season…exceptions being OTH and GG having their finale season.

    CW does their channle diffrent than anyone else in that CBS and WB loose money to air shows on their network then make their money airing in other places DVD’s/Itunes/Netflix/etc.

    So most shows get a full season…

  • thesnowleopard

    Probably a good idea. It’s already shown that it gets the same numbers, summer or fall, so why not? Those numbers actually look good in the summertime. And it gets more people to watch the network all season.

    Eh, I agree about SPN and TVD, but let’s reserve judgment on Arrow for now. Mind you, it debuted very well and I liked the pilot, but shows have debuted well before, and then crashed and burned later in the season. One week’s rating is much too early to call an entire season.

    Why would the CW waste a new show on Fridays? That’s the only way you could pair Arrow with Nikita, because Nikita’s not moving off Fridays unless it debuts (at the very least) a lot higher than anything it got last season.

  • ABCFanatic2012

    Wow thats a long wait!

  • Kavyn

    @thesnowleopard Well they’re airing Cult on Friday.

    Also I wanted Arrow/Nikita on Wednesday, not Friday (actually I wanted it on Tuesday but whatever haha).

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