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October 16th, 2012

Tonight, the new dramedy Emily Owens M.D. premieres on the CW. Last week, the network's freshman series Arrow and Beauty and the Beast had strong debuts, but the supernatural/superhero CW shows have been doing far better this season than the network's girly shows. On the other hand, Emily Owens M.D. is counter-programming for the presidential debate on the big four networks, which has proven to be a competitive advantage for The CW. So how will it do? Make your predictions below.

  • JJA

    I say a .5

    There really isn’t anything special about this show. Why would people watch it when you got Shonda Rimes doing it better on ABC?

  • Tommy

    Personally I think this show is going to be DOA. I will usually give any scripted show on the CW a chance, but after 5 minutes of the pilot I just couldn’t stand this show anymore. They need to make room for their midseason shows (at least 2, but they seem to be willing to pick up more) and I think this might be one of the ways they can do that.


    Rumour Has It Mother Meryl was not too keen on the show, so not seeing the pilot I’d have to take her word on it.

    Should hold HOD crowd, so I’m saying 0.7 but hoping for higher.

  • Tyson

    Emily Owens M.D. better work tonight. The competition only gets tougher from here.

  • Carmen

    It is a good night to launch it.
    It will get a sampling from anyone who is not interested in the debate.

    I think it could get a surprise 1.2 or higher.
    But will fall back quickly


    @ Michael

    Mamie Gummer can go back to TGW if Emily Owens fails, if that helps any.

    @ Jared

    I can only assume the only following she has would be from TGW, if that helps any.

  • sub


  • Michael

    @The Old Man, Mamie could always beg Meryl to guest star, during November sweeps!

    Back to reality, Queen Meryl most likely has never heard of the CW lol.

  • iggy

    The CW fans come out for premieres, at least on the scripted side.

  • John A

    0.8 but a 0.5 wouldnt shock me.

  • ron

    0.8 to 1.0 i hope

  • Red Jane

    There is nothing else on for those who do not care for the debates so… if Beauty & Beast got over 1.0 (with a better lead admittedly and on a Thursday), why wouldn’t this one? at least this week…I can’t stomach medical dramas (except for House) but they seem popular overall…

  • Martin


    I think what they are going to do at midseason will be:

    Goosip Girl go bye-bye/ Say Hello to The Carrie Diaries

    ANTM will be held for summer or really early summer, i.e. last week in May. – It is not popular for the network in viewers enough to be in regular season but enough for summer. It is reality so doesn’t have dvd sales on its side but i think it is popular overseas.

    I think Cult will replace ANTM in midseason.

    They don’t really have any other shows ready to air, I know the Selection still in contention but doubt they will have it ready in time, will say it will just join their regular pilot season crop.

  • Californiadgd


  • Matt

    I predict a 0.7. I liked the pilot although I’m not female.

  • glover

    Depends on how Hart of Dixie will do tonight. If it grows like 90210 yesterday, I bet on a 0.8 for the Emily Owens premiere. But with a 0.4 lead-in, this show will not make a miracle so I voted on the 0.6-0.7 option.

  • vern

    I don’t think it’ll do very well. I’m going with 0.5 but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s lower.

  • Ryann

    Being generous with a .8 the show lacks spark, i think HOD will go up to a .7 1.4mil but Emily Owens M.D (Annoying name) will manage a .8 and 1.88 mil. Dont think it’ll last long, first show to be cancelled by the CW i think.

  • capslocke

    0.5, Debates advantage or not.

  • Tony JJ

    I actually really liked the pilot. They should’ve kept the original name (First Cut) though.

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