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October 16th, 2012

Tonight, the new dramedy Emily Owens M.D. premieres on the CW. Last week, the network's freshman series Arrow and Beauty and the Beast had strong debuts, but the supernatural/superhero CW shows have been doing far better this season than the network's girly shows. On the other hand, Emily Owens M.D. is counter-programming for the presidential debate on the big four networks, which has proven to be a competitive advantage for The CW. So how will it do? Make your predictions below.

  • Tony JJ

    forgot to guess.

    1.0. Against the debates should help and I think Hart of Dixie will be up and I’m hoping Emily Owens can get at least a decent sampling.

  • Greg

    0.8. It’s the premiere, so I expect it to be higher than what 90210 or Hart of Dixie do on a regular basis. Also, I don’t think the weak lead in will hurt the show for its premiere, since Hart of Dixie had a far worse lead in with Gossip Girl and managed to do a 0.8 for its series premiere last season.

    In the long run, though, I think this show’s average will be a 0.5 and if it comes down to Emily Owens and Hart of Dixie, they’ll probably stick with the older show.

  • Nikki

    0.5 or 0.6 heart of dixie will pull similar ratings as well. im watching the debate, cause theres not one show on tonight id watch. Parenthoods not back till next week, i will miss it this week for sure.

  • Matt

    0.9 and 2.3M.

  • I like this show

    .1 why does CW exist?

  • SmG

    Predicting 0.7 as well…

  • Ian

    1.0 at least! Airing opposite the debates has been working for the CW and if B&B can get above a 1.0 wich is an awful show btw this wich is decent can get the same numbers. Also medical dramas are popular with 18-49 females so I don’t see why it wouldn’t get those ratings. I think it will premiere well by CW standards and level in the .5 to .7 range.

  • EatMorePez

    I’ll guess 0.8 but nothing would really surprise me. The CW’s ratings are all over the place this fall.

    For people asking why would someone of Mamie Gummer’s pedigree do a show on the CW, do you not remember “Off the Map”? It aired on ABC, was produced by Shonda Rhimes and lasted all of 13 episodes. If that didn’t work out for her, why not give The CW a shot?

  • Reward

    0.7 or 0.8
    This slot is really hard!

  • Ben Thompson


  • MG

    I saw the pilot and i loved it. And I will be watching the rest of the season. The whole cast has a great chemistry that works. Great job CW this is really out of the box for them. They certainly should have advertise it more

  • SG

    It will pale in comparison to Arrow.

  • Alan

    As much as I loved the pilot I can’t see it having a huge premiere. Too bad! It was so good.

  • WorkingMan

    female lead… so might be 1 or less.

  • Ale

    1.0 I think this show could surprise, people were pessimist with Beauty and look how good it did (by CW standars).

  • Julio

    Pilot was pretty good! I like it! Will watch it again tonight when it airs. Im hopping for a .8 or more but Im sure it will be canceled by end of season.. Now CW pilots survived 9pm tuesday slot.. Btw I am fallowing Mamie due to TGW!! She is awesome in it and she will great in this show..also I didnt know Meryl was her mother!! Guess thats where she got her great acting!! =)

  • Mark

    Hart of Dixie – .7
    Emily Owens, M.D. – .9

  • Anon


    These town hall debates are a big deal and there will not be any audience for EOMD except the people who would watch the CW anyways.

  • david

    I really liked the pilot. I thought it was cute and sweet. I guessed 1.0 because the pilot was good and the actors seemed to have good chemistry. I think is a good medical show. I will be watching it again tonight.

  • Lisa

    A .6? The CW has struggled in that time period, but the competition is light this week. OTOH, this is not a show with much buzz around it.

    I thought the pilot was okay, actually, certainly better than I expected going in.

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