NLCS Rain Delay Pushes Conclusion of "The X Factor" 'Judges Homes' Round to Tuesday, October 23

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October 17th, 2012

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Due to tonight’s rain delay of Game #3 of the National League Championship Series, the highly anticipated conclusion of the “Judges’ Homes” round of THE X FACTOR will air in its entirety on Tuesday, Oct. 23 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. The competition kicks into high gear on Tuesday, when the judges reveal which four acts in each of the four categories – Teens, Young Adults, Groups and Over 25s – continue and which two acts are eliminated.


Tonight on the West Coast (8:00-10:00 PM PT), an encore broadcast of last Wednesday night’s THE X FACTOR will air. The remainder of THE X FACTOR schedule remains intact, with the first live episodes airing Thursday, Nov. 1 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) and Sunday, Nov. 4 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live-PT tape-delayed).


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THE X FACTOR was created by Syco Television and is produced by Syco Television and FremantleMedia North America. Rob Wade and Nigel Hall are executive producers for Syco Television. Trish Kinane, Richard Holloway and Andrew Llinares serve as executive producers for FremantleMedia North America. “Like” THE X FACTOR on Facebook at Follow the series on Twitter @TheXFactorUSA and join the discussion at #xfactor.



[EDITOR’S NOTE 1: The RAISING HOPE, BEN AND KATE, NEW GIRL and THE MINDY PROJECT episodes scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 23 are preempted and will be scheduled at a later date.]

  • Tom

    Baseball is still important to FOX even if it doesn’t draw the most viewers. I as an example don’t watch much tv on FOX except for baseball. Though when I see advertising for FOX shows it makes me more inclined to watch Fox shows other than baseball… now I watch some show on Fox because of previous years advertising. Plus I watched both of Fox’s shows during the rain delay (Ben and Kate/X factor) two shows I dont normally watch and may watch in the future…. I also know I am not alone.

  • Aiden

    last night was a disaster for fox, for me CTV had on some crime show when x factor was supposed to be on, then fox kept cutting from ben and kate to fox sports, then finally around 8:30 they aired x factor. The whole CTV and Fox airing at the same time was completely messed up and they ended up airing at completely different times. I dont know why they didnt just do x factor, then resume the baseball game after x factor was done. I thought my cable was messed up so i checked the x factor website and people were PISSED OFF that it was delayed, sending angry tweets to them every second.


    The Voice will take 8-9 anyway, 9:00 ABC & NBC comedies will def be hurt (even more) not to mention poor perky Emily Owens. NCIS LA should hold its own & SOA will take 10:00 (had to throw that one in).

  • Anna Clarkwood

    Regarding the low ratings for Baseball.

    Think of what subset is watching the game. “Young/demo Mostly Males” Companies like Gillette would pay a lot for hard to get demo. Besides Sports Games and ESPN Programming, where do you get a huge number of that subset?

    Regarding the F-UP. These execs get paid a lot & have no Plan B. They refuse to make one as well. FSN/FX should be the initial Plan B to air the game, or remaining Primetime Programming (XF), if MLB refuses to allow the move of the rain delay conclusion to air on Basic Cable. Another Option is to air the scheduled Programming as is @8PM then if MLB wants to start/refuses to wait until 10PM, they have 20-30 minutes for the tarp to be removed they can find a natural break to switch back to MLB on FOX. Then on the bottom and announcers can say the remaining will air on Tuesday. If it isn’t a full 30min/1hr they can either create a quick recap/ take a few minutes out or use those old clip shows that are used as weekend rain delay filler. I’m sure there are many more options that would work very well.

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