Tuesday Final Ratings: 'Dancing With the Stars' Adjusted Down Plus Final Debate Numbers

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October 17th, 2012


Dancing With the Stars was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings. There were no final ratings issued for the debate because it aired without commercials.Below are ratings for the post-debate analysis.


Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 NBC The Voice 4.6/13 12.04
ABC Dancing With the Stars 2.0/6 12.92
FOX Raising Hope 1.7/5 4.23
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles - R 1.4/4 8.10
CW Hart of Dixie 0.6/2 1.40
8:30 FOX Ben and Kate 1.2/3 2.70
9:00 NBC Presidential Debate (9-10:30PM) - Live NA NA
ABC Presidential Debate (9-10:30PM) - Live NA NA
CBS Presidential Debate (9-10:30PM) - Live NA NA
FOX Presidential Debate (9-10:30PM) - Live NA NA
CW Emily Owens M.D. (Series Premiere) 0.5/1 1.67
10:30PM NBC Decision 2012 Analysis 4.0/10 11.37
ABC Vote 2012 Analysis 2.5/6 9.52
CBS Campaign 2012 Analysys 1.9/5 6.99


Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Melanie

    No uptick for Emily — too bad.

  • Jamie

    If Emily Owens doesn’t improve next week it’ll be dropped for a repeat of Arrow or Beauty and the Beast.

    Tuesday doesn’t seem a good fit for CULT at mid-season, though.

  • eridapo

    The prelims showed the following:
    NBC The Voice 4.6/13 12.08
    ABC Dancing with the Stars 2.1/6 12.69

    If DWTS fell a tenth, should the results be 2.0 for finals.

  • Oliver

    Wow, a 4.0 for NBC’s post-debate analysis is pretty incredible.

  • SPM

    Its a sorry state of affairs for the CW when an adjustment up from 0.4 to 0.5 and a stay at 0.6 is regarded as good.

    Dear oh dear!

  • SPM

    @ Jamie

    B&TB will probaly be at 0.6 this week LOL

    Arrow I am unsure about but no doubt waaaay below 1.0

  • eridapo

    @ Oliver

    What it shows is that most people didn’t even to change the channel from whatever channel they were on at 8PM.

  • alan

    The Voice and Dancing needs to GTFO.
    Not bad for Emily… didn’t watch it tho.

  • Kavyn

    EO, Arrow and BTB are all getting full season orders, there’s no doubt about it. Cult is going to Friday with Nikita. Unless the CW plans on airing reruns (doubtful, they’re not as trigger happy as other networks and all their ratings are pretty similar), the CW has nothing to replace these shows with.

  • Kavyn

    @SPM EO was 0.5, not 0.4

  • SPM

    @ Kavyn

    Not for long

  • Kavyn

    The only other thing I can think of, which someone had brought up, is putting Cult after TVD (which could actually be a good idea due to Matt Davis), and moving BTB to Friday to pair it with Nikita. Although as a fan of Nikita I wouldn’t like this, I think it’s more sensible for midseason. However it doesn’t impact EO or Arrow. They would have to air 90210/HOD/TCD reruns, but it’s very likely none of those would air more than EO currently is anyways so there’s no point.

  • eridapo

    Data was originally posted by sonofbronx.

    Time Program (Network) HH/Shr Viewers A18-49 A25-54
    8:00 The Voice (NBC) ………….. 7.2/11 12.04 4.6/13 5.4/13
    Dancing with the Stars (ABC) 8.8/13 12.92 2.0/ 6 3.0/ 7
    Raising Hope (Fox) ……….. 2.4/ 4 4.23 1.7/ 5 2.0/ 5
    NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) (r) .. 5.4/ 8 8.10 1.4/ 4 2.0/ 5
    Hart of Dixie (CW) ……….. 0.9/ 1 1.40 0.6/ 2 0.6/ 2
    8:30 Ben and Kate (Fox) ……….. 1.7/ 3 2.70 1.2/ 3 1.3/ 3
    9:00 Emily Owens, M.D. (CW) ……. 1.1/ 2 1.67 0.5/ 1 0.6/ 1
    10:39 Pres Debate Analysis (NBC) … 7.0/10 11.37 4.0/10 4.7/10
    Pres Debate Analysis (ABC) … 6.2/ 9 9.52 2.5/ 6 3.1/ 7
    Pres Debate Analysis (CBS) … 4.5/ 7 6.99 1.9/ 5 2.3/ 5

  • Aeiouy

    Can we just say Obama wins election on stop with these tv ruining debates. Obama would have to kill someone on tv to lose at this point so stop messing up what is important in life, tv, with unimportant politics.

  • Joe Daniels

    Emily did bad because it was up against the debates. I’m not a fan of the show nor have I seen it but I would say that’s the reason why the viewers are small.

  • Laurence Glavin

    A bad night for Fox viewers: their darling Bristol Palin was voted off “Dancing With the Stars(Not)” and another robot when down an hour-and-a-half later.

  • Kavyn

    @SPM You do realize this is the Tuesday FINAL ratings post, right? I’m not talking about future weeks.

  • panda22

    Dixie = up
    Emily = down…..that CW press release was some PR spin!

  • iowegian

    Are The Voice watchers either too dumb or too lazy to change the channel when its over?

  • Auu

    Yay DIXIE adjusted a bit in total viewers. Emily Owens flopped hard.

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