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October 17th, 2012


American Horror Story: Asylum premieres tonight on FX. Season one of American Horror Story  was a huge hit. There is a lot of anticipation for season two, which features some of the same cast, but entirely different characters and a new setting. This season, hit cable shows have been not only growing over their prior seasons, but beating broadcast television. Another FX show, Sons of Anarchy has won its time period outright multiple times. The Walking Dead premiere steamrolled not only Sunday night network TV, but all of the fall's scripted broadcast television. Is there a chance that AHS: Asylum could also beat the Big 3 at 10PM? The season one finale scored a 1.7 in Adults 18-49, within spitting distance of the 1.9 Chicago Fire premiered to last week. Nashville which stars AHS season one lead actress Connie Britton, premiered to a decent 2.8 (the same rating as the SOA season premiere), but, given that it will have a weaker lead-in this week, there's a good chance that it will fall. Stalwart CSI earned a 2.6 last week. So will the AHS: Asylum premiere beat broadcast television? Make your predictions.


  • Greg

    Chicago Fire – 1.6
    Nashville – 2.4
    CSI – 2.6
    American Horror Story – 2.2

  • XL

    I think it’ll beat everything but Nashville, but come pretty close to it. AHS has a lot of buzz going into it tonight.

  • were123

    I think it will defeat Chicago Fire (likely 1.7), but not either Nashville (which I think it will do either 2.4 or 2.5) or CSI (2.5 I’m predicting)
    I think AHS will get a 2.3, very close to Nashville

  • Bee

    it should definitely do over a 2.0. so chicago fire is for sure done.
    beating nashville and CSI is certainly in the realm of possibility as those two will do 2.2-2.5 tonight and it just depends on what exactly each show gets. i’m pulling for a 2.3 for AHS.

  • Bee

    although i won’t be surprised if it’s just a 2.0 or something. even SOA, after 4 years of huge buzz and fantastic quality, only grew so much each year and never peaked early on.

  • John A

    Cant wait hope it gets a 2.0

  • peter

    i think chicago fire will be stable around 1.8, nashville down to 2.0, csi stable and american horror story around 1.8 – 2.0

  • CarShark

    I think it will get a 2.2, which will beat Chicago Fire’s 1.8, but just short of Nashville’s 2.4 and CSI’s 2.5.

  • James

    FX needs to learn from AMC and put the latest seasons on Netflix streaming before the new seasons premieres. I know each season is a different story but it still would have gotten a lot of new people hooked on the show and helped increase the ratings. It will still get above 2.0 though.

  • Jimmy

    AHS will beat. Period.

  • Hubert R.

    cant wait, hope it grows a lot.

  • r0ckmypants

    @James -They’re probably more concerned with selling the first season DVD, which was released 3 weeks ago.

  • MattM


    Agreed. People who want the DVD will buy the DVD. The streaming helps build an audience during a show’s offseason or hiatus.

    Also, I had no idea this show did good ratings. Awesome.

  • Jared

    I hope AHS beats everything on network television tonight. I’ve been anticipating the second season of this show since it got renewed. I loved Nashville and Chicago Fire was good but tonight at 10pm I’m at FX.

  • RJ

    American Horror Story: 3.0 demo.

  • DenverDean

    AHS did take a couple of points from CSI last season. However, I’m not sure that AHS will pull in the same demos in long-run as last season. Nashville, which finished second to CSI at 10:30 will drop further for two reasons: 1) week 2 and 2) no MF lead-in. CF will probably drop a little.

  • Stephen

    Believe AHS will be ahead of Chicago Fire but behind CSI and Nashville (although maybe tied with Nashville). I don’t recall how AHS did throughout last season but the 1.7 in the finale was I believe facing mostly repeats in December.

    Still cable seems to be strong and this is smart time of year for AHS to premiere. I’m still thinking it will get around a 2.1 for initial airing at 10 but wouldn’t shock me if it was higher. This should beat Fire which will be below a 2, Nashville I think will be around a 2.3 but could drop more so that’s most tricky to guess. CSI likely will be around a 2.5 IMO.

  • Dan S

    I voted with the majority & expect AHS to beat CF but not CSI or Nashville. I’m guessing low 2’s for AHS while CSI will get around 2.5 & Nashville around 2.7

  • Tyson

    CSI: 2.5
    American Horror Story: 2.4
    Nashville: 2.3
    Chicago Fire: 1.6

  • mayorofsmpleton

    FX doesn’t control the potential for NETFLIX. That’s FOX’s call, they produce the show.

    I doubt it will break a 2.5. There’s huge buzz, the first season was received well by critics and audiences. The DVD/BD release sold incredibly well… and it’s a “reboot” so there’s not an intense need for people to catch up.

    I imagine it will grow but will probably premiere in the 1.8-2.2 range. I’m going with a 2.1 guess. Could very well surprise us though.

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