'American Horror Story' Premiere Garners 3.85 Million Total Viewers, 2.20 Million Adults 18-49

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October 18th, 2012


Note: this information is based on fast nationals data,which we rarely post for cable, not final numbers. These ratings are subject to revision. The final numbers will be available later today. as of now, it looks like the 16% of you who guessed that AHS would beat Nashville and Chicago Fire, but not CSI got it right.

via press note:

American Horror Story: Asylum got off to an insane start as its premiere telecast (10/17/12) posted 2.78 million Adults 18-49 (2.20 rating), 1.78 million Adults 18-34 (2.63 rating), 1.62 million Women 18-49 (2.54 rating), 1.01 million Women 18-34 (2.97), 771,000 Men 18-34 (2.28 rating) and 3.85 million Total Viewers.


Chapter 1 of American Horror Story: Asylum, “Welcome to Briarcliff,” was the #1 program last night – vs. broadcast - at 10 PM in Adults 18-34 by a landslide, beating Nashville (ABC) by +56% (1.78 million vs. 1.14 million); CSI (CBS) by +93% (1.78 vs. 922,000); and Chicago Fire (NBC) by +128% (1.78 million vs. 780,000). It also was the runaway #1 program at 10 PM vs. broadcast in delivery of Women 18-34 outpacing ABC, CBS and NBC in that demo by +28%, +109%, and +110% respectively.


It ranked as the #2 program in delivery of Adults 18-49 on Wednesday at 10 PM behind CSI (2.39 rating), and ahead of Nashville (ABC) by +8%, and Chicago Fire (NBC) by +42%.


***American Horror Story: Asylum will likely be cable’s top program on Wednesday in Adults 18-49, Adults18-34, and the top program on television Wednesday at 10 PM in A18-34 and W18-34 (cable competitive will be available approximately 4:30 PM ET).


American Horror Story: Asylum, outpaced any single telecast of its predecessor, American Horror Story (10/5/11), and topped that miniseries’ debut with increases of +37% in Adults 18-49; +50% in Adults 18-34; +49% in Women 18-49; +54% in Women 18-34; +44% in Men 18-34, and +21% in Total Viewers.


With Sons of Anarchy consistently ranking as TV’s #1 show Tuesdays at 10P in Adults 18-49 and now American Horror Story: Asylum as a force Wednesdays at 10P, FX has one of the most powerful one-two punches of the 2012 fall season.


***FX’s lead-in movie to American Horror Story: Asylum, the broadcast premiere of Twilight: New Moon, turned in an outstanding performance delivering 1.55 million Adults 18-49.


***American Horror Story: Asylum also was a huge topic on social media last night according to Bluefin Labs Social Media (see Social Television chart below). According to Bluefin’s measurement of comments about primetime TV programs on Wednesday, AHS: Asylum dominated cable and was #2 in all of television for the night with almost half a million Total Comments. It was by far the #1 telecast in cable for the night and was the #1 scripted program in all of television. It ranked #5 among all drama telecasts within the last year (Sept ’11 thru Oct ’12 - Pretty Little Liars (3x), and Walking Dead). Its delivery of comments was 14x the amount delivered by last year’s American Horror Story premiere (437k vs. 31k).





  • Skylar

    @jinjeon: you obviously know nothing about acting if you think Jessica Lange is unbearable. She basically carries the show.


    @ Chris

    AHS just set the groundwork last night (impressively, I must add). Give it a few more weeks & it will be a force. Remember, season one was slow to build, but by the fifth or sixth episode it was there.

    I’m looking forward to a fun ride this season! As someone else said, give the Golden Globe to Jessica Lange & be done with it! REPEAT PERFORMANCE JL!

  • LF

    Oh and Lange will also win an Emmy, a Saturn Award, a Television Critic’s Association Award an MTV award, and well, they’ll probably figure out a way to give her an Oscar for this performance and if she hums a song during the show, she’s a shoo-in for a Billboard award, too.

  • Jinjeon

    Actually I know good acting when I see it. Liv Ullmann, Isabelle Huppert, Charlotte Rampling, Kinga Preis, Paprika Steen, Imelda Staunton… these are brilliant thespians. Jessica is sadly just a hiperoveractor.


    @ Jinjeon

    Julianne Moore already won for Sarah Palin role

  • LF

    Hurry up and get your acting ballots in. I’m sure they’re waiting intently on them.

  • Jinjeon

    I thought we were talking Golden Globes and SAG awards. I know she already won an Emmy. I’m TV and movie buff. I know my $hit.

  • BxActor

    Well I guessed that right

  • City Kitty

    The Wednesday night indulgence!!!!! Love the alien visitor line. Was one left behind???


    @ Jinjeon

    I also agree with your take on good acting (Liv Ullmann is beyond brilliant) but Jessica Lange also has an outstanding pool of performances starting in the mid-seventies. Go back & view Frances, Country, Music Box, Cape Fear & Blue Sky, then tell me if your opinion stands.


    @ Jinjeon

    Jessica Lange won two Oscars, supporting role for “Tootsie” & Lead for “Blue Sky.”

    I agree with all your actresses, but would add Maggie Smith & Glenda Jackson to your impressive list.

  • Jinjeon

    I saw them all except for Music Box and she was overacting in all of them. The worst one was Blue Sky. How she won an Oscar for it is still beyond me. Guess the overdue rule worked there. The only time I found her acting to be tolerable was Grey Gardens. But she still had some overacting in it but just not as much as in other movies. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure she’s a nice person and all but it doesn’t mean I have to like her kind of acting. It’s just not my cup of tea.

  • ClamCam

    Oh!! Looks like the troll Max not only bashes Revenge (comparing it to lackluster Scandal) , also bashes AHS comparing it to SOA…Please let him know that SOA S2 ratings were well below this number…almost 4 mill viewers and a 2.2 in the demo (more than Max’s beloved Scandal!!) is beyond great for FX…
    Also, please work on those headlines…I know Bill and Robert dont write anymore but at least check what Sara is posting….almost everyday we find mistakes at headlines, tables, etc—(today : 2.2 rating, not millions in the demo…)
    Just saying…

  • Jay S

    Max = Intensity?

  • Max

    @Jay S

    If you are trying to brand me as someone else who posts on the boards, you can have any of the mods on here check ISP’s and such. I am not that person. And it is quite funny how pointing out facts such as high promotion does not always equal mega success labels someone a troll around here.



    Point well taken & we’ll forever agree to disagree, but we agree on all the others so it’s really a win/win situation!

    Keep cool, mate.

  • Katie

    It’s funny when ratings show “how many men and women watched”. Unless you have cameras in people’s houses then no one knows who watched it. Just because a man or woman might have their name on the cable bill doesn’t mean they are the one watching.

  • Jared

    Jessica Lange was flawless but this whole series is campy..to me that’s what makes it so fun to watch.

  • James

    Kind of an underwhelming premiere but I’m still excited for the rest of the season.

  • The Original J

    I wonder if that Intensity2012 troll will be back this year. I hope not.

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