FNC's 'The Five' is Number 1 Cable Program at 5PM & 'The O'Reilly Factor' Beats NBC Comedies in Total Viewers

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October 18th, 2012

Wednesday was another record breaking day for Fox News Channel. Its morning show Fox & Friends had its biggest audience since May 2, 2011 (the death of Osama Bin Laden) with 1.78 million total Viewers.

The Five was the number one cable program at 5PM with 2.50 million Total Viewers ,outperforming Nick, USA and TBS, and achieving an all time high for a full hour of the show.

From 8-9PM,  The O'Reilly Factor garnered 4.41 million Total Viewers, beating NBC's Animal Practice and Guys With Kids.


  • TVWatcher

    Billo still got doubled up in the demographic by The Daily Show.

  • Mike Adams

    Liberals are in shock

  • 1966

    lol really?

  • Grandpa

    The Wednesday Dennis Miller segment on O’reilly is one of the best on tv.

  • usnretiredx2

    Watched the 5 today, Bob was lost during the whole show when he heard the Gallop Poll report from today at the first of the show.

  • Babygate

    This show has become an addiction. I was hoping for the same with The Cycle because I really like the group format but that turned out to be unwatchable to me. The Five is appointment television and if I can’t watch live, I DVR it. I love the chemistry between these panelists. It’s obvious that they like each other and they are comfortable with each other, even with Bob, the only liberal in the bunch. It makes news so much more enjoyable to watch. If this show were on primetime, I think they would give Bill a run for his money…Anywho, congrats! Well deserved. And Bill may not get the demo compared to a completely unrelated, comedy show, but it kills every other news cable station and that is what matter.

  • Karla

    Went to The Five due to Gutfeld(I am a Red Eye addict)but find myself enjoying it. Yeah Beckel is not someone who I agree with but I have to say he gives as good as he gets and not everyone would have 4 people going at him although there are some things that they agree on that many would not expect from him and I have no problem with someone differing from me view wise it is what we are based on here and it is what makes things go round. I only have a problem when one says I must view things as they do otherwise there are pieces missing somehow.

    I know that many liked the person who had that hour before but I cannot say/never watched him or listened but many said this little show could never come close but it seems that slowly but surely they are getting there if they are not there already.

  • Mark2

    Hey Sara Bibel, we know that you work for Fox News but can you at least try and make it a little less obvious.

    By the way, the 25-54 demos are the only thing that counts.

  • Mark2

    Here’s a different headline for you Sara:

    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report make the Top 10 list for cables shows on Wednesday, while The O’Reilly Factor, The Five, and every other Fox News show failed to make the Top 50 list.


  • Sia

    I love the Five ! MSNBC’s The Cycle is a joke just look at their ratings.

  • commonsense

    just shows that there are a lot of simpletons in the country

  • Robbie

    Mark2: If the 25-54 demo is the ONLY thing that matters, why bother to post any of the other numbers????!!!! Maybe because they do matter!!!

  • weinerdog

    The only time that the Five is not up to par is when Jaun williams subs for Bob His sense of humor does not fit !!! Bob Smiles – Jaun frowns and laughs (like Biden) Bob stands up to all the others (right or wrong) and loves every minute of it!!!

  • carigis

    glad to hear it.. great news for greg gutfeld.

    If anyone likes greg. give the rest of his late night crew some support and watch RedEye on FNC at 3AM in most of america and 12am on the west coast.

    its not your grandaddies news analysis show :) suprised with what they get away with on that show..lol

    and mark, I love colbert and john stewart as well. Im into all points of view.. don’t need to have tunnel vision politically..

    redeye would be number 1.. if it was not on at 3AM.

  • Sam

    Colbert defeated O’Reilly , did you guys report on that too ?

  • Mark2

    Colbert on Jon Stewart beat O’Reilly

  • Ultima

    redeye would be number 1.. if it was not on at 3AM.

    RedEye is awesome because it’s on at 3am – they couldn’t get away with nearly as much if it was on at a reasonable time! ;)

  • XYZ

    Can you guys please fix the Wednesday cable news ratings…they seem to be missing a chunk of info?

  • Hillbilly


    I’ve had enough of your babble. Why do you go after Sara Bibel for doing her job? You say the 25-54 demo is what counts, then ask for Sara to make a post using the 18-48 demo. :roll: They do one daily already.

    How do you know Sara posted this without being told too by Robert or Bill? Either Sara is shy or doesn’t want to give you the time of day. Unless you have proof Sara works for Fox News apologize to her…at the very least stop crying when she post something giving FNC the credit they deserve.

    FNC had 11 shows on the Wednesday daily cable ratings. If you notice the only demo for daily cable is the 18-49. For a news channel to do that is pretty impressive. You want Sara to do an article/post on FNC losing in a demo that doesn’t concern cable news? :roll:

    Colbert on Jon Stewart beating O’Reilly in the 18-49 demo is not news! They do that on a regular basis.

  • Hillbilly

    ***Colbert & Jon Stewart not Colbert on Jon Stewart.

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