FNC's 'The Five' is Number 1 Cable Program at 5PM & 'The O'Reilly Factor' Beats NBC Comedies in Total Viewers

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October 18th, 2012

Wednesday was another record breaking day for Fox News Channel. Its morning show Fox & Friends had its biggest audience since May 2, 2011 (the death of Osama Bin Laden) with 1.78 million total Viewers.

The Five was the number one cable program at 5PM with 2.50 million Total Viewers ,outperforming Nick, USA and TBS, and achieving an all time high for a full hour of the show.

From 8-9PM,  The O'Reilly Factor garnered 4.41 million Total Viewers, beating NBC's Animal Practice and Guys With Kids.


  • Hillbilly


    Check this out.

    Notice they say –

    October 18, 2012 – Week two of A&E’s newest hit series “Duck Dynasty” grew from its record-breaking premiere with 3.9 million total viewers (3.851 million), topping FX’s “American Horror Story (3.848 million),” as cable’s #1 entertainment telecast for the night.

    They can’t claim all of cable because they were beat by a news channel.

    On other hand FNC can say –

    The Five was the number one cable program at 5PM with 2.50 million Total Viewers ,outperforming Nick, USA and TBS, and achieving an all time high for a full hour of the show.

    Now pout & cry about that. :razz:

  • Tazx

    Hope no one is implying that Cobert & stewert are news shows.

    All they amount to is a one man SNL.

  • Tazx

    Anyone think Matthews and others at MSNBC have learned to be more careful about what they wish for.

    Did they really think with Beck gone evryone was going to switch channels?

    They must have nightmares about the Numeber “5”

  • tony

    Yesterday old Tingles had John Heilman MSNBC hack(Mark Halpern is better any day)and Ron Reagan jr.”Nancy I’m a little worried about our son he likes wearing dresses”-well old Chrissie Mathews was excited that old windbag Clinton(who spoke for 36 minutes)and Bruce Springsteen were at an event with Obama!Mathews and his 2 clowns thought this would energize voters!
    I thought Obama should join in singing with Bruce on his hit “I’m Going Down”.

  • UpAndOver

    When Carson was on NBC, it was a 6 month wait for tickets…

    The staff on Leno make calls daily for groups to fill the seats…

  • Voltron

    I am not surprised, that brunette has THE sexiest legs on Earth. I DVR and pause that show every day ;)

  • Doug Z

    Lib, Demo, Media does it again

    Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s husband used the U.S. Senate Dining Room to cut business deals selling tax credits tied to stimulus money, a whistle-blowing executive inside his company alleged on an audio recording exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller.

    St Louis Post-Dispatch does not cover.

  • rehabber

    I DVR The Five and it is the first thing I watch, love everyone on the show, even Bob, he tries so hard to support obama. Kind of sweet. lol

  • Susan young

    I have one more thing . I have a move about about Obama and at the end of it, it say do not let your family join the Military. It’s two hours long about banks, will street, wallmart Exxon, and Energy. And omg!!! Why have it any one seen this. Mitt Ronny, will win. Call me ONE MORE THING ( gray). 523-217-6007. I have it on a hard drive. From over’s and the troops. God be with are troops. Sin: Susan young.

  • Susan young

    Sorry gray, 623-217-6007, I have the move, not why. Sin. Susan young

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