PETA Takes Victory Lap After 'Animal Practice' Cancellation

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October 18th, 2012

PETA wasted little time celebrating the demise of NBC's Animal Practice, in a statement on its web site PETA WROTE:


Animal advocates, it's time to break out the bubbly. After pressure from PETA and tens of thousands of our members and supporters, NBC has pulled the plug on its cruel show, Animal Practice. Here's the celebration in progress at PETA's Bob Barker Building in L.A.:

The only thing funny about this "sitcom" was its laughable ratings. By not tuning in, viewers told NBC that they weren't interested in watching animals dressed up and made to perform cheap tricks—animals who had been torn away from their mothers as babies and subjected to cruel training methods and unnatural living conditions.

Even before the first episode aired, PETA showed NBC that if the network wanted to broadcast cruelty, it was going to have a rocky road ahead of it. We wrote to NBC and the show's producers and explained how wild animals suffer in the entertainment industry. We kept the heat on by asking advertisers to pull their support, organizing demonstrations, sending an urgent action alert to our members and supporters, and enlisting primate experts to speak out about how the portrayal of monkeys as "pets" leads irresponsible people to acquire them on a whim. And it worked.

NBC will air the three remaining episodes of Animal Practice that have already been filmed. Then viewers can rest assured that cruelty to animals won't be part of the Wednesday night TV lineup.


  • Kyle7

    Ah, the gloating of the delusional when they self-righteously take credit for something with which they really had little involvement. The smug levels around PETA headquarters must be unbearable today.

    AP got terrible ratings because most people didn’t find it funny, not because they cared about the animals’ working conditions.

  • The End

    I would imagine Peta had that press release ready for weeks, just itching to put it online.

    Won’t comment on Petas stance on the show.

  • Jon

    Will they move on to Suburgatory and its pet kangaroo?

  • a p garcia

    PETA wanting it cancelled is why I am for AP to be renewed

  • The End

    Pity that if someone informed Peta this show was cancelled because the Nielsen numbers were poor, they likely wouldn’t listen and still try and claim credit for it.

    If the numbers were good, the show likely would of been renewed.

  • Cj morton

    No they’re wrong. The only funny thing about the show is how much it annoys PETA. I’m rather disappointed PETA got its way! :(

  • Suzy

    I’m curious how much of an effect PETA actually had on the show. I didn’t watch it because the dialogue was so stupid.

  • BeBe

    Yeah, that’s why the show had low ratings, because PETA influence people HAHAHAHA, WTF? This in desperate self-promotion and no one gives a s*t about PETA

  • BeBe


  • RJ

    Can we cancel PETA and PTC???

  • davie

    good grief.

    Im surprised PETA hasnt taken a shot at Fringe for showing Gene the cow in amber last Friday! ;}

  • jay

    Bleep PETA! God i hate this organization more than anything in this world.

  • The End

    @Cj morton

    Peta may of got its way but they wern’t directly responsible for the shows cancellation. Treading a fine ground by saying NBC is for animal cruelty when that is ridiculus.

  • MJDB

    F–k PETA, they have a lot of nerve. Crystal the Monkey was trained like any other animal. They have nothing else better to do, I guess.

  • Grandpa

    The monkey was the only thing good about the show. Should have had more of it.

  • Craig

    I went to the site just to play that Pokemon game in the image. Apparently, the reason for bullying amongst kids these days is all because Pokemon fight each other. Where’s the PSA on that!

  • Chris

    Does this mean we have to start keeping PETA happy now or they’ll start killing off shows we actually watch? Or does their supposed power only work on painfully unfunny sitcoms no one watches and were going to get cancelled anyway?

  • Kyle7

    @The End: If you’ll notice, in the second paragraph they are aware of its “laughable” ratings, and are trying to claim that it was their influence that resulted in that low viewership. Which is, of course ridiculous. And you’re probably right about them having this ready for weeks. New shows are pretty much only canceled because of low ratings (Luck’s the only recent exception I can think of, and technically it was on its second season anyway), so crowing over its low ratings was going to be accurate no matter when it was canceled. The only thing that needed to be filled in before it actually went out was how many episodes it had left.

  • Ricky

    @davie: Don’t give ’em any ideas. Just don’t. Sure, Fringe is in its final season anyway, but that’s just rude.

  • Noelle

    I highly doubt Peta was the reason Animal Practice was canceled. That organization just bothers me so much.

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