Will 'The Vampire Diaries' Beat Multiple Broadcast Competitors? - Poll

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October 18th, 2012

Tonight The Vampire Diaries  has a shot at doing something very unusual for a CW show: coming in second in is time period. Last week, it premiered to a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating, beating NBC's 30 Rock/Up All Night combo and tying ABC's Last Resort. This week, FOX is airing baseball instead of The X Factor. Monday night's game averaged a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating.  (If it rains again in St. Louis, there might not even be a game at 8PM tonight.)  Arrow and Supernatural retained 100% of last week's ratings, and The Vampire Diaries has a similarly loyal fanbase. Last Resort's ratings have declined every week. Can The Vampire Diaries pull it off? We won't know the answer until tomorrow afternoon when the final numbers are released, due to FOX's live baseball coverage and the San Francisco ABC Affiliate carrying Thursday's 49ers game. In the meantime, make your predictions.


  • glover

    Just 30 Rock/ Up All Night.

  • Mario

    30 rock – 1.4
    Up All night – 1.2
    Baseball – 1.5
    The Vampire Diaries 1.6

  • xRockStarz

    I think TVD will fall today… Maybe a 1,5? (But i’m hoping it will be steady or even rose) Whatever, i’m saying it will be 3rd in his time period, beating NBC and ABC but not FOX…

  • Alan

    30 Rock, Up All Night and Last Resort

  • that dude

    Yes, and the premieres usually go down as well. I’m saying it will be 3rd, baseball will beat it, but just barley. 30 Rock 1.4 UAN 1.0 for a 1.2 last resort 1.3 TVD 1.4 Baseball 1.5, and CBS will laugh until the weekend where it isn’t doing so well.

  • were123

    Even while I hope that somehow Up all Night gets up, I think TVD will beat it, but I’m not so sure if it can beat baseball or Last Resort.
    My predictions:
    30 Rock- 1.4
    Up all Night- 1.4 (here comes wishing)
    TVD- 1.5 or 1.6
    Last Resort: 1.5 or 1.6 (TVD could tie, beat it or be behind of it for just a tenth, I think they are all probable outcomes).
    Baseball: 1.7

  • James

    i think it has a good chance of winning their period second, first being obviously being given to TBBT.

  • BG

    30 Rock, Up All Night and Last Resort

  • Max Vrany

    No way they’re getting baseball. I think they’ll be down slightly too. Enough for the more stable Last Resort to beat it by one or two tenths.

  • John

    It will most definitely beat 30 rock and Up all Night and possibly Last Resort, but baseball should beat it and of course anything on CBS should as well

  • Jon

    If it pulls an Arrow/ Supernatural yea.. It’ll def beat 30 ROCK and UPN, as for last resort…it depending it the show keeps dropping ( which it should, once I notice it was below a 2 on the second ep, i gave up….I’m not gonna be invested it in like Charlies Angels last yr only for it to get ripped away from me)

  • Melanie

    It would be fabulous if TVD beat ’em all – that’s my pick!

    GO Vampires!

  • K.

    It’s possible… the episode tonight contains something totally new: the female protagonist, who’s been human all these past seasons, transitions to a vampire. I think fans would watch just to see the computer-generated vampire look on Nina as Elena (not Katherine).

  • Starship

    I’d say it’ll beat Up All Night, 30 Rock might be higher, but VD will still win the hour. Last Resort will fall to a 1.4 or even 1.3, but so will the Vampire Diaries, so that’s up in the air. Whether it can beat baseball, I’m not sure, but FOX might lose some viewers after they botched last night’s broadcast.

  • MoHasanie

    I think it will be able to beat ABC, NBC, and Fox.

  • One

    It won’t do it. It simply can’t. Last Resort will rally. Americans will realize how intelligent and important Last Resort is to the TV landscape, and young people will stop watching such a ridiculously stupid attempt to cash in on the vampire craze. It will not beat Last Resort, for it’s rally into something relevant begins tonight. So say we all. VIVE LA LAST RESORT!

  • hoki

    30 Rock 1.3
    Up All Night 1.1
    Last Resort 1.4
    The Vampire Diaries 1.5
    Baseball 1.7

    Clearly, my vote is Up All night/30 Rock and Last Resort.

  • robin

    it might only beat 30/UAN since last week was it’s season premiere and a highly anticipated one too so it will probably do a 1.4 or 1.5(hopefully)

  • Jason50

    I’m still pulling for Last Resort, still my favorite new show. I enjoy TVD but I hope Last Resort doesn’t fall below it. Also hoping it can get in 13 episodes before cancellation. Besides, it’s fun to hear One’s weekly rant on LR.

  • CarrieMaine

    @One Intelligent isn’t a word I would use to describe Last Resort.

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