Will 'The Vampire Diaries' Beat Multiple Broadcast Competitors? - Poll

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October 18th, 2012

Tonight The Vampire Diaries  has a shot at doing something very unusual for a CW show: coming in second in is time period. Last week, it premiered to a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating, beating NBC's 30 Rock/Up All Night combo and tying ABC's Last Resort. This week, FOX is airing baseball instead of The X Factor. Monday night's game averaged a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating.  (If it rains again in St. Louis, there might not even be a game at 8PM tonight.)  Arrow and Supernatural retained 100% of last week's ratings, and The Vampire Diaries has a similarly loyal fanbase. Last Resort's ratings have declined every week. Can The Vampire Diaries pull it off? We won't know the answer until tomorrow afternoon when the final numbers are released, due to FOX's live baseball coverage and the San Francisco ABC Affiliate carrying Thursday's 49ers game. In the meantime, make your predictions.


  • luisl

    30 Rock/Up All Night and Last Resort

    Last Resort is falling again.

  • david

    I think it will beat the NBC cemmedies and ABCs Last resort maybe.

  • ann

    I’ll say they beat 30 Rock/UAN and tie Last Resort like last week.

  • SJ

    It will come in second to CBS’s sitcoms in its time period.

  • Mark

    30 Rock – 1.4
    Up All Night – 1.3
    The Vampire Diaries – 1.5
    Last Resort – 1.5
    Baseball – 1.5

  • Nick

    It’ll beat 30 Rock/Up All Night.

    Last Resort: 1.7
    Grey’s Anatomy: 3.5
    Scandal: 1.8

    Big Bang Theory: 4.7
    Two and a Half Men: 3.2
    Person of Interest: 2.8
    Elementary: 2.3

    The Vampire Diaries: 1.4
    Beauty & The Beast: 0.9

    MLB Baseball: 1.5

    30 Rock: 1.4
    Up All Night: 1.1
    The Office: 2.0
    Parks & Recreation: 1.6
    Rock Center: 1.0

    1. CBS: 3.0
    2. ABC: 2.3
    3. Fox: 1.5
    4. NBC: 1.4
    5. CE: 1.2

    CBS PR is going to have a field day.
    “CBS beat the nearest net by 30%”
    “TBBT beat its nearest competition by 176%”

  • Hugh

    Last Resort up to a 1.8!

  • One @ CarrieMaine

    Well in that case, Intelligent isn’t a word I would use to describe you…

  • s0303

    i think it just beats nbc…tvd will get 1.5, last resort and baseball 1.6…still very impressive numbers for a cw show though :)

  • Jonathan

    Baseball 1.8
    The Vampire Diaries 1.6
    Last Resort 1.3
    30 Rock 1.2
    Up All Night 1.1

  • John A

    TVD will fall to 1.3 so it will tie 30 rock and maybe beat UAN. It wont hold at 1.6 this week.

  • Melanie

    Crap!! Have to see in the finals – but in prelims TVD didn’t beat any of them!
    So people don’t want to see Elena barfing blood? Imagine that.

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