ABC Picks Up 2 Additional Scripts of Both 'Last Resort' and '666 Park Avenue'

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October 19th, 2012

Networks-Show-Their-Love-For-Low-Rated-Shows Day continues as Deadline reports that ABC has ordered two additional scripts of both of its struggling freshmen dramas Last Resort and 666 Park. Though an order of additional scripts does not guarantee that more episodes will be filmed, it is a sign that the network has not given up on a show. Sometimes it means that the network is working with the producers to make some creative changes in a show and wants to make sure that the tweaks are working before committing to spending lots of money on new episodes.

With so many new shows debuting to low ratings, it looks like the networks are both lowering their expectations and taking more than numbers into consideration.

  • Richard

    What’s next? Partners gets a full season order and an early renewal? lol

  • EatMorePez

    It could also be to keep the writers room working if they’ve already completed 13 scripts.

  • swalker

    Maybe it gives these shows proper endings…

  • Tom

    666 may not have terrific ratings, but it’s well written and Terry O’Quinn is a great actor. Thanks ABC!

  • Eugenius

    both shows are great, but i guess it’s not america wants now

    mostly it could mean that ABC gave them the chance to write a suitable ending so the fans are not left hanging

  • Spencer

    YAY! I love both of these shows. Actually, I would feel MUCH better if they turned Last Resort into a mini-series thing because a show like that can’t just end with a cliffhanger. I think that would be perfect to make it a one-season show if ratings don’t pick up. As for 666, it could be possible to wrap things up but i’m not sure the type of direction they would take for that.

  • Cory

    I gave up on 666 a little into the 3rd episode. With AHS back, I have no need for inferior shows like 666.

    Last Resort I’m still watching, just finished last night’s. It’s a decent little show, I hope it can tough it out, but won’t be devastated if it doesn’t. Mainly the lead is just incredible, Andre Braugher or however you spell it.

  • rob60990

    ABC just doesn’t have enough replacements. I believe both Zero Hour & Red Widow have small episode orders. They also have Mistresses which I believe has 10 episodes ordered which is suppose to be for summer. I believe 666 Park Ave will be exactly like Pan Am. They won’t bother to premiere a new show in the timeslot until March likely Red Widow so it may get 1 extra episode. With Last Resort, I won’t be shocked if it gets a few additional episodes ordered, then ABC premieres Zero Hour there. I think Nashville will get a full season unless it tanks more. Wife Swap will likely air Tuesday at 8, while Body of Proof replaces Private Practice.

  • Petar Ivanov

    @What’s next? Partners gets a full season order and an early renewal? lol

    I guess that. And don’t forget Mob doctor too.

  • Mary

    Maybe they’re looking at more than the ratings reported. Maybe they’re really considering more the DVR numbers. I know I watch very few shows live with the exception being reality shows. The reason is reality shows are easily spoiled. I think this is one reason they get such great live ratings. I just record several of the series I like and watch a bunch of them over the weekend.

    I think networks have to consider this is happening more and more and they just can’t go by live ratings alone. This is especially the case with the younger viewers they’re trying to attract.

  • Liam

    I do think 666 will get cancelled by May and hopefully the writers can wrap up the series in the two additional episodes.

  • s0303

    i remember reading a similar story about “prime suspect” last year…

  • Cory


    Those are interesting scenarios, and very likely I think, and it shows just how much trouble ABC could be in, and how little they’ve learned. They’d basically be repeating the exact same misfires as last year, with the only real differences being that DWTS is down significantly, and their new Wednesday 10pm show is not the hit they were hoping for, unlike the moderate success Revenge was.

    ABC I think is going to be quite a mess this spring and into next season, possibly going lower with NBC. Sundays will get hit hard by football, award shows, and when people start whining about reruns again (count on it). DWTS is free-falling, I don’t expect much of the Tuesday or Friday comedies, Wednesday is ok but still down year-to-year, and Thursdays is the same as last year, just with Grey’s a year older.

  • Erin

    I wonder if it’s so they can put them in for Emmy’s next year. Kind of like how Ashley Judd was nominated for an Emmy for Missing as lead actress in a mini series rather than drama.

  • matthew

    I love Last Resort. Right now I would rather them wrap it up and make it like a mini series.

  • Jay S.

    Last Resort’s ratings are not terrible compared to how other ABC dramas have done in the time slot. Wouldn’t be surprised if it lasts the entire season.

  • Tyson


    The whining about ABC Sundays will start Nov. 25. Sweeps will be done and executives will have a decision. If all-new episodes air, people will complain that ABC should have known people were traveling after Thanksgiving and couldn’t watch. If repeats air, people will complain that ABC is killing momentum too early in the season.

    There are five Sundays in December this year. How many new episodes should air? None? Three? Five? Any answer will draw criticism.

    Then comes the winter gauntlet. NFL playoffs, Golden Globes, Super Bowl, Grammys and Academy Awards. If ABC runs new episodes opposite this competition, there will be complaints. If not, people will say the hiatus is too long and/or too sporadic.

    Next is Daylight Saving Time, after which ratings for all shows tend to decline. How many episodes should ABC save for March and April when the ratings will probably be lower?

  • Tyson


    It’s fine that you like to watch several episodes of a series at once. The only important question is how many commercials you watch. Advertisers don’t care about anything else. Networks care about what matters to advertisers since they pay the bills.

    In fact, since you wait so long to watch some episodes, they won’t care if you do watch their ads. The movie already opened, the sale already closed. Networks had to fight hard to get advertisers to pay for three days’ worth of commercial viewing via DVR.

  • omabin

    I love both these shows, especially last resort, but i dont know what to think of this. Clearly, there is something going on this season as far as cancelation decisions are concerned.

  • TimLau

    I love Last Resort. Please don’t cancel it.

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