ABC Picks Up 2 Additional Scripts of Both 'Last Resort' and '666 Park Avenue'

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October 19th, 2012

Networks-Show-Their-Love-For-Low-Rated-Shows Day continues as Deadline reports that ABC has ordered two additional scripts of both of its struggling freshmen dramas Last Resort and 666 Park. Though an order of additional scripts does not guarantee that more episodes will be filmed, it is a sign that the network has not given up on a show. Sometimes it means that the network is working with the producers to make some creative changes in a show and wants to make sure that the tweaks are working before committing to spending lots of money on new episodes.

With so many new shows debuting to low ratings, it looks like the networks are both lowering their expectations and taking more than numbers into consideration.

  • Tom

    More scripts, as opposed to episodes, is just a sign of hedging.

    In this case, it’s virtually certain both shows will be replaced.
    Their successors will probably have their best ratings for their premieres.
    Therefore, ABC will want to air those premieres during February sweeps, and may need a couple extra episodes of the existing shows to get there.

    I hope this does fill people in that ABC will probably not be yanking 666 from the schedule; it’s too low rent a timeslot to warrant wasting one of their limited spackle.

  • Jessica

    How does 666 Park avenue get 2 extra episodes with a 1.5 in demos and below 5 million viewers.

    ABC makes NO sense. They are the new CW.

  • SantaClaus

    This is almost guaranteed that both 666 park avenue & Last Resort won’t return next season. They are canceled after they air all episodes. These two additional episodes are just to tie everything up.

  • a p garcia

    I like LR but gave up on 666.

  • Kyle

    I am hoping Last Resort can stabilize around the 1.7-2.3 levels. I really enjoy this show.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Last Resort does have its good points. There ARE some good actors on the show – and even Scott Speedman is doing a decent job for a change. The guy playing the Captain is really good. Autumn Reeser is usually good, as is the character actor playing her father. Bruce Davison is on the show. Robert Patrick is always good. OTOH, Daisy Betts still sucks.

    The problem is the show premise is terminally implausible and the weekly episodes aren’t helping, especially with all the distraction with the island thugs and the Special Forces guy’s relationship with Dichen Lachman. That stuff should be drop-kicked as irrelevant.

    This week at least they started to explore the dimension behind the Special Forces guys mission in Pakistan. They need to focus on the conspiracy much more than they are.

    I will say the conflicts between the crew do lead to some serious dramatic tension. This week’s episode in particular had a lot of that. The problem, though, is that focuses again on the implausibility of the overall premise.

  • One eye

    I like last resort so far, different.

  • Kyle7

    When is the last time a network ordered a couple extra scripts/episodes for a new series debuting in the fall, when it hadn’t already gotten a back 9, and the show wasn’t canceled by the end of the season? From my recollection anything less than a back 9 for a fall launch is just filler so they can debut a mid-season replacement on a specific date.

    Too bad, because I like Last Resort.

  • Cory


    Haha, can’t wait for all the whiners indeed. I am certainly not a fan of the repeats either (I watch both OUAT and Revenge), but I understand its a part of television today. Personally, I loved that OUAT started at the end of October last year, so instead of 22 out of 35 weeks, it was knocked down to 31, and when you throw in the obligatory 3 week break for the holidays, and preemptions for award shows and Super Bowls, it seemed like it was on every Sunday that regular TV is on. That won’t be the case this year.

    Personally, I would run straight episodes through the end of November sweeps, take all of December off, then run episodes right through January, Feb, and March (obvious nights off for SB and Oscars since that’s on ABC), and then one more break before May sweeps. Episode order may have to increase to 24 in that case, but its early enough in the season yet that production schedules can adjust. That’s 4-5 weeks off in December, 3-4 in April, and a couple in January or Feb for special events. Full season.

  • richard

    page 1

    im a different richard just saying

  • alexjones

    hopefully the writers will use those 2 scripts to bring some form of closure to both those shows.

  • Ekras

    Great news for both series…. hopefully this means Last Resort at least will get a renewal….. all it really needs is a new timeslot and some advertisement – it has nearly universal praise from both critics and viewers alike and has great DVR numbers…. it’s just competing against a lot of other popular shows.

  • richard

    yeah lets hope they do. i dont watch 666 and im not caught up on lr but i kind of like lr, though it hasnt been as good since the pilot.

  • Dan

    @Richard – I wouldnt be suprised if Partners got additional episodes because I know Rules of Engagement wont get anymore.

    This isnt surprising news, ABC doesnt want to admit defeat or cancel a drama so i knew that these shows may get additional episodes. Last Resort has risen in the past 2 weeks so thats good. 666 Park Avenue will probably get additional episodes. Expect to see both new dramas on through November sweeps and maybe even December.

  • John

    Jeeze can we get this American Horror Story rip-off off the air already?

    Why are they giving a crap show like 666 park avenue 2 more episodes? The writing is poor, it is extremely boring and I’ve seen better acting in porno films.

  • Dean-W

    So both will be canceled after 15 episodes. This two additional episodes were ordered only to give a good end to the shows and it doesn’t mean renewal. They have no changes !

  • BL


    Maybe it gives these shows proper endings…

    @swalker definitely has a point about this one.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    ABC did the same last season ordering 2 more episodes of Pan Am and they canceled after 15 episodes.If it is true,both shows will be canceled around January or mid-February.

  • Jon

    I read in the tv guide that networks are starting to stray away from just pure live network viewing and are seriously taking in account the DVR. Infact the article went on to say if the DVR was a network it would be number one every night. With people’s changing viewing habits the line between a show’s success and failure is a bit more muddy. You can’t just look at the neilsen ratings and get the whole picture.

  • abriel650

    I’m liking last resort so far, but it might have made a better miniseries(too late now though).

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