ABC Picks Up 2 Additional Scripts of Both 'Last Resort' and '666 Park Avenue'

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October 19th, 2012

Networks-Show-Their-Love-For-Low-Rated-Shows Day continues as Deadline reports that ABC has ordered two additional scripts of both of its struggling freshmen dramas Last Resort and 666 Park. Though an order of additional scripts does not guarantee that more episodes will be filmed, it is a sign that the network has not given up on a show. Sometimes it means that the network is working with the producers to make some creative changes in a show and wants to make sure that the tweaks are working before committing to spending lots of money on new episodes.

With so many new shows debuting to low ratings, it looks like the networks are both lowering their expectations and taking more than numbers into consideration.

  • TJeff

    At least I have two more episode of LR to watch. And there might be a chance LR will be the show to save the face like Body of Proof.

  • Jeff R,

    Yeah, looks like ‘give the shows proper endings to sell more DVD sets’ to me.

  • Hugh

    I know Last Resort has been sold to the UK and Aus. May be waiting to see the international ratings and revenue

  • Ram510

    They must really need to fill holes, especially with Shonda announcing Private Practice will end the first week if February.

    I wish they would give Scandal additional episodes

    My guess is the Red Widow and Zero Hour will be placed on Thursdays, Mistresses on Sundays and Body of Proof back to Tuesdays at 10

  • Humbugged

    Private Practice cancelled

  • Justin121

    666: the Pan Am treatment — 14 episodes and out. (Red Widow)

    Last Resort: 18 episode season. (Mistresses)

    Nashviell: 22-24 pick up.

    Zero Hour: This year’s “River”.

    Body of Proof replaces Private Practice.

    That’s a 0 out of 8.


    Given the lower expectations,

    Nashville, Last Resort, Body of Proof, and any of the midseason replacments could make it.

    Red Widow could be this year’s Scandal and Mistresses is this year’s “Missing”.

    So that’s a 4 out of 8.

  • Dan

    @Justin121 – I pretty much agree with all of your guesses. Maybe 666 may get a couple more eps than 14 though. I expect Nashville to get a second year while Last Resort will be one and done. Scandal will likely get more episodes to save face and probably because its a Shonda Rhimes series.

  • One

    This is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to rally the base and get Last Resort better ratings. We must start the march now, in order to ensure that this brilliant gem of TV drama survives to a second season, rather than get lost in the wash of sub-mediocre reality, stupid vampire shows and insipid multi-camera schlock that labels itself as “comedy”.

  • Alan Coleman

    I hope more will watch Last Resort! Great cast and writing. Kudos to ABC for the additional scripts.

  • Dan

    I also think Body of Proof may get a fourth year if it improves on Private Practice’s numbers and if none of ABC’s new shows get second years or only 1 (Nashville)

  • Tony JJ

    Deadline is reporting, Private Practice will end after it’s 13 episodes.

    Grey’s, Modern Family, and the Middle have each received an order for 2 additional episodes. Castle has received an order for 1 additional episode.

  • nightmare

    Never watched Last Resort but I did watch 2 episode of 666 and it was so boring and bad the show has one of the worst female actress ever which is Rachel Taylor how she can keep getting jobs is beyond me .

    Just wait until the ratings for this week and see what happens I think the show is done .

  • Justin121

    ABC has to premiere new shows in Jan-Feb and not March-April.

    Those never work.

    Again, given this year’s lower ratings, Last Resort could see a season 2.

  • Sarah


  • Justin121

    Hehehe @ cancellation of Private Practice :D

    Idiots for not announcing this was Practice’s final season.

    Could’ve salvaged some rating points.

    Next order of business: GET ADDISON back to GREY’s ANATOMY

    For an *announced* final 10th season.

    Don’t let fizzle. (then again, given the sorry state of their schedule…).

  • Marlene

    I don’t care about either of those shows, though happy for it’s viewers that extra scripts got ordered (though doesn’t mean they will be filmed).
    What I do care about is that ABC also ordered an extra episode of Castle! Yay!

  • Nick


    I read in the tv guide that networks are starting to stray away from just pure live network viewing and are seriously taking in account the DVR. Infact the article went on to say if the DVR was a network it would be number one every night. With people’s changing viewing habits the line between a show’s success and failure is a bit more muddy. You can’t just look at the neilsen ratings and get the whole picture.

    You read it wrong. The networks use C+3 numbers (the commercial time in Live +3 day viewing) to determine the fate of a TV show. Since they are not available to the public, we use Live + Same Day, because they are almost always very close.

  • ron

    i want a full season on partners and 666 P! i know partners dont deserve it but i like the show :p

  • Nick


    new shows in […] March-April […] never work

    Yeah. Body of Proof, Scandal, and Castle all failed terribly, didn’t they?

  • Tony JJ

    @Nick @Justin121

    not to mention Grey’s Anatomy launched in March and went on to become one of the biggest television shows on air. although it did premiere after the huge hit Desperate Housewives, but it still debuted in March and eventually started beating DH in ratings! Man those were the days when a 10 pm could beat the 9pm show airing before it!

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