ABC Picks Up 2 Additional Scripts of Both 'Last Resort' and '666 Park Avenue'

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October 19th, 2012

Networks-Show-Their-Love-For-Low-Rated-Shows Day continues as Deadline reports that ABC has ordered two additional scripts of both of its struggling freshmen dramas Last Resort and 666 Park. Though an order of additional scripts does not guarantee that more episodes will be filmed, it is a sign that the network has not given up on a show. Sometimes it means that the network is working with the producers to make some creative changes in a show and wants to make sure that the tweaks are working before committing to spending lots of money on new episodes.

With so many new shows debuting to low ratings, it looks like the networks are both lowering their expectations and taking more than numbers into consideration.

  • Bill

    666 Park Avenue is my favorite new show! Please don’t cancel! I loved the premiere of Last Resort, but haven’t been home to watch it on any Thurs. since.

  • Jason

    They should havE made both of these shows as a a mini series. They are the kind of show that can’t go on forever anyway. Sooner or later 666 they find out he is evil. And they can only hold out so long in last resort.

    Maybe like 12 or 13 ep mini series. Would be good. I like the shows they Are good but just the type of show that can’t go on forever. Revalition is same way. Maybe can go a little longer but still. It is no law and order or csi or NCis that can go on for 10 years. Lucky if 2.

  • MattBud

    It is safe to say that ABC giving 2 extra episodes of both Last Resort & 666 Park Avenue, they won’t be back next season. Both shows had all 12 episodes written. ABC already has made its decision for the end of the season, neither are getting a season 2. Giving 2 extra episodes each is to give them a proper ending and to sell more DVD boxsets. It is also to bridge the gap in wait of new shows to take over in January or February.

    The cast and crew of both show where told they won’t be coming back for the 2013-2014 season.

  • ben

    never watched 666 park avenue but I do like last resort though I hope abc rapes it up in this one season. I dont want to have to wait 5 season hoping to find out if they go back to the US just to have abc cancel the series before that happens.

    also last resort has the basis for a good movie I think.

  • Lord Seth

    Almost every show I can think of that had scripts ordered–not episodes, but scripts–was canceled soon afterwards (e.g. Allen Gregory, Undercovers). So this doesn’t seem to be a great sign.

    The only show I can think of that lasted after such a move was Adventure Time, but that had a number of differences. If memory serves right, they ordered an entire SEASON’S worth of scripts and did so before the show even aired, meaning they presumably were getting ready for a second season in case it was a success, but didn’t want to overcommit in case it was a failure. So that’s a lot different than the other cases.

    So…other than Adventure Time, can anyone think of any show that had additional SCRIPTS ordered that got another season?

  • johnt

    How I wished ABC did’nt cancel GCB for 666 :/

  • Patrick Gillease

    I’m going with Swalker’s theory…2 new script orders for each show to wrap up the stories before the shows are canceled. ABC did this last year with “Pan Am,” despite leaving some loose plot ends dangling – they essentially concluded the series on New Year’s Eve in Times Square with all the major plots sewn up. If only ABC had done this with some of their other canceled serialized shows in the recent past, like “V” !! Bye Bye “Last Resort” and “666.” The latter can’t be gone fast enough. I will miss the former.

  • James

    666 is a big blow…..just sayin. Last Resort is at least decent but My guess is Neighbors and Nashville get full seasons, Last Resort gets 13, and 666 gets cancelled any day now. Red Widow takes 666, Zero Hour takes Last Resort, and all 10 freshman series are cancelled at upfronts.

  • Ram510

    Well at least ABC is still promoting Last Resort, shows they have some hope for it unlike 666 which seems like they’ve given up on

  • Ram510

    @ James

    That’s a very pessimistic take on things. I’m sure 666 will get Pan Am treatment and finish out its season. Nashville has aired only 2 episodes and this week it was up against the premiere of AHS, it has time to recover some. But I’m sure ABC will bring at least one drama back and probably one comedy (at this point I’d guess Malibu Country but we’ll soon see) for a second season to save face

  • Ocelot2000

    So what happens to people like me who buy seasons on iTunes? And watch everything in HD that way? Do they count us?

  • Captiosus

    I see lots of support for Last Resort and that’s nice. However, I don’t agree with all of it. I’ve been watching the show and I really enjoyed the pilot and the second episode but everything thereafter has felt muddled and contrived.

    IMO, the show has lost focus. It’s been very slow on getting back to the very concepts launched by the pilot (the conspiracy, impending global nuclear war, and the role the USS Colorado and the Navy Seals was supposed to play in all of it) and has replaced it, far too much, with petty crew squabbles or the story arc of the local island militia.

    I have to agree with the folks who think it would have made a better mini-series. As a serialized drama, there’s just too much time to fill, and we end up with plot lines that go all over the place.

  • Kay

    666 is an excellent show, give it a chance..great acting, great concept..Put it on Tuesdays at 10:00…The Drake Hotel is beautiful, keep this will catch on…just as good as Revenge..

  • Shane

    If last resort is cancelled bc people have to dvr it and watch it i will not watch a single thing ever again on ABC period ill watch it online

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