Fox Keeps 'The Mob Doctor' On The Schedule, How Low Will The Ratings Go? (Poll)

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October 19th, 2012

Fox has opted to keep the doomed ratings albatross The Mob Doctor on its schedule three of the four Mondays during the November sweeps period (Oct 29 will either be World Series game 5 or an X Factor repeat).

Apparently, no matter what the ratings carnage, Fox has nothing they want to put into the breach now.

In our previous poll, both the folks who guessed "Keep The Mob Doctor there until January" or "Who the heck knows" are still in the running to be proven right, but with the new scheduling news I thought I'd start a different poll.

Given that The Mob Doctor went 1.5, 1.3, 1.0, 0.9 in the adults 18-49 ratings in its first four episodes, and will have been off the schedule four weeks before it returns on November 5, how low will its ratings go by the end of its run?

Update: I am amused by all the "the bar seems to have been lowered..." comments. The only thing that was lowered by Fox this season is its number of replacement options. They apparently don't have any to spare.

  • KJ Styles

    LMAO, Fox is pathetic! I guess they’re waiting for it to lose to a CW show (like Animal Practice did) before getting rid of it.

  • kyle

    seriously where was this Fox with a bunch of other great shows but i’m glad they still have Ben & Kate

  • AppleStinx

    >0.9. We can always use the extra publicity, can’t we? To watch the confused Bear continue to scratch its head is kind of fun too. :cool:

  • Tom

    The NFC Championship game is Jan 20th. I would assume The Following will air on the 21st.

    If MD takes Dec 24th and 31st off (seems pretty reasonable), then it will air episodes on every other Monday through Jan 14th.

    So the poll really asks, “What sort of ratings will the Mob Doctor see on December 17th and January 7th?” If anything, MD may be the only scripted original on those dates, which should bump it up.

    So I say 0.6. Comes back at 0.7-0.8, loses a bit more over the next couple weeks, bumped up near the end by lack of competition.

  • Baqinardo


  • erwanfromfrance

    I predict a 1.0 behind Bones at 2.2

  • Justin121

    Wow. This is like the anti-Lonestar.

    I voted 0.7.

    If FOX is smart, they’re gonna renew Mindy and, yes, Ben & Kate.

    They’re gonna need as many replacments as possible to not find theselves in this situation again.

  • Justin121

    I hope Mob Doc gains traction because it’s one of the fall’s best dramas.

    Which, by the way, none are doing good.

    I’m glad FOX and ABC are realizig the reality of lowered ratings across the board and being paitient with their shows.

    It’s no longer “the desperate NBC”.

  • alexjones

    it’s going to start getting beaten by the CW before long.

  • senor chang

    I agree with you that a lowered ratings bar is good for freshman series, but there are a few dramas that have been hits for their networks this year: both Revolution and Arrow are the highest-rated shows on their respective networks, and a few series have done at least decently (like Elementary and, to a certain extent, Vegas).

  • omabin

    There is a difference between having modest expectations for freshman dramas given how bad they are performing (and this would apply to all of ABC struggling new dramas, even CBS’s and Chicago Fire on NBC) and a complete ratings looser as is the case of Mob Doctor. Fox should be really thankful that the CW decided to air Gossip Girl in that spot. I think that even Hart of Dixie or 90210 stand a chance to beat it. They are fine with Gossip Girl though ,i dont see the mob doctor going below 0.5 either

  • John A

    Why is the site so obsessed with this show?

  • Ultima

    @KJ Styles
    I guess they’re waiting for it to lose to a CW show

    it’s going to start getting beaten by the CW before long.

    You guys do realize that it airs in the same timeslot as Gossip Girl, right?

  • Leondre

    What’s least popular drama in FOX’s history? Is it this?

  • Dan S

    While most people including myself had Mob Dr pegged as an early cancellation it looks like now it’ll finish out its 13 episode order. Apparently someone at Fox really loves this show and or they have nothing to replace it with. I would’ve guessed Touch but I guess Fox has other plans for that show. I’m enjoying it for what it is & will keep watching it until its either pulled or ends its run in Jan.

  • Dan S

    Oh and I almost forgot that I’m guessing it’ll hold steady at 0.9. I’m thinking it’s pretty much bottomed out & don’t think it’ll go lower.

  • Alex

    Maybe after the much-derided quick cancellations of well-received shows like Wonderfalls, Drive, Firefly and many others Fox is trying to break out of its stereotype. Too bad it isn’t with a show people seem to like. I could be wrong but I don’t see this as having the same cult potential as those other shows.

  • DW

    i will say it again the mob doctor will not be on during november sweeps and i still have 2 weeks to go and if im wrong im wrong and they do go with the mob doctor , it will have one airing then they’ll yank it.

  • Percysowner

    @Tom actually if they have the episodes (I haven’t kept count), they will probably run them Dec 24 and 31. Those are burn off days anyway, so why not?

    If MD were on a Wednesday or a Thursday they would certainly lose to the CW, but Gossip Girl in a courtesy final season will be hard pressed to beat anything. If MD does lose to GG, it will be shocking and funny.

  • Nick

    Nov 5: 0.7
    Nov 12: 0.5

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