Fox Keeps 'The Mob Doctor' On The Schedule, How Low Will The Ratings Go? (Poll)

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October 19th, 2012

Fox has opted to keep the doomed ratings albatross The Mob Doctor on its schedule three of the four Mondays during the November sweeps period (Oct 29 will either be World Series game 5 or an X Factor repeat).

Apparently, no matter what the ratings carnage, Fox has nothing they want to put into the breach now.

In our previous poll, both the folks who guessed "Keep The Mob Doctor there until January" or "Who the heck knows" are still in the running to be proven right, but with the new scheduling news I thought I'd start a different poll.

Given that The Mob Doctor went 1.5, 1.3, 1.0, 0.9 in the adults 18-49 ratings in its first four episodes, and will have been off the schedule four weeks before it returns on November 5, how low will its ratings go by the end of its run?

Update: I am amused by all the "the bar seems to have been lowered..." comments. The only thing that was lowered by Fox this season is its number of replacement options. They apparently don't have any to spare.

  • Melanie

    Surely keeping Fringe around for so long is pennance enough for the whole ‘cancells too quickly’ thing?

    I just don’t see, how does Fox not have anything to put in its place?

  • a p garcia

    Until CW ratings are better than FOX

  • gumboot

    Fringe and The Mob Doctor are in no way comparable. Fringe has a distinctive style, a strong cast (a couple of whom have made their names on the show), a dedicated following and critical success. The Mob Doctor, on the other hand, has nothing.

  • Tyler

    Kinda wishing the kept Terra Nova at this point. Come on Fox. Your schedule makes CW look like CBS by comparison!

  • Alfie

    I think the show should be given a chance to be noticed. After all there are so many reality shows and the ball games that it is up against that it is hard to even find when the show will air. Really can’t build a following if you can’t find the show. Anyway, it has solid acting and interesting story lines. Not enough good dramas on television. This was refreshing. Sorry that the network doesn’t believe in it. Hope it does at least finish the 13 episodes before FOX cancells it.

  • Dan

    I bet the Mob Doctor will get to air all 13 eps and in December fox will announce that it “opted Not to give Mob Doctor the back 9″ which is a fancy PR way of saying that its canceled. When it does get axed here are some clever headlines The Mob Doctor finally gets whacked or The Mob Doctor flatlines after being on life support since its premiere

  • 728huey

    For some reason, I still don’t see MD being on the schedule for November sweeps, or if it is on the schedule, it won’t be on Mondays at 9:00 pm EST. I could see it being burned off on Sundays at 7:00 pm EST when FOX doesn’t have a NFL doubleheader, on Saturdays at 9:00 pm EST in December when college football season is over, or during December in the days leading up to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. But there’s now way FOX can afford sub-CW type ratings for November sweeps when they can air X-Factor reruns, canned episodes of Mobbed, or Touch.


    >0.9 I say! Rally ’round the troops! See what all the fuss is about!

  • Adrian

    I could only imagine if this ever tied or got beat by GG. LMAO

  • a p garcia

    Maybe the Mob((Cosa Nostra) told FOX executives that they will be sleeping with the fishes.

  • Jared

    Honestly..Fox could air a 1 hour XFactor recap show and get better ratings than Mob Doctor.

  • shania

    Fox only picked up 2 new dramas this season Mob Doctor and Kevin Bacons The Following. If Fox cancelled Mob Doctor there would be nothing to put in its place. Obviously they don’t wanna waste Touch since I assume would struggle considering that nobody watched it last season. So what’s Fox to do? I say let Mob Doctor air all its episodes. Its not a bad show at all and recently its been getting better and better as far as the storyline goes. Fox never promoted this series to begin with so they have no one to blame but themselves for its failure.

  • Jon

    @Justin121…, saying the Mob Doctor is one of the seasons best new drama is like saying bleep my Dad says was one of the funniest sitcoms a couple years ago. It really just is that bad of a show, and when a show consistently declines each week it’s on, that tells the story. I watched the pilot episode and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. It’s boring, poorly written, and the lead acting was just plain subpar

  • Dan

    @Shania – My guess is since midseason isn;t too far off, Fox does one of two things.

    1) Air the Mob Doctor through November in its Monday 9:00 slot and by November 26, 8 episodes will have aired. Then burn the rest off December 3 through 24.

    2) Pull the series after it’s November 5th episode and then air the remaining episodes on Fridays in December (While Fringe and Kitchen Nightmares is on midseason Hiatus) Bones repeats will likely air in its place.

    A week ago I would have said the second scenario but even now, I’m convinced that the show very well may stay on until December so FOX can save face and instead of straight out axing the series they can just air all episodes and not give it the back 9. Since Sony owns the show this seems like the more likely thing to do.

  • TheSensibleGuy

    How much is Terra Nova and Alcatraz actually responsible for this! FOX doesn’t even have any replacements! o.O

  • Master Moron

    Is it just me, or does the above picture look like it’s modeled after the picture used on the Sopranos for the first season DVD set?

  • Jcc

    Jon – can you take the time to let us all know what you think a good show is ? and What are you watching on Monday nights ? Thanks !

  • sarah nz

    < 0.6

  • KJ Styles

    @Ultima- “You guys do realize that it airs in the same timeslot as Gossip Girl, right?”

    Who’s to say it can’t lose to GG? It’s ratings are falling every week and MNF has some GREAT matchups in November. If it does stay ahead of GG it won’t be by much. With Fringe on the schedule until January, Fox doesn’t need two sub 1.0 shows.

  • The End

    @How much is Terra Nova and Alcatraz actually responsible for this!

    They’re not responsible at all. Terra Novas cancellation though sad is understandable. Alcatraz at the very most should of received a final season.

    Still dissapointed by this, though the numbers wern’t fantastic, I was a supporter of pairing it with Fringe on Friday lol.

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