Fox Orders 2 Additional Episodes of 'The Mindy Project' for a Total of 24 this Season

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October 19th, 2012

FOX really likes The Mindy Project. Though the Adults 18-49 ratings for the two most recent episodes were a mediocre 1.9, Deadline reports that the network has ordered two more episodes of the show, which already received a full season pick-up. That means there will be a total of 24 episodes this season. The show did not air this week because of the debate, and will be pre-empted both next Tuesday for a special edition of The X Factor and on November 6 for election night coverage, so these additional episodes should allow the show to air through the end of the season with very few repeats.

  • SarahL

    Yeah, for The Mindy Project.

  • rob60990

    FOX is an absolute mess today.

  • Tom

    great news

  • Glue

    Is this an apology from FOX for ruining the schedule, and ruining this show’s chances of becoming a hit?

    I truly adore this show, seriously but FOX is just messing EVERY show up.

    With them sacrificing Glee on Thursday, and The whole X Factor Miss-hap, They can’t afford to ruin yet another show!

  • Leondre

    This means even more episodes without an original New Girl episode of as a lead- in. Maybe they will air a few episodes after American Idol.

  • PB

    Interesting. The way it’s trending, if it settles in around 1.7 will Fox regret this? Oh, who are we kidding, Fox is a trainwreck right now…..They’ll take anything over the CW that’s scripted….

  • kiwi

    What is up with FOX? Wednesday’s schedule mishap, continuing to air a show that may kill their Mondays, and now adding more episodes to a struggling show that already has a full seasons order–I just don’t understand. Is that the point: to keep us guessing?

  • Polar Bear

    In a sort of related note, I think NBC should do this with The Office as well. It’s just so annoying that it’s going to end at 198.

  • pig_man

    Write it down, 2012, the year FOX went insane.

  • Lane

    Looks like Fox might be THIRD this year! lol

  • Samunto


    Fox really is in a bad place!

  • Ryne

    Yeah Fox has definitely lost their minds. What’s next, more scripts from the Mob Doctor??

  • omabin

    at this point, the mob doctor renewal would not shock me. there is something very wrong here, i dont understand it. i think people who said fox’s goal is just to become unpredictable might be on to something

  • Sarah

    What’s wrong with the Mindy Project? I like it, better then Mob Doctor.

  • Michael

    I actually like it…. so it’s a win for me.

  • richard

    @ Glue.

    i dont think that that one mess up is going to be the deciding factor of this becoming a hit.

    @ polar bear

    yes i know. with law and order criminal intent they renewed it for an eight episode season bringing it to 195. they should have done 13 bringing it to 200. i know they werent sure it would be the last season, but they had to know it was likely.

  • Tony ^_^

    Wow. What an odd decision. O.o Maybe they have hopes this show could become huge in its second season and will air some episodes after “The X-Factor”/”American Idol” to garner more interest. Does anyone know how many episodes “New Girl” will have this season?

  • Dan

    Mindy Project will get a second season and Ben & Kate will be cancelled in May. See I just saved everyone 7 months of wondering.

  • Jon

    Really? Why isn’t this show on the chopping block. It literally is the most unfunny show I’ve seen in many years. Fox must be really desperate to hang on to something this year. I gotta believe there is something in the wings out there that could be better than this, anything, just anything

  • Networkman

    @polar bear, I agree that The Office should get an additional 2 episodes. It most likely will be the last bonafide hit comedy on NBC for awhile. Most of these new comedies are lead in dependent. NBC needs another comedy that will be able to anchor a night, something that will be able to be used to launch other comedies.

    Regarding The Mindy Project, there is potential with this comedy. Also I feel FOX may have been disappointed by the recent ratings for Ben & Kate. And now realize that they should put more support into this show. I can see some episodes airing after American Idol. Ben & Kate’s episode order may be cut if it continues to slip. Goodwin Games would be a suitable replacement.

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