Fox Orders 2 Additional Episodes of 'The Mindy Project' for a Total of 24 this Season

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October 19th, 2012

FOX really likes The Mindy Project. Though the Adults 18-49 ratings for the two most recent episodes were a mediocre 1.9, Deadline reports that the network has ordered two more episodes of the show, which already received a full season pick-up. That means there will be a total of 24 episodes this season. The show did not air this week because of the debate, and will be pre-empted both next Tuesday for a special edition of The X Factor and on November 6 for election night coverage, so these additional episodes should allow the show to air through the end of the season with very few repeats.

  • Nick

    This is purely for scheduling purposes, not because it’s doing fantastic.
    Awesome ratings do not always = 24 ep renewals. Last year, the top new drama, Once Upon a Time, only got 22 episodes (and you can’t use the “it premiered in October” excuse because they could’ve fit more than 22).
    Maybe it’s because New Girl has 24 as well and they don’t want to waste the lead-in?

  • Samuel

    They don’t want to look terrible by canceling all of their freshman series. I’m very happy about this, as I find The Mindy Project to be the only funny new sitcom this season.

  • Joe

    “This means even more episodes without an original New Girl episode of as a lead- in. Maybe they will air a few episodes after American Idol.”

    New Girl will probably get 24 episodes too. They had 24 last season.

  • Joseph

    I can’t get enough of Mindy , last episode she and the gang went clubbing, I lol a lot!

  • KJ Styles

    Between them picking up Fringe for a final season, keeping Mob Doctor on the schedule after the World Series, and this news, it’s pretty clear that Fox really doesn’t care about ratings for their scripted shows.

    Don’t Trust The B in Apt 23 will MURDER this show next week and all season long.

    This sucks for the Goodwin Games though. That actually looked like the only decent pilot Fox had, and it probably won’t air long enough to capture an audience.

  • Justin121

    If FOX is smart, they’re gonna renew Mindy and, yes, Ben & Kate.

    They’re gonna need as many replacments as possible to not find theselves in this situation again.

    I’ve only seen Ben & Kate’s pilot but it reminded me of Fun With Dick & Jane andseveral Owen Wilson flicks.. It’s got potential.

    Goodwin Games looks great, too.

    FOX comedy brand is underrated. It’s currently my favorite.

  • Gwen

    Does nothing for me this show i thought the bear would be sniffing round it soon enough goes to show what i know :)

  • mike

    @leondre I was thinking they will get the post Idol slot too. I liked the first episode but the ones that followed were not as funny. It doesn’t help that every time I see Anna Camp I think of her barf scenes in Pitch Perfect.

  • ivan

    hah :D

  • Zach

    Say what you want about Mindy’s lackluster ratings, but its the second highest rated comedy on Fox (probably just because its on after New Girl but still). Fox is trying to make it look like they aren’t a complete disaster when they are. I’m pulling for Mindy and New Girl to air after American Idol results in the spring. That could make Mindy a bonafide hit and take New Girl back to where it was last fall.

    As a fan of Mindy I’m really excited about this. But I’m tired of it being preempted.

  • Anon

    I guess there are some shows that even the Cancellation Bear cannot stomach.

  • The Watcher

    Certainly a strange decision.
    The show has way too much focus on the painfully self-absorbed Mindy, too few laughs.
    All will become clear as the season progresses…

  • shania

    Happy to hear this news. I’m loving The Mindy Project. I just wish more viewers did.

  • TeeVeeViewer

    What a horrible decision by Fox. TMP is without a doubt the most preposterous and least funny alleged new “comedy” this season.

    Viewers are supposed to believe the premise that she’s a highly skilled and intelligent doctor even though she has the vocabulary and verbal skills of a 1980’s-era Valley Girl. Outside the hospital her life is a mess and her highest aspiration seems to be playing dress-up and going to clubs and acting like a teenager. Please, give us a break and cancel this mess.

  • Ratingly

    This is just a bouquet of roses from Kevin Reilly to Mindy for the schedule issues.

  • r0ckmypants

    “18-49 ratings do not count except if you’re trying to spin bad ratings.”

    @Rena Moretti – Um, ok… so what DOES count then?

  • Carl

    @Rena Moretti:

    18-49 is the ONLY thing that counts. I’d recommend reading some of the informational posts on this website.

  • Justin121 (continued)

    Reminds me of 2006-2009 NBC.

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