Predict the Ratings for Tonight's 'Nikita' Premiere

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October 19th, 2012

Nikita, one of the favorite shows of  many TVBTN readers, finally premieres tonight. Last season, the show premiered to a 0.6 adults 18-49 rating on September 23, 2011. Its finale garnered a 0.4 on May 18, 2012. This year the show moves to 9PM and faces tough new competition from Grimm, CSI:NY, and  Primetime; What Would You Do? The other genre show in the time period, Fringe is pre-empted tonight for baseball.  So how will Nikita do? Make your predictions.

  • Jonny C…. formerly Jon

    In my mind…1.0… reality….0.5.

    I will be watching though.

  • Reward

    I’m sorry for “Nikita” because I really think that it’s a great show (like Arrow). But in reality, I think 0.5 or 0.6.
    This is gonna be the last season :(

  • Greg


    Only the true fans will watch Nikita live, now that it’s paired with a totally incompatible show. So I would be surprised if it’s more, but not if it’s less.

  • Paul

    epic return ! please hit 0.6 or more :x

  • rob60990

    hopefully a .2.

  • Paul

    * :(

  • Greg


    Maybe not, the Syndication Gods might work their magic and get a fourth season.

  • F.

    0.3 at best.

  • Glue

    I personally Believe it will Get a 0.5+ Well, Hopefully. If it premieres lower then, Oh god. But It’s an amazing show, please, Please WATCH PEOPLE

  • Just

    Here we go again, same old drama :(

    go Nikita

  • Jonny C…. formerly Jon

    @ Greg…it’s the CW…the syndication gods don’t work with them. Nikita would be the first show saved by that..

  • Giuppy

    Please, 0.6 it’s a great show.

  • ron

    my bigest hope for nikita 0.7 or more!

  • John

    0.6 is my pick, but wouldn’t be shocked if its a little higher or lower

  • alexjones

    I wonder if bondoel is going to come back on and brag how nikita is certain to be renewed no matter how low the ratings get.:D i’m prediction a 0.4. bear in mind though that nikita is just needs one more season for syndication so that might get nikita a season 4

  • Glue

    You know what I find amusing and really annoying? The fact that The CW’s shows are the most talked about TV shows on these sites, and the most popular Buzz (With the exception of Music competitions, Glee, Disney/Nickelodeon Shows & Pretty Little liars) and Are still the lowest Rated shows on TV. They actually make a few of the most interesting drama shows. They Have Nikita, TVD, Gossip Girl, 90210, Arrow & SPN.

  • Joachim Inverno

    The CW new shoes and the Vampire diaries are getting good ratings but 90210 and Gossip Girl not so much, Nikita doesn’t have a good lead and friday is a week night overall, but I hope it gets a 0.6 rating, there’s always hope, it’s a good show!

  • Greg

    @Johnny C

    Only because there hasn’t been any show to test that. You might name Veronica Mars as one show which was cancelled in its third season, but that’s mostly because the CW was cleaning house for their new shows.

  • SmG

    0.5 and that wont be too bad considering monday and tuesday shows :)

  • David

    “it’s the CW…the syndication gods don’t work with them. Nikita would be the first show saved by that..”

    BATB is doing horrible after only one ep, 90210 is not doing good and already has enough for syndication, Gossip Girl is gone, Emily Owen’s M.D. premiered horribly, and this is just the Fall. Friday shows have lower expectations (see” CBS, NBC, and FOX) so unless it drop to a .2 or .3 for most of the season it would be hard to not see it being renewed for a 4th season for possible syndication.

    The syndication argument also isn’t good, but this network is mainly for WB and CBS to produce content because content is king. Netflix has been learning that lesson the hard way for the past year and now trying to create their own original content.

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