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October 19th, 2012

Nikita, one of the favorite shows of  many TVBTN readers, finally premieres tonight. Last season, the show premiered to a 0.6 adults 18-49 rating on September 23, 2011. Its finale garnered a 0.4 on May 18, 2012. This year the show moves to 9PM and faces tough new competition from Grimm, CSI:NY, and  Primetime; What Would You Do? The other genre show in the time period, Fringe is pre-empted tonight for baseball.  So how will Nikita do? Make your predictions.

  • JJA

    Because of the DVR, I don’t think Grimm or Fringe will have too much effect on Nikita’s ratings. Fans can easily watch one show right after the other, which won’t affect the Live + same day numbers. Casual viewers flip around anyway.

  • @zubiebefunky

    I’m a fan. All the way here from South Africa. And if The CW shows aired simultaneously as they do in America. It would be a great hit here.
    They could have paired Nikita with Arrow. Or brought it back to Thursday nights. As a lead out for Vampire Diaries. Should have left Supernatural on Fridays. Anyways hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

  • philip

    @JJA you’re right i think, no i am sure that nikita is the less promoted show on facebook,twitter,commercials…. so i expect 0.5 for nikita i hope she’ll do better because this is the best show of the CW, after Arrow

  • Kavyn

    Love Nikita but I’m not very positive about an uptick. I voted 0.4 But I believe 0.4-0.5 is possible. Hopefully not a 0.3.

  • Kavyn

    @Toni – Welcome aboard the Nikita Express! :)

  • Michael

    Bondoel is trashing this site on other forums, lol.


    Since it ended w/ 0.4, I’m hoping it can start really big & muster a 0.5.

    Here’s looking at you, kid!


    @ Dean-W

    Why should the CW air repeats on Fri when they only program 10 hrs/wk?

    They should drop it to only eight?

  • The Old Woman

    Nikita has got a lot of promotion especially during Arrow, BaTB and TVD. I think it will do well at this new time and in fact will eat away at Grimm’s audience. From what I can see on some message boards the two shows do seem to share somewhat of a cross over audience. And it’s the show’s premiere. It may go down next week, but this week it will get a 0.7 or more.

  • JJA

    A bit off topic, I think Nikita will be paired with Beauty & The Beast come spring. I actually think that combo will work for Friday (although, not as good as the Smallville/Supernatural combo of two years ago).

  • Skyler

    I think it will premeire at a .6 or a .7 it should be paired with Cult at midseason they would be a great pair together with more similar audiences it could save both shows.

  • Lisa

    The competition is pretty weak, but the show is unpopular. A .5, maybe.

  • Michael

    Lisa, competition on Friday is always weak.

  • JJA

    @TheOldWoman–if Nikita manages a .7 (as you predict), there will be celebration bells ringing at the CW. Let us hope.

  • ethan

    i voted for 0.5…but is that rele so bad??? considering what the ratings have been for GG, 90210, emily owens, and hod, plus considering its on friday??? especially if BoTB keeps falling, and at least one of carrie diares, and/or cult bomb…honestly, nikita is currently my fav show on TV, along with game of thrones, and i would be very happy with consistant 0.5 ratings

  • John A

    Bondoel will be here tomorrow im sure. Ill go with 0.5. It was stuck at 0.4 for alot of its final eps so a 0.5 is generous.

  • Nerdbot

    I love the show, but I predict no more than 0.5. It’d be great if it gets more than that, so a forth season (based on syndication issues) could be something possible, but I’m not that confident since the show has the worst lead-in ever in America’s Next Top Model. Anyway, I’d be the happiest person in the world if Nikita gets the Fringe (or Chuck) treatment and reaches 5 seasons/100 episodes, but I know that’s very unlikely to happen.

  • david

    Yes it has been promoted on the CW. I saw promotion for it on Wednesday night during Arrow and Super Natural and last night during TVD and Beauty and the Beast. and the previeous week as well. I think it will get a .6.

  • David F.

    0.6 sounds feasible. It was advertised pretty well during Arrow and Supernatural.

  • Eliza

    This show is REALLY GOOD, no wonder people keep saying it’s underrated, etc. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, do it tonight and get on board because every season is a really intense ride.

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