'Private Practice' Canceled by ABC

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October 19th, 2012

ABC has opted not to pick up the back nine episodes of Private Practice. Episode 613 will be the series finale. Star Kate Walsh announced last spring that she would be leaving the show after this season's thirteenth episode. According to Deadline, ABC and showrunner Shonda Rhimes came to a mutual decision to end this show. The show has struggled in the ratings since moving to Tuesday at 10PM. The most recent episode on October 9 garnered a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating and ranked last in the time period. Rhimes tweeted a note to fans that reads in part, "I’m sad to say that Private Practice’s run will end after episode 613 this season. There was a lot of discussion and debate but, in the end, the guys at the network and the studio and I all decided that Private Practice was reaching its finish line." You can read the rest here.

  • rob60990

    This is for the best. I can’t believe ABC and Shonda thought this show could have a future without Kate Walsh.

  • Baqinardo

    Yay! Finally. Will tune in for the finale.

  • Steve

    Still, 613 episodes should be enough for syndication.


  • Max


  • S.

    They should have announced it was the last 13 from the start instead of wasting the season on one last push to sell the characters played by people that are lss popular on twitter than the ABC account that announces when there are new episodes.

    Well at least they know they don’t have a viable show around Violet and Charlotte, and everyone is free in time for pilot season.

  • Walker

    @Steve Yep!

    But sheesh, I didn’t think this show ran for THAT long…

  • The Yipster

    Too bad. My girlfriend loves this show! Now I got to break the news to her…:(

  • matthew

    @ steve and @ walker
    nope just 6 seasons and 111 episodes.

  • Doris

    I hope the Bear catches Scandal next?

  • Jermal

    @Steve I get the “joke” episode 613 is really season 6 episode 13 and not the 613th episode of Private Practice.

  • Rich

    Hopefully,ABC will revive “Gilded Lilys” or Shonda could shop it to another network. It would be nice since we don’t know how long John Barrowman is going to be on “Arrow” or if there will another “Torchwood” series.

  • Steve

    Just a moment of levity in this big, scary world for those of us who are going to have a hard time going to work on Monday knowing that Kate Walsh won’t be dispensing medical advice with flair and pinache in a few weeks. Even still, they were only 22 episodes away from tying Gunsmoke! C’mon ABC!

  • Eric

    Is anybody surprised? The show has been struggling for a while now. Besides, Kate announcing she was leaving the show was pretty much a dead giveaway that the show was ending after she left. The entire reason Private Practice even exists is because Shonda wanted to give Kate’s character her own spin-off. With Kate, the show wouldn’t exist. Why continue a show when the main character is leaving? Besides, the show seems to be losing cast members too. They lost Chris Lowell, then Audra McDonald, then Tim Daly, and now Kate Walsh. It’s time to end it. Honestly, I’m happy it’s ending. It’s had a very good run and it’s far better than Grey’s has been in years.

  • Jason

    Gooooood riddance. Put something decent in the time slot. I can only hope this is the beginning of the end for the Shonda Rhimes empire. What drivel.

  • Eric_Philly

    Excellent news!

  • Yam

    Good Riddance

  • eridapo

    Go Bear. After being tease by Fox for so long, the bear decided to take a stroll by ABC. Luckily for the bear, it found a tasty meal…

  • Roco

    @ Jason, you are a true hater, try being positive for once, this woman has c
    Built up an empire and trying to find success, and ppl like you want to see it destroyed because you don’t like her work, here is a thought, don’t watch it.

    @Rob, dude grow a pair and stfu, you truly need a daily routine other than coming here with all your hate, stop watching if you dont like a show.

  • Just Looking

    This is news?

  • violet hour

    see abc loves castle, no worries per usual they’ve ordered an additional episode! yeah

    dont care about private practice only ever watched a few episodes of season 1 and only because i was still watching grey’s which i ‘ve ditched at beginning of season 3

    ER will always be the medical show for me , i stayed with that show even after clooney left and juliana margulies , carter did me in though, i think he was one of the last original crew to leave

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