'Private Practice' Canceled by ABC

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October 19th, 2012

ABC has opted not to pick up the back nine episodes of Private Practice. Episode 613 will be the series finale. Star Kate Walsh announced last spring that she would be leaving the show after this season's thirteenth episode. According to Deadline, ABC and showrunner Shonda Rhimes came to a mutual decision to end this show. The show has struggled in the ratings since moving to Tuesday at 10PM. The most recent episode on October 9 garnered a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating and ranked last in the time period. Rhimes tweeted a note to fans that reads in part, "I’m sad to say that Private Practice’s run will end after episode 613 this season. There was a lot of discussion and debate but, in the end, the guys at the network and the studio and I all decided that Private Practice was reaching its finish line." You can read the rest here.

  • Cyrax86

    @Greg, There’s also Mistresses, although I can see that one at Sunday 10 pm.

    @S., Those are not +2 episode orders, just script orders, don’t confuse the two. It’s too early for Nashville to have any additional orders, I think they will wait to see how it performs during the sweeps.

    @Jarrod, It’s still a “cancellation”, the ratings were bad, had they been better, Shonda could have finished the show with 9 more episodes, but she won’t.

  • Desperate Houseboy

    hope she’ll return to grey’s it will be a lot better with her.

  • S.


    You are right, and I don’t think that 666PA will see them go to order.

    LR is more tricky to predict. It all depends on how much ABC really wants a show that targets men. There is no way we can know how low will they be willing to go in A18-49 if the M18-49 are half decent in their overall line-up.

  • Nick

    You said something about a slow news day earlier?

  • Nick

    I’m not surprised.

    Fantasy schedule time!
    What ABC SHOULD do in midseason:

    8: The Bachelor/DWTS
    10: Castle

    8: Wipeout/DWTS
    9: Last Resort
    10: Zero Hour

    After PP is gone, and the comedy block fails, Tuesday should be male-skewing, even with DWTS there (come on, we all know that tons of men watch DWTS for the celebrities in skimpy dresses)

    8: The Middle
    8:30: Suburgatory
    9: Modern Family
    9:30: The Family Tools/ How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)
    10: Nashville

    8: WWYD?
    9: Grey’s
    10: Mistresses

    8: LMS
    8:30: Malibu Country
    9: Shark Tank/ Primetime Nightline
    10: WWYD?/ Body of Proof

    8: Wipeout/Castle (r)
    9: Happy Endings (burnoff)
    9:30: Apt 23 (burnoff)
    10: 20/20

    8: OUAT
    9: Revenge
    10: Red Widow

  • Greg


    I don’t agree about the Nashville part at all. As for the additional episodes, they were just no-brainers and very minor decisions. They’re in doubt about Scandal and giving a show 9 extra episodes requires serious thinking, they wouldn’t want to rush that decision. Besides, Scandal only aired 3 episodes so far, I think they want to see how it does in the upcoming weeks.

    @Freddy Arrow

    I don’t watch Scandal nor do I read much news about its creative process, but that does sound like PR spin.


    If I remember correctly, Paul Lee said that Mistresses would air after The Bachelorette on summer. I don’t know if he’ll change his mind seeing how none of their new dramas are doing very well, but for now I’ll assume that he won’t.

  • Greg

    Ooops, I said @Greg and I meant @S. My bad, I slept very little this night

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    @Nick, unless we got a 7pm cancellation, and we did!

  • hmm

    Hope they bring amelia to Greys ( to replace boring April maybe!).. Amelia is still a pretty new character whose story isnt “done” yet

  • MJDB

    Did Last Man Standing get renewed for 22 episodes or 13 shows? And I know different network but what about Whitney as well?

  • david

    The show is all ready in sindication. It airs on weekends. It started in weekend sindication a month ago.

  • Jarrod

    @Jere: If we’re talking about CBS ending a show right, how about a traditional and touching end to Ghost Whisperer?

  • Jarrod

    @Cyrax86: Mutual agreement are the keywords I am seeing on every article. “Canceled” from my view is when a broadcasting station pulls a show against a showrunners wishes. In this situation, BOTH parties agreed to this, so in my eyes, the show is ending on it’s own terms and not just ABCs.

  • a p garcia

    Its for the best, I used to be a Kate Walsh fan until she “put her nose” where it had no business”.

  • Cyrax86

    @Greg, Paul Lee also plans to air 4 comedies on Tuesdays but I’m sure he’ll change his mind about that too. If they are keeping Mistresses for the Summer, then at least two of the 13-episode shows are supposed to get a full season order.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    @Freddy Arrow, 13 episode seasons are never “the plan” for scripted broadcast primetime.

  • Matthew

    @Nick I like your schedule, through I’m not sure how ABC’s Tuesday Comedy Block will go. I’ve never actully watched either HE or Apt 23 but since all of Fox’s comedy’s are below a 2.0 except for New Girl and NBC’s comedy’s going down. I think there Tuesday comedy block could last a while. Through I do like your midseason schedule better than ABC’s actual schedule right now.

  • omabin

    I would do it like this come midseason


    DWTS Results
    Happy Endings
    Apartment 23
    Scandal and then Zero Hour

    The Middle
    Modern Family
    How to Live with Your Parents
    Last Resort

    Grey’s Anatomy

    Shark Tank
    Malibu Country
    Last Man Standing
    Body of Proof

    Once Upon a Time
    Red Widow

  • Greg


    I agree and for now I think those two shows will be Nashville and Scandal.

  • NBC is awesome

    The title of this article says “Private Practice canceled by ABC”, get your facts right.

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