'The Big Bang Theory' and 'Elementary' Soar in Live +3 Playback

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October 19th, 2012

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CBS Has 10 Programs Adding More Than 2 Million Viewers, More than Any

Other Network

"The Big Bang Theory" Adds +3.18 Million Viewers and +1.5 Rating Points in

Adults 18-49

"Elementary" Adds Nearly +3 Million Viewers and a Full Rating Point in Adults 18-49

"Hawaii Five O" Jumps +37% in Adults 18-49 and +36% in Adults 25-54


Through the first three weeks of the 2012-2013 season, CBS continues to lead all networks in L+3 day DVR lift among viewers, adults 18-49 (tie) and adults 25-54, according to Nielsen live plus 3-day ratings through Oct. 14, 2012.


Live plus 3-day playback has added +1.57 million viewers (+15%) to CBS's three-week live plus same day audience, the most of any network, increasing its average to 11.77m. CBS has extended its season-to-date viewer advantage to +2.06m versus its live same day lead of +1.50m. NCIS remains television's #1 program with 21.97 million viewers.


Among adults 18-49, CBS added +0.5 points (+22%) to 2.8, tied for the most of any network. Among adults 25-54, CBS added +0.7 (+23%) to 3.7, more than any other network.


CBS has 10 programs gaining more than two million viewers, more than any other network:


Actual Percentage

THE BIG BANG THEORY +3.18m (18.21m from 15.03m) +21%

ELEMENTARY +2.99m (15.26m from 12.27m) +24%

NCIS +2.68m (21.97m from 19.29m) +14%

PERSON OF INTEREST +2.61m (17.04m from 14.43m) +18%

BLUE BLOODS +2.51m (13.02m from 10.51m) +24%

CRIMINAL MINDS +2.42m (14.03m from 11.61m) +21%

HAWAII FIVE-0 +2.40m (10.53m from 8.13m) +29%

THE MENTALIST +2.34m (12.61m from 10.27m) +23%

CSI +2.12m (12.85m from 10.73m) +20%

VEGAS +2.02m (14.92m from 12.90m) +16%


CBS has nine programs gaining more than +0.8 rating points among adults 18-49, more than any other network:


THE BIG BANG THEORY +1.5 (6.3 from 4.8) +31%

ELEMENTARY +1.0 (3.8 from 2.8) +36%

NCIS +0.9 (4.6 from 3.7) +24%

2 BROKE GIRLS +0.9 (4.4 from 3.5) +26%

CRIMINAL MINDS +0.9 (4.0 from 3.1) +29%

TWO AND A HALF MEN +0.8 (4.3 from 3.5) +23%

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER +0.8 (4.1 from 3.3) +24%

PERSON OF INTEREST +0.8 (3.7 from 2.9) +28%

CSI +0.8 (3.3 from 2.5) +32%


CBS has eight programs gaining more than +0.9 ratings in adults 25-54:


THE BIG BANG THEORY +1.6 (7.7 from 6.1) +26%

ELEMENTARY +1.3 (5.0 from 3.7) +35%

CRIMINAL MINDS +1.1 (5.0 from 3.9) +28%

2 BROKE GIRLS +1.0 (5.2 from 4.2) +24%

PERSON OF INTEREST +1.0 (5.1 from 4.1) +24%

NCIS +0.9 (6.1 from 5.2) +17%

TWO AND A HALF MEN +0.9 (5.5 from 4.6) +20%

HAWAII FIVE-0 +0.9 (3.4 from 2.5) +36%


Source: Nielsen NPower Regular Programs (9/24/12-10/14/12)


  • Glue

    GO 2BG & TBBT!

  • silvit

    So this means that a show like NCIS:LA gets the ratings it get in part because of its lead-in.

  • Herb Finn

    But do these numbers really count?

  • Bradleigh H Horton

    If you don’t likke Martin Scorsese type shows. THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM!

  • jake3988

    That’s a good question Herb. If these numbers count for something… CBS (in particular Elementary) is looking great.

  • Holly

    @Herb (and jake3988),

    But do these numbers really count?

    These numbers? No. (well… they can help with syndication deals). The DVR numbers that really count are the C3 numbers, which measure only the commercials viewed during the first 3 days. We very rarely get to see those numbers, but they are generally at or below the Live+SD numbers and rarely make much difference in the relative standings of shows.

  • Angie

    Confused here. If its 3rd week up to 14th how can Elementary and POI be there when few shows not on? What 3 day is it from? Above 2 were not on 11th oct

  • Howard Beale

    These numbers help expose what an antiquated joke of a ratings system we suffer under.

    Because Madison Avenue agrees we’re all going to live under a lie (the narrow view of 18-49 and same day), because it’s too hard to count people as people or people who watch at a later time as people.

    Now, despite advances that give us so much more data, only the narrow scope of some people count as “real” viewers because we, the advertising community is too drug addled to figure out any new metrics to figure out the true ad reach of commercials for all ages and who watch at any time.

  • Jon

    @ Herb- the standard answer used to be no, but it’s become apparent that the networks are starting to look at these numbers more closely than they used to. Eventually the whole ratings system needs to be completely revamped. People are just watching less live tv, also what we can do now that we couldn’t do 20 years ago, watch multiple shows from different networks that may air at the same time. Think back in the past, if you watched a show in 1985 on weds night on ABC, that meant you never saw many of the offerings on other networks. You made a conscious choice to watch a particular show. With the internet now, what is really cool is I can go back and watch shows I missed the first time around.

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