ABC Orders More Episodes of 'Modern Family', 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Castle' and 'The Middle'

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October 21st, 2012

ABC has ordered two extra episodes of Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy and The Middle bringing each show's episode this season to 24, according to Zap2It. The network also ordered an additional episode of Castle, bringing its episode total to 23. Each show produced the same number of additional episodes last season.

  • Raykov

    I thought they already had these extra episodes, considering that some of the shows always had 24-episode seasons.

  • ivan

    yes when i first heard that they ordered 2 more episodes i thought that they all have now 26 and castle 25 i did not knew that they didnt had less episodes i thought that abc did what fox did by giving bones 26 episodes i guess i was wrong :D

  • jere

    bones has episodes saved from last year, and most shows start out at 22. i don’t get why when shows are freshman hits they dont do more episodes. you would think they would be cheaper to do than later on in the years. like 30 episodes of modern family season 1 and 2 and than 26 and 22 can hit the 88 syn. mark fast and cheaper. just my thought on it.

  • brad

    Raising Hope got an extra two as well (you only reported that for Mindy).

  • nonny

    Castle typically aims for 23. According to Andrew Marlowe (and in interviews with other Castle people), 24 turned out to be too many; the cast and crew got no rest at all between seasons.

    Castle’s in a weird position. They continually win on raw viewership, but lose in the precious Demographic.

    Now, normally this is a death knell, but I’m a marketing expert and I’ve noticed that some of the long-term trends that we’re used to are changing. We care so much about the demographic because they’re the ones with the disposable income that advertisers want. However, now we’re seeing two things at once. The Baby Boomers are retiring, and unlike their parents they as a group don’t intend to leave an inheritance to their children. There’s lots of them and they’ve got money to spend. Meanwhile, kids in the 20-30 age group are leaving college and grad school with unprecedented amounts of debt. They are moving home and delaying major purchases. So marketers are responding to both trends by appealing to older consumers. That means advertising to older consumers.

    The big shift has only just started to play out, and it’ll probably come too late for Castle, but expect to see more shows targeted at the 50+ age group.

  • nonny

    Jere, they ARE cheaper to make, but the odds of any given freshman show surviving are poor enough that you don’t want to pay for a dozen episodes you’ll never air. Better to release a half-season, see what the reaction is, and then make your renewal decision.

  • The End

    Personally I wouldn’t mind another 2 episodes of Once Upon a Time.

  • rob60990

    I don’t think the writers of Once Upon a Time want to do more than 22 episodes. I know Mike Kelley has stated that about Revenge.

  • marcos


    yes the same about vampire diaries. cause the storylines are already planned and would be hard to extend it and mess it up

  • Temis

    Nonny – those trends mean nothing unless ad agencies consider them important enough to change their ad buying strategy. I’ve yet to see that ice cracking.

    The big trend bedeviling advertisers is the elusiveness of the younger demographic. They are changing their viewing habits to make broadcast less effective at reachng them.

    Yet the ad agencies’ corporate clients still want that younger demo for brand marketing, on the valid assumption that spending one dollar to lock in the preferences of an 18 year old is money better spent than that same dollar spend trying to wrest a 60 year old away from a competing brands.

    In the first place, it’s harder to get someone to change brands vs to get someone to prefer your brand when they are too young to yet have a preference. Plus, an 18 year old has more years of purchasing power ahead of them, so its a better investment. Plus I bet older people are smarter and therefore less susceptible to advertising, so money spent chasing them is less efficiently spent.

    Rather than switch to chasing an older demo, ad agencies are more likely to move their budgets away from broadcast altogether, to online advertising and maybe more event marketing. Figuring out how to get ads on smartphones and ipads is the big thing now. Ads of all sorts are just one part of the marketing mix. Advertisers will still do broadcast buys but demand make-goods when the demo falls short.

  • Feedback

    Why not make it 27 for Grey’s Anatomy? The show is doing great in the ratings and after this season, it’s probably going to go down in the next few years. They should capitalize on its success right now and order even more episodes.

  • CrimTV


    The Vampire Diaries has 23 episodes rather than 22 this year

  • Nick


    You can’t really fit more than 25 episodes in a season without a 2hour premiere and finale.

  • Gavin


    That’s not really true. There’s 33 weeks left until the end of May sweeps where Grey’s Anatomy usually ends and with 3 already aired there’s definitely plenty of room for 27 episodes.

  • rob60990

    ABC should have plenty of episodes for Grey’s for the winter/spring. With the season starting a week later, it being pre-empted for VP debate & now CMAs.

  • Rob R

    Grey’s Anatomy cannot produce 27 episodes in time to finish before mid-May. It simply takes longer than a week to produce an episode of Grey’s.

  • Feedback

    This is what they should do for mid-season:

    Mondays- The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars will keep sharing this spot which is fine, but they need to put a new show at 10pm to benefit from the lead-in. I think “Zero Hour” would work here.

    Tuesdays- They should schedule “How to live with your parents” and “Family Tools” at 8pm, followed by “Happy Endings” and “Apartment 23″. They should move Castle to 10pm here. If any of the comedies fail, they bring in “Last Man Standing” to fill in the spot.

    Wednesdays- The Neighbors needs to go away. The night should start with “The Middle” followed by “Suburgatory” and then “Modern Family”. They can add “Malibu County” here. It will benefit from the Modern Family lead-in as well as be a nice precursor to “Nashville” as they are both themed around country music.

    Thursdays- Probably my most wacky recommendation, but I think it will work. “Once Upon a Time” should be moved to 8pm. They can say it was moved to Thursdays due to its success, but obviously, it will be moved for two reasons: (1) the ratings are going down on Sundays, and (2) every new show keeps failing here. “Once” is one of the few shows that could do well here. Grey’s and Scandal will remain at 9 and 10pm respectively.

    Fridays- “Wife Swap”, “Nightline on Primetime” and “20/20″ should go here. If they are lucky and their Tuesday comedies are huge successes, they can put “Last Man Standing” at 8pm here.

    Sundays- “Mistresses” at 8pm, “Revenge” at 9pm and “Body of Proof” to end the night. As soon as Body of Proof’s 13 episodes are up, they can premiere “Red Widow”‘s 8-episode season. It probably won’t do well in the ratings, but I bet ABC can spin the PR by calling it a mini-series. It could even get nominated for a few Emmys like Missing last year.

  • chimpo

    New 10 PM show on Monday? Are you serious? 10 PM is seriosly changing this season and most show on average do 2.0-2.1 in that time. DWTS and Bachelor are doing similar numbers as Castle but during 8-10PM and you call that a benefit from lead-in?

  • alffan

    No way I would move OUAT out of that Sunday slot. It’s pretty consistent there against tough competition.

    ABC should have Castle move to Sunday at 10pm, therefore a familiar show leading out of Revenge

    Move Nashville into the Monday spot where it would follow Dancing and get the sample of that older female demo that appeals to both shows

    Tuesday is a mess but you need to move the DWTS results show back to 9pm. Probably just put Body of Proof there as it did ok last year in this situtation. As far as 8pm goes, maybe you go with reality and possibly something like Wife Swap.

    For Wednesday, move Last Man Standing into the 8:30pm spot now and then put Reba’s show there later.

    Shark Tank has been a nice success on Friday and ABC should move it to Thursday and let it be the reality competitor to all the other stuff on the competing networks at 8pm

    Friday could go back to TGIF with Malibu at 8pm, Middle repeats at 830, Happy Endings and Don’t Trust The B from 9-10 and then 20/20 at 10pm

  • Austin Lauran

    It seems like every drama or sitcom on CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC that has 24 episodes in its first seasons almost always gets a second season. Does anybody notice that?

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