ABC Orders More Episodes of 'Modern Family', 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Castle' and 'The Middle'

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October 21st, 2012

ABC has ordered two extra episodes of Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy and The Middle bringing each show's episode this season to 24, according to Zap2It. The network also ordered an additional episode of Castle, bringing its episode total to 23. Each show produced the same number of additional episodes last season.

  • Nick

    There are 34 Thursdays between when Grey’s started (9/26) to the end of May sweeps (5/22)

    You have the debate and CMAs. 34-2=32.
    There’s Thanksgiving. 32-1=31.
    You have a holiday break, which is generally 4 weeks. 31-4=27.

    So 27 is possible, but impractical, because there’s always something that comes up. 26 would be the maximum practical order for a show like Grey’s Anatomy.

  • Nick

    Here’s my schedule.

    What ABC SHOULD do come midseason:

    8: The Bachelor/DWTS
    10: Castle

    8: Wipeout/DWTS
    9: Last Resort
    10: Zero Hour

    8: The Middle
    8:30: Suburgatory
    9: Modern Family
    9:30: The Family Tools/ HTLWYP
    10: Nashville

    8: WWYD?
    9: Grey’s
    10: Mistresses

    8: LMS
    8:30: Malibu Country
    9: Shark Tank/ Nightline
    10: WWYD?/ Body of Proof

    8: Wipeout/WWYD (r)
    9: Castle (r)
    10: 20/20

    8: OUAT
    9: Revenge
    10: Red Widow

  • Feedback


    I like your lineup, but you’re still missing a bunch of shows that I tried to account for (“Parents”, “Family Tools”, “Mistresses”, “Red Widow”, “Zero Hour”, “Nightline”, etc.).


    The networks need to start doing some long-term planning here. Castle is losing in its timeslot and will hit syndication-ready numbers this year. It is doing well in the ratings for now, but its a farcry from its 3.3 Season 3 finale and 2.4 Season 2 finale. If the trend continues, Castle will end this year close to a 1.6.

    ABC needs to find a new hit for the timeslot and they should at least give “Zero Hour” a shot. If it’s a massive failure, they can accept the lesser of two evils and put Castle back on the timeslot, but Zero Hour is at least worth a shot.

  • Feedback


    So you just want to cancel Apartment 23, Happy Endings and Scandal? I don’t see how that would be wise. They’re all doing better than Last Resort.

    Also, Red Widow is only 8 episodes this season and will probably be billed as a Mini-Series like Missing was last year. Maybe you can put Scandal there at 10pm?


    Absolutely NO to moving Shark Tank anytime. Why would you move a show that is clearly working on Friday night? I don’t think it would be much higher on Thursday night. Its perfect Friday night show. Its ABC biggest Friday show in years and use it as a lead-in. Honestly I think it should be a lead-in to a drama. Honestly IMO I think they should move Last Resort to Friday’s at 9pm after Shark Tank.

  • a p garcia

    I though these shows alrdy had a full order in since they are no ratings chalanged shows, but good anyway.

  • Cheryl

    @Feedback – Scandal only got a 13 episode run, so that’s why it wasn’t included in Nick’s list.

    Also, Grey’s Anatomy got 27 episodes for season 2, but then again that was when it was on Sundays@10.

  • Nick

    Yes. Scandal is doing terrible and the comedies will do terrible because their lead-in is cut in half.

    Scandal and 666 Park will continue all of their 13 episodes in their current spots to fill those holes.

  • rob60990

    Theres 0 reason to move either Shark Tank or Once Upon a Time.

    “Also, Grey’s Anatomy got 27 episodes for season 2, but then again that was when it was on Sundays@10.”

    I believe 5 of those were leftover from season 1.

  • Doug

    Like somebody mentioned upthread, it’s not just a matter of going over the 22, it’s also a matter if the show can actually produce that many episodes in the run of a season. A show like ER couldn’t – they took more than a week to film each episode. I’m surprised that Lost managed so many in its first three seasons considering the complexity of filming that show almost entirely on location.

  • Kelly

    I’ve always wondered if The Middle would do better at 8:30 right before Modern Family. It’s a great family show and is just as funny as MF, but doesn’t get the same buzz.

  • Survivor Fan

    Midseason Schedule

    8- DWTS
    10- Castle

    8-Happy Endings
    8:30- How to Live With Your Parents
    9- Apt 23
    9:30- DWTS Results
    10- Red Widow

    8- Middle
    8:30- The Family Tools
    9- Modern Family
    9:30- Suburgatory
    10- Nashville

    8- Wife Swap / Zero Hour
    9- Grey’s Anatomy
    10- Nightline in Primetime

    8- 20/20
    9- Shark Tank
    10- WWYD

    7- AFHV
    8- Last Man Standing
    8:30- Malibu Country
    9- OUAT
    10- Revenge

  • voiceofreason

    @Survivor Fan

    What about Body of Proof? In the crappest of timeslots that show has pulled in big total viewers and not dipped too badly in the demo (though I admit it’s never been mindblowing in the demo). It ended on a peak in viewers and demo which shows that interest is still there, three seasons in.

    I would like to see Body Of Proof follow Greys or Revenge (mainly because I watch those, so they seem like a good fit to me). I find myself agreeing with someone else’s suggestion that Once Upon A Time gets moved to anchor another night though, as it is being wasted on Sunday and has a loyal enough following to be shifted.

  • Survivor Fan

    @ voiceofreason

    I forgot about it. I would have it go at 10 PM on Tuesdays from January to March and have Red Widow there from March to May.

  • SJ

    Huh – I thought Grey’s, The Middle and Modern Family already had 24-episode orders. Not surprised about Castle doing “only” 23 – the actors said last year that doing 24 episodes a year was too much and that they couldn’t take on any side projects.

    I think the issue with OUAT is the extensive post-production work that goes into making of each episode. I’d assume that makes it impossible for them to make more than 22. As for Revenge, I feel like Mike Kelley is digging his own grave there. Higher episode counts avoid repeats which mess with the viewership of a serialized show. But maybe this is the year ABC finally caves and leaves their Sunday night dramas on hiatus from December to March. They do have some new people in scheduling, and it would allow them to get rid of 666 Park Ave sooner.

  • USAmerica1st

    Can’t believe ABC is mulling over whether to keep Castle! Renew it already!

  • SJ

    I see some mid-season schedules being thrown around here… I suggest they move Body of Proof back to Tues at 10 with the beginning of February sweeps. Red Widow will likely debut the week after the Academy Awards on Sundays at 10. I can see Zero Hour replacing Last Resort* and Mistresses replacing Scandal. If Nashville is unable to get a back-9, there’s always Primetime: WWYD waiting in the wings, as its soon getting displaced by the multi-cam comedies. I also think that (Celeb) Wife Swap should sub for DWTS results, so that the two remaining sitcoms can plug a hole at mid-season, left undoubtedly by Neighbors and perhaps another one (my guess, Malibu Country).

    * If Last Resort holds at around a 1.7-1.8, I could see ABC giving it four or five more episodes, as Zero Hour (its only logical replacement due to potential male skew) only has 8 episodes if I’m remembering correctly. I don’t think that Wipeout should come back for another winter edition.

  • aiden

    MD is boring that show is not funny! TBBT is more funny and good

  • MoHasanie

    When I first heard this news, I got really excited since I thought we’d have more episodes of The Middle and Modern Family this season, but its just 24. Kind of silly of ABC to order 22 episodes in the first place.

  • tay

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