Will 'Once Upon A Time's' Ratings Rebound This Week? - Poll

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October 21st, 2012

Updated: Looks like Once Upon a Time indeed rebounded this week with a a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating. Most of you were too pessimistic!

Last week, on the unofficial national holiday known as The Walking Dead premiere night, Once Upon A Time fell to a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating, down from a 3.4 the prior week. Was it a one-time anomaly or the beginning of a downward trend? Tonight's episode introduces Captain Hook and promises to feature a lot of Mr. Gold. Will that be enough to get viewers to return to Storybrook before visiting their favorite zombies? Make your predictions below.

  • CrimTV

    Hopefully 3.3-3.4, once again there is no competition from Fox’s comedies and would OUAT’s audience watch Baseball?

  • ron

    between 3.3 and 3.4 lot of people are exited for captain hook and mr. gold!

  • rob60990

    The competition is the same as last week except CBS’ schedule will be a hot mess. I’ll say a 3.3. ABC highly promoted this all week.

  • guss

    Although I think 3.0 keep being a good number (very good) I say 3.3

  • Liam

    I’d say around a 3.2 – 3.4. I dont think the ratings will drop this week. And I hope the viewership will hit over the 10 million mark again. I know total viewers dont matter.

  • The End

    Between 2.9-3.0 from me. 3.1-3.2 at the very most, though going with my first prediction.

    And around 9-10 million.

  • HB

    3.1-3.2 but hopefully its much higher.Cant wait for Captain Hook’s introduction tonight!

  • adanskii

    I say a 2.8

  • silvit

    3.0 or 3.1. Pretty stable. Football on FOX doesn’t make much difference, since the FOX comedies skew male and OUAT skew VERY female.

  • The End

    @OUAT skew VERY female.

    Speaking of that, we don’t need Nielsen to know that. By using the Once hashtag(On twitter) on a Sunday you can see that pretty much lol.

  • Joseph A

    Easy to see it bounce up .1 – .2 for a 3.2,
    The Sunday Night Football Game is okay , but not a major game.
    Sunday Night MLB with the SF Giants vs STL Cardinals , this should get some attention but thinking less eyes on baseball tonight then last week.

  • Feedback

    Although last season suffered from plot holes and inconsistencies, it was still a rather fun show. That being said, this season has been Terrible with a capital T. What a cheesy mess of a show. It’s a good thing the ratings are reflecting it.

  • The End

    @It’s a good thing the ratings are reflecting it.

    Are you even talking about Once Upon a Time here? Maybe you’ve got the wrong topic. Because at no point has this show received ‘terrible’ ratings. Consistantly from start to present day this show has received excellent numbers that place it firmly in the renewal zone.

    I don’t know if you’re just a troll or someone who has no idea what he’s talking about. Care to explain?

  • brutony

    Without the Animation Domination & delayed CBS broadcasts, more kids and families may watch OUAT, but who knows? My shows Revenge, so as long as all those watchers stick around Sun@9 on ABC, I’ll be fine with that!

  • Barbarossa

    I’m going to vote 3.1, 3-2 a slight uptick but I’m going to hope for more

  • were123

    3.3, many people has been waiting for Captain Hook and that may hook them to watch the episode. I think that the season will fare pretty well, but the ratings will be erratic again, expect to get one week a 2.8 and a 3.7 the other one!
    I just hope Revenge stays the same or grow, it’s doing much better than what it did in Spring and I’m loving the direction it’s taking :). My prediction for Revenge? 2.7, hopefully 2.8
    As for 666 Park Avenue… well, I don’t watch it, but the ratings indicates that it’s a love it/hate it kind of show, so that may pull people every week. Prediction? 1.5 or 1.4

  • Tyson

    Slight increase, 3.1.

  • Feedback

    @The End

    Just because the ratings are renewable, doesn’t mean they’re excellent. Of course it’s going to be renewed. Broadcast television has lowered its standards, but that doesn’t change the fact that the ratings are going down. A 0.4 decrease is something to worry about and, hopefully, it goes down another 0.4 tonight. This season has really sucked. It either needs a massive overhaul or it needs to go away.

  • JJA

    Is it just me, or has OUAT not been good this season?

    I think they should have waited a season to lift the curse. Right now, it’s getting a bit confusing, and I can see how fans turn away from it.

  • Nick

    America’s Funniest Home Videos: 1.5
    Once Upon a Time: 3.2
    Revenge: 2.7
    666 Park Avenue: 1.3

    NFL Football: 8.0
    60 Minutes: 2.9
    The Amazing Race: 2.5
    The Good Wife: 1.7
    The Mentalist: 1.7

    MLB Baseball: 1.6

    Sunday Night Football: 8.0

    1. NBC: 8.0
    2. CBS: 3.2
    3. ABC: 2.2
    4. Fox: 1.6

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