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October 21st, 2012

Updated: Looks like Once Upon a Time indeed rebounded this week with a a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating. Most of you were too pessimistic!

Last week, on the unofficial national holiday known as The Walking Dead premiere night, Once Upon A Time fell to a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating, down from a 3.4 the prior week. Was it a one-time anomaly or the beginning of a downward trend? Tonight's episode introduces Captain Hook and promises to feature a lot of Mr. Gold. Will that be enough to get viewers to return to Storybrook before visiting their favorite zombies? Make your predictions below.

  • The End

    @Just because the ratings are renewable, doesn’t mean they’re excellent.

    Matter of opinion. Purely from a ratings standpoint, these are excellent numbers on a Sunday.

    @Broadcast television has lowered its standards

    In your opinion.

    @A 0.4 decrease is something to worry about

    No it isn’t. Not only because the numbers are decent, the show also received these numbers at the backhalf of Season 1.

    @hopefully, it goes down another 0.4 tonight. This season has really sucked.

    Wanting the show to fail because you personally don’t like it. Very mature.

    @It either needs a massive overhaul or it needs to go away.

    Not sure what show you’re watching, but from what I can see, this show has been overhauled. And has a new purpose. As with any new storyline it takes time to set things up.

  • Nick

    OUAT ratings are not going down!!! 3.0 is about its spring average. It might be down week-to-week, it’s not down overall.

  • Hillbilly

    I say 3.3-3.4. I only make predictions so AppleStinx can make fun of me when there wrong. :???:

  • Cheryl

    My guess is somewhere between 3.0–3.2 Though if it hits 3.5, it will beat Grey’s Anatomy (3.4), and register as the week’s top drama.

  • John A

    I watched this once. Dullest show ive ever seen. But hope it stays steady to keep revenge high.

  • Geraint

    How does the Walking Dead effect Once Upon A Times ratings when they air at different times?

  • Leondre

    I’ve noticed that ABC has stopped putting 666 Park Avenue in their sunday promos with Once Upon a Time and Revenge

  • Nick

    @John A

    Are you sure you’re thinking of OUAT?
    A few of the first episodes of season one were pretty cheesy, sure, but none were boring. I’m curious. Which episode did you see?

  • omabin

    I say a small uptick to 3.2, but i think this area is pretty much where it will settle (which is a great one to do so btw). I also hope Revenge does not go down!

  • iMember

    Once Upon A Time: 3.2
    Revenge: 2.8
    666 Park Avenue: 1.5

    There’s a lot of reason for Once and Revenge to go up tonight as they are both anticipated episodes what with Captain Hook and the birth of Amanda’s baby.

    I hope they go up from last week, because I’m enjoying Season 2 of both shows a lot!

  • The End


    Pity 666 Park Avenue doesn’t retain as many Nielsen viewers. I would love to see this getting 7-8 million, 2.3 18-49 at the very least.

    Not a bad show at all. Just strange how it has failed to make any kind of an impact.

  • Steve-A


  • Justin121 (continued)

    I voted 3.5.

    I’m glad they did away with the curse.

    Otherwise, people would be complaining that the show is “draging”.

    You just can’t please people.

    Isn’t Once at 8 and Walking Dead at 9?

    Once: 3.5
    Dead: 5.2
    RVG: 2.8

    REVENGE is GREAT. It’s even better this season. keeps getting better.

    Hope it hits 3.0

  • DW

    i say 3.1 steelers play well but the Bengals?. who knows.baseball is on also and last weeks walking dead is on at that also.

  • panda22

    I am calling a 3.1 and adjusted up to 3.2 in the finals :)

  • SJ

    It will rise, hopefully to a 3.3-3.4, but I’ll take anything over a 3.0 at this point. Really looking forward to the introduction of Captain Hook.

    This season has actually been a lot better than the first, for me at least. I just hope that the whole Snow-and-Emma-trapped-in-fairytale-land isn’t going to be a season-long arc. I miss the Emma/Regina dynamic already.

    2.7-2.8 for Revenge.

  • zapbob

    This season of OUAT has been Great. I’m glad the curse is over. If the show moves too fast for you….you can always turn the channel to CBS where everything has laugh tracks to tell you when to laugh or recycled cop/lawyer/doctor shows using scripts from the 70s!


    Slight uptick to 3.1-3.2

  • KJ Styles

    Yes it will. The Sunday Night game isn’t a hot matchup (although the Steelers do tend to get viewers) and the NLCS has been a flop ratings wise.

  • KJ Styles

    I say at least a 3.3 for OUAT.

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