Will 'Once Upon A Time's' Ratings Rebound This Week? - Poll

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October 21st, 2012

Updated: Looks like Once Upon a Time indeed rebounded this week with a a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating. Most of you were too pessimistic!

Last week, on the unofficial national holiday known as The Walking Dead premiere night, Once Upon A Time fell to a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating, down from a 3.4 the prior week. Was it a one-time anomaly or the beginning of a downward trend? Tonight's episode introduces Captain Hook and promises to feature a lot of Mr. Gold. Will that be enough to get viewers to return to Storybrook before visiting their favorite zombies? Make your predictions below.

  • LL2

    @SJ and Zapbob

    Thank You! I feel that OUAT has being amazing this season. I’m really impressed with the creativity of writers. I think this season really shows how good the writers of OUAT are, they could have kept it simple by prolonging the curse but as true artists they have embraced the challenge of character-driven storytelling. I think that is why some viewers are saying it is boring, because they are used to plot-driven writing. It just shows that the standards of TV have gotten so bad that many viewers don’t know and/or appreciate good storytelling.

  • Mark

    Once Upon A Time – 3.2
    Revenge – 2.8
    666 Park Avenue – 1.4

  • Hattie

    I think it’ll go up, but not back to 3.4. I’m guessing it’ll get a solid 3.2.

  • Joe


    Is it just me, or has OUAT not been good this season?

    I think they should have waited a season to lift the curse. Right now, it’s getting a bit confusing, and I can see how fans turn away from it.

    No its not just you I was thinking the same thing i hope the ratings doesnt go downhill if stupid revolution can bounce back so do ONCE

  • Ram510

    Very surprised people are saying this season of OUAT isn’t good?!?

    Once Upon a Time is the most creative, well written and well executed show on the air right now. And how they balance out the 2 worlds and use their characters is unparalleled to any other show right now.

    Well done OUAT! Can’t wait for next week!!!

  • HB

    Last night’s episode of OUAT was soo good! hopefully the ratings are a bit higher than last week!

  • The End


    I don’t see how this show could be confusing to anyone, if we were to recap a few keypoints in a non spoilerific way you see

    – Curse lifted, townsfolk discover they can’t leave Storybrooke without losing their ‘indentity’

    – 2 important characters end up in the enchanted forest and are on a quest to return home.

    – Snow/Charming story continues further.

    – Reginas status in the town pretty much made clear.

    – Drama stuff that any decent show has.

    I think if this show is in any way confusing, you might need to watch something more mindless. Perhaps a reality show?

  • MoHasanie

    I’ll guess 3.2, but it will be great if it can rise to 3.3.
    I’ll say 2.7 for Revenge.

  • Joe


    I still like the show I wouldn’t say that just i have that stupid feeling ala heroes when 4th season started… idk its way to early we ll see

    @The End

    LOL I aint confused at all I understand the plot completely may be its just me as i said its to early (only 3 ep aired ) I am sure everything is going to be just fine . And for the record I do not like reality shows I ve watched only Mob wives first season

  • iMember

    Holy cow, was Once and Revenge really good last night!

  • CrimTV

    Ratings –

    Once Upon a Time – 3.3
    Revenge – 2.8
    666 Park Avenue – 1.9

    Good that all shows got a bump, it’s nice to see 666 rise 4 tenths but it’s still unfortunately gonna get cancelled :(

  • CrimTV

    WOOPS! 666 got a 1.8 not a 1.9, even worse!

  • Jimmy

    @Joe- Totally agree! It is incredibly cheesy. I hated the fact on how they were using Sleeping Beauty’s character to turn somewhat annoying/hateful towards post Phillip situation. As cheesy as it has been so far…yes..I’ll still watch it. Im only wishing it gets better.


  • Hillbilly

    I finally get one right & AppleStinx is no where to be found. :razz:

  • AppleStinx

    @Hillbilly wrote: “I finally get one right & AppleStinx is no where to be found.”

    That’s because I’m busy asking the ratings supreme beings to adjust it down. :wink:

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