Additional Scripts Ordered for 'Emily Owens MD' and 'Beauty and the Beast'

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October 22nd, 2012

Hot on the heels of this morning's Arrow full season pickup, three additional scripts for Beauty and the Beast and Emily Owens MD have been ordered by The CW. As we've noted before, scripts do not equal episodes, but this news could be a good sign for both freshman shows.

  • Roberto

    Of course, I mean… what are they going to air in its place if they cancel them? #PissedRingerFan

  • RyanCanada

    BATB better get a full season order, i like Emily Owens, but eh if it got cancelled, it wouldnt bother me im invested in the charactors yet, and what about Hart Of Dixie?

  • spike

    stupid question but does “scripts ordered” mean on top of the usual 13 episode orders of new series before they get their back nine? like does that mean they ordered scripts for ep 14 and 15? or just more more scripts of whatever is already filmed

  • Jared

    I believe Hart of Dixie has already been picked up for a full season of 22 episodes. I’m really liking B&TB..looking forward to seeing where it goes.

  • Tommy

    A show like B&TB had an initial 13 episode order when the CW picked it up to series. When a network orders additional scripts it usually will be for additional episodes after the initial 13. In B&TB case the scripts would be for episodes 14-15-16. But like the post suggests additional scripts does not mean additional episodes.

  • Sid

    An order for more scripts means that the network is pleased, however, they’d like to know where the creator(s) will take the series if they were to go beyond their initial 13 episode order before they invest in more episodes.

    In The CW’s case, they don’t really have much of a choice like other networks like CBS or ABC so I think at least one(and I’m leaning/hoping towards Beauty) will get the additional episodes and unless Owens rises, it’ll be gone by January.

  • Tommy

    There is no way the CW is going to give both of these series a back order. I could potentially since “Beauty and the Beast,” but I would bet that it will be moving to Friday’s to make room for “Cult” come Feb.

  • Bizarro

    What are they going to replace them with? Both of their midseason replacements already have a spot picked out for them. Carrie on Mondays and Cult on Fridays (since ANTM is going to the summer for next season). I guess Pedowitz wants to see the quality of B%TB and M.D. I like both shows and am wondering why the CW hasn’t given them 22 eps already, are they thinking about giving Ringer an Unforgetable renewal?! lol!

  • Melanie

    I don’t know if its a positive thing or a Life Unexpected type thing — “Hey guys, lemme see how you’d wrap things up with three more episodes.”

  • Jorge

    I know Emily Owens probably won’t last more than this season, but I’m glad it got 3 more episodes. I really like the show so far. Gummer is actually really good at playing the awkward person in a not so typical way.

  • spike

    @Bizarro Cult is gonna air Friday behind NIKITA??? thats not gonna work at all. why not put it behind the vampire diaries and burn off the remaining Beauty eps on friday (if it dips even lower this week) especially since one of the Vampire Diaries actors is in Cult

  • Jared

    Current me if I’m wrong but the current cycle of Top Model will only have a fall cycle right? The next cycle will be airing over the Summer and not in the Spring?

    If that’s the case..the CW will have 2 open spots come January with Gossip Girl ending and Top Model being finished until the Summer.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    BATB is likely to fall down into the usual CW ratings mess, i.e., .5-.7. However, since most of the CW’s shows are down there, it means nothing for renewal. Only if it falls down into the .3-.4 level is it likely to be canceled. It premiered well and if it stabilizes around .7, it’s likely to remain and get a back nine and probably another season.

    But it’s early yet.

  • CrimTV




    8:00 – 90210
    9:00 – The Carrie Diaries


    8:00 – Hart of Dixie
    9:00 – Emily Owens


    8:00 – Arrow
    9:00 – Supernatural


    8:00 – The Vampire Diaries
    9:00 – Cult


    8:00 – Beauty and the Beast
    9:00 – Nikita

    Not sure what CW would do if Emily Owens is canceled before Jan!

  • mayorofsmpleton

    It doesn’t necessarily mean they are “pleased” it just means they want to see where the show is going and keep the writers working. In the case of CW it’s likely not that they are “pleased” with EO:MD, just that it’s not such flop that they’ll need to cancel it immediately. It’s ratings are dreadful but what are they going to replace it with? It’s unlikely to grow (word of mouth, reviews = BAAAAAAAAD) from the poor premiere numbers.

    Example, ABC ordered more scripts for Pan Am, and it resulted in an additional episode. They were certainly not pleased with the ratings but they needed a filler episode to bridge the gap at midseason. They did the same with Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue — though I’d doubt they are pleased with those numbers. Same as last year, they need to program SOMETHING during Jan/Feb/March and may not want to premiere a midseason series that soon.

    CW is light on midseason shows and so they’ll accept bad ratings for some of their fall shows longer than another net might. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are happy with the ratings results though. I’m sure they’re alarmed at the large drop for B&tB given the promotion. The success of Arrow and Supernatural has them expecting more this year. Last season’s .5-.7 ratings aren’t going to cut it.

    As for Emily O: MD — a .5 for a premiere isn’t good at all. It’s been relatively poorly received and I doubt the show is going to double it’s ratings by episode 13. They’re lucky if it grows to a .6/.7 average. More likely it’s going to drop further.

  • Sid

    I see Beauty getting placed on Friday. It skews a bit older than the TVD/SPN.

    CW should take advantage of placing CULT on Thursdays with TVD since fans of TVD will for sure sample CULT with Matt being the star.

  • JJA

    The CW ordered extra scripts for Life Unexpected, but then decided to decline any new episodes.

    I think the CW is trying to figure out which of these two shows has a future. Given that Emily Owens premiered to a .5 and B&TB dropped by 46% in week 2, it is clear that neither of these shows is a “hit.”

    I bet only ONE will survive the fall.

  • Sid


    I think only one will survive as well.

  • Oliver

    Additional scripts usually means the network is hedging its bets: they’re not willing to commit to an extended production order but isn’t willing to cancel either.

    I wonder when NBC has to make a decision on Community/UAN/Whitney. Has to be relatively soon.

  • JJA

    @Sid–we agree!!

    Had B&TB not dropped as much as it did, it probably would have gotten a full season pick-up as well (and Emily Owens would be DOA).

    In the end, I bet B&TB will be the one to get a full season.

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